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The airframe portion of SCP-2918. Picture taken at ██-█████ AFB before relocation.

Item #: SCP-2918

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2918 is stored in hangar 2 at Foundation Site-19. The control panel should be monitored for new messages every 24 hours at a minimum. The airframe of SCP-2918 is to be stored unfueled and unarmed at all times. Regular psychiatric evaluations are to be administered every two weeks by Dr. █████, a specialist in child psychology with experience in anxiety treatment.

Description: SCP-2918 is an incomplete MQ-1 Predator unmanned aerial vehicle suite, consisting of one airframe, one ground control system (GCS) and one primary satellite link communications suite (currently disabled). The GCS is configured into four cockpits to communicate with up to four airframes, but burn damage and ordinance fragmentation has rendered three out of four cockpits inoperable. The remaining control suite, designated A2, communicates via wireless tactical data link with the only remaining drone.

SCP-2918 is capable of generating messages on the GCS systems monitor, and has displayed significantly enhanced feedback control. The system has been observed as communicating its diagnostics in simple English, occasionally producing visual aids in the form of bitmap images. The nature of these messages imply that the airframe is self-aware. Foundation testing has placed the airframe's intelligence and emotional maturity as on par with that of a 10-12 year old child. SCP-2918 is largely docile, but displays symptoms of anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder, including nightmares and flashbacks.

Aside from its apparent sapience and ability to communicate, SCP-2918 displays no anomalous properties. The drone is an MQ-1B Predator of unmodified build with standard hardpoints for payload delivery.

SCP-2918 was brought to the Foundation's attention following incident SCP-2918-Kato, during which the airframe, while under the control of USAF personnel, refused to respond to commands and attacked its own operators. In the process, the GCS was damaged, and the other airframes eventually crashed, not being able to receive commands to return and being unable to refuel. Their wrecks displayed no anomalous properties, and were eventually scrapped. Though SCP-2918 has not displayed any independent motion since incident SCP-2918-Kato, it is stored unarmed and unfueled as a standard safety precaution. No experimentation involving fueling SCP-2918 is to be undertaken at this time.


Message received from SCP-2918, dated 27 ███, 20██. This date coincides with Captain Kato's date of honorable discharge.

UAV-A2: dad isn't coming back is he

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