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Item#: 2919
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2919 is to be contained within Provisional Site-31. SCP-2919-1 instances are to be monitored at all times for changes in behavior. Interaction with SCP-2919-1 instances must be approved by personnel with Level 3-2919 clearance. Minkowski Spacetime Monitors are to be set up around SCP-2919 and Provisional Site-31, and will monitor any gravitational distortions within an area of 1 kilometer. These are to be routinely checked and repaired. If a major spacial distortion occurs, personnel at Provisional Site-31 are to follow Protocol Eureka-4 (detailed in Document 2919-E4). Non-Foundation personnel who discover SCP-2919 or Provisional Site-31 are to be administered Class-A Amnestics.

Description: SCP-2919 is a large abandoned factory located in Norrbotten County, Sweden. SCP-2919 is not accessible by road or footpath. It is believed that SCP-2919 was constructed at some point during the 1960s-1980s, based on the architectural style and apparent age of the building. A black and white mural has been painted on the Eastern wall, to the right of what is presumed to be the facility's main entrance. The mural depicts an authoritarian figure in its center. Men and women believed to represent scientists and engineers are on the left side, and instances of SCP-2919-1 are on the right. All of them are saluting. The background resembles the flag of the Kalmar Union1. On a wall opposite to the mural there is red text reading, "SUOJAA KANSAMME2." The function SCP-2919 served when it was in use is unknown.

SCP-2919-1 instances are Caucasian males of varying height and apparent biological age. Each instance wears a white metal helmet that extends to cover the shoulders and upper chest. A cylinder approximately 1 meter in length with a rounded end protrudes from the middle of the front of the helmet. On the left side of the cylinder is a rectangular box with a small, square hole on the front of it. On the upper half of the helmet's back is a similar cylinder that is roughly 0.5 meters long. Each instance is clad in a long-sleeved shirt, trousers, and a belt. SCP-2919-1 instances do not have difficulty with movement, despite the shape of the helmet. SCP-2919-1 instances will stand in pairs at each entrance to SCP-2919, and prohibit entry. Instances will rotate in six hour shifts, and are relieved by SCP-2919-1 from within the facility. SCP-2919-1 instances are conversant in Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Russian, and English.

SCP-2919-1 instances will actively prevent human subjects from entering SCP-2919, starting with verbal warnings. Non-compliance will result in escalating use of force, culminating in the use of what appears to be the generation of localized gravitational distortions to remove individuals from the premises of SCP-2919. The distortions can be generated within a radius of 4 meters around the instance. SCP-2919-1 instances will also use said gravitational distortions as a form of self defense, via physically repelling attackers and deflecting or neutralizing projectiles fired in its direction.

Current observations have shown them not to be hostile without provocation. So far only three subjects have been killed by SCP-2919-1 instances, due to gravitational distortions appearing on or in their body after attempted attacks by the subjects. Further details are in Document 2919-D7. This is believed to be caused by attempts by the SCP-2919-1 instances to relocate the subjects, and was unintentional. These abilities have prevented the capture and study of SCP-2919-1 instances. This has also prevented any exploration of SCP-2919.


Addendum-2: On █/██/████ at 10:54 am, an SCP-2919-1 instance (named SCP-2919-1V for the autopsy log) began to spasm and subsequently collapsed. Three minutes later, another SCP-2919-1 instance emerged from SCP-2919 and took its place at its post, ignoring the collapsed instance. SCP-2919-1V was able to be retrieved with no complications arising. After confirmation that the instance was dead, an autopsy was performed on the corpse.

The helmet is composed of stainless steel, painted in white. The helmet contained differentiated biological tissue and organs connected to multiple electronic components, grafted to a series of metal struts. In the center of the helmet is a brain, which many of the electronic components are connected to. It is currently unknown what purpose the organs served. It is theorized that they were able to generate an alternating current of a constant voltage to power the electronic components, and process glucose and other nutrients for the body via ██████. The helmet is connected to the rest of the body's skeletal system, and cannot be removed without causing a collapse of the spine and chest. The letters "KU-21" have been tattooed above the navel. The rest of the body and its attire showed no abnormalities.

During the autopsy the instance was surrounded by a gravitational lensing effect4, and subsequently vanished along with the autopsy table and various instruments. Sensors picked up a large spatial and gravitational distortion in the area when this occurred, which pulled the instruments towards SCP-2919-1V's body. A hole was reported appearing in the lens, which led to a dark, gray area. The body and the equipment have not been found.


Addendum-4: The following are documents seen by Horus Camera Drone H765 in SCP-2919. All text has been translated from Finnish to English. Any text written in italics were written in pencil on the documents. Images of each document can be seen in Document SCP-2919-E1R.

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