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Item #: SCP-2920

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Electric fences and security cameras have been set up around SCP-2920 25 meters beyond its borders. Border checks disguised as toll booths have been installed at all roads leading in and out of SCP-2920. All instances of SCP-2920-1 attempting to exit SCP-2920 are to be escorted to their homes. In the event of containment breach, Mobile Task Force Delta-6 ("Truants") is to be deployed to track down and escort all SCP-2920-1 back within SCP-2920. Following this, SCP-2920 is to be placed under lockdown for two weeks.

Each month, residents of SCP-2920 may place requests for outside resources and recreational supplies to be added to the supply drop. These are approved or denied on a case-by-case basis. In the event of a lockdown, this privilege is rescinded until the next month.

Site-59 is to continue following the basic guidelines for operation in a Nexus (See Document Broderick-87 for the most recent revision) until further notice. All personnel are to be reminded that SCP-2920 and Site-59 are no-smoking zones.

Update: In light of Incident-59-C, all private internet access within SCP-2920 has been suspended. In addition, O5 Command has authorized wiretaps and warranted home inspections on suspicious individuals within SCP-2920. Personnel wishing to requisition either must fill out Form-E562 in triplicate and provide ample reasoning for their request.

Update: Following Incident-59-D, supply request privileges for residents of SCP-2920 have been rescinded indefinitely. Emergency wiretaps and home inspections may now be granted at Site Director Jacobs' discretion. Site-59 has been allocated several additional squads of security personnel to maintain peace within SCP-2920.

Update: Following Incident-59-F, all telecommunications between residents of SCP-2920 must be monitored. Inspection of ten random residencies within SCP-2920 must occur nightly.

Update: Following Incident-59-G, in order to minimize the risk of containment breach via organized revolt, a ban has been placed on public gatherings greater than five, and a 9:00pm curfew has been established for all citizens of SCP-2920.

Description: SCP-2920 is a small town known as Amityville, Missouri, previously designated Nx-59.1 Like most Nexuses, SCP-2920 has, in addition to the random, esoteric anomalous activity that occurs naturally, a central consistent "theme" affecting the lives of those inhabiting it. In this case, causality within SCP-2920 is altered to conform to common human superstitions involving certain events, seasons, and activities.2 Examples include:

  • Town festivals will alternately and randomly be accompanied by cloudless skies or torrential downpours regardless of the meteorological conditions the previous and following day.
  • Walking underneath ladders, breaking mirrors, or opening umbrellas inside structures will cause the individual responsible to experience negative outcomes in all matters of chance for a variable period of time.
  • Any group of people numbering four or more with at least two females in the party that attempts to stay in the forest surrounding SCP-2920 at night without the approval of a person of authority will be found dead in the morning of unidentified animal attacks.
  • From December 20th to December 24th, all roads within SCP-2920 will experience congestion or some form of damage that will cause car traffic to slow dramatically.
  • All tobacco-based products smoked within SCP-2920 will taste repulsive to the smoker, regardless of their smoking history and level of tolerance. Subjects who continue smoking (usually due to nicotine addiction) will rapidly contract emphysema and die within one month.

On ██/██/████, five weeks after the establishment of Site-59, it was discovered that residents that leave SCP-2920 (referred to as SCP-2920-1 until returned) will remain subject to its main effect, as well an area around them with a radius of 50 meters.3 This is the only recorded deviation from common conditions within all Nexuses; namely, that all anomalous activity occurring in a Nexus remains within its borders. Researchers have formed several theories as to the cause of this aberration, the most widely believed being that SCP-2920's effect is completely unrelated to its status as a Nexus. No evidence currently exists to support this hypothesis.

The current containment procedures were designed to remain on good terms with SCP-2920's population and minimize the likelihood of uncontrolled containment breaches. Biweekly surveys are conducted to determine the emotional state of the population and prepare security accordingly.4

Addendum: Incident-59-C
On 18/12/20██, during a temporary power outage due to excessive storms, a family of SCP-2920-1 managed to bypass the security fence. The time between loss of power and the backup generator's activation was approximately 15 minutes. SCP-2920-1's absence went unnoticed for five days, until Foundation weather satellites detected moderate snowfall in the vicinity of a resort in Honolulu. MTF-Delta-6 was dispatched and SCP-2920-1 were recovered with minimal resistance. Amnestics were administered to all resort guests and the snow written off as a freak storm. Emergency use of SCP-████ to repair any immediate damage to the environment was requested but deemed unnecessary. Upon searching the family's possessions, Delta-6 discovered internet receipts for the plane tickets and the resort, a makeshift map detailing security patrols around the border of SCP-2920, and a diary kept by the family's youngest daughter detailing their plans to take a beach vacation. Normal lockdown procedures were initiated upon the return of SCP-2920-1, and containment procedures updated with approval from O5 Command. Site-59's backup generator has been replaced.

Addendum: Incident-59-D
On 4/7/20██, three male residents attempted to scale the wall bordering SCP-2920. Security personnel were dispatched to escort the residents back to their homes. The three males were reported as belligerent and showing signs of heavy intoxication. A brief altercation ensued, wherein one male succeeded in acquiring Agent ██████'s firearm and fatally injuring himself with it due to his intoxication. All three males' supply request histories showed periodic requests for alcohol below the limit set by Site Command. An inspection of their homes revealed that they had been stockpiling their requests in preparation for a celebration. Containment procedures have been updated accordingly.

Addendum: Incident-59-F
On 18/3/20██, through a series of wiretaps, Agent ███ was found to have been taking unauthorized supply requests from multiple residents of SCP-2920. Subsequent home inspection of individuals suspected to have ordered from Agent ███ revealed a large number of unregulated items, which have been confiscated. Agent ███ has been reassigned to Site-██ and containment procedures have been updated accordingly.

Addendum: Incident-59-G
On 31/10/20██, a large gathering of residents of SCP-2920 approached Site-59 to protest treatment by security personnel. Complaints were recorded by Agents █████ and ██, who were guarding the front gate at the time. The agents promised to deliver the complaints to Director Jacobs and requested that the crowd disperse. The mob refused to leave until its complaints were heard directly by Site Command, and began attempting to breach Site-59. No weapons were immediately noted, but several individuals known to possess firearms training were present in the crowd, and force was authorized to prevent the breach. A security detail succeeded in subduing the mob with minimal casualties. Containment procedures have been updated accordingly.

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