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Item #: SCP-2916

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2916-4 is to be monitored for any unusual behavior on either SCP-2916-1 or -3's part. SCP-2916-2 is to be given in-home psychological counseling by a Foundation therapist and monitored remotely for any potentially dangerous behavior. These procedures were implemented following the events of 7/29/2016.

Description: SCP-2916 is a phenomenon wherein the text of existing published works are changed to reflect the inclusion of three new characters or entities, designated SCP-2916 -1, -2, and -3.

SCP-2916 instances appear in the text of a narrative as side characters that usually do not affect the plot greatly. SCP-2916 appears in 7% of all copies of infiltrated works, allowing for comparison of altered and unaltered versions of the story. After SCP-2916 has left a narrative, the changes will remain in the affected copies of the work in question.

SCP-2916 appearances follow a distinct script: SCP-2916-1 and -2 will enter the setting of a work and integrate themselves into the story's plot, sometimes changing the narrative significantly in order to occupy their presence.

Seven days after the first appearance of Instance 1 and -2 in a story, SCP-2916-3 will appear. Instance 3 is fixated on pursuing Instances 1 and 2, who will flee upon hearing of its arrival in the narrative. Instance 3 will express a desire to kill Instance 2, and will often command Instance 1 to return home with it. Instances 1 and 2 will then flee to a new narrative, with SCP-2916-3 in pursuit. There will be no further appearances of any SCP-2916 instance within the text after the confrontation. Instances 1 and 2 will then appear in a new work. SCP-2916 instances never return to a narrative once they have left. Even if all three instances leave the narrative simultaneously, Instance 3 always appears seven days after Instances 1 and 2 in both narrative and physical time, although Instance 3 has recently begun appearing in narratives before the 7 day period has passed.

The first known appearance of SCP-2916 was in a copy of Wuthering Heights, where a feverish Catherine Earnshaw proclaims that during her search for Heathcliff in the moors, she encountered a shepherd carrying a wounded lamb, being pursued by a wolf, while rambling incoherently about other things she appears to have hallucinated. To date, SCP-2916 has appeared in 67 different works.

Examples of SCP-2916 Appearances:

Work: Stardust (1999) Gaiman, Neil. Novel.
SCP-2916-1 Form: Temple
SCP-2916-2 Form: Yvaine
SCP-2916-3 Form: Storm
Added Details: Yvaine and Tristan come across a renovated temple worshipping the stars in the place previously used as a sacred ground for a thunder god. They shelter there for several days while recovering from wounds suffered earlier in the plot (which are not suffered in the original work). However, Yvaine is chased away from the temple by a thunderstorm that lasts for days - the displeasure of the thunder god formerly occupying the temple.

Work: Neuromancer (1984) Gibson, William. Novel.
SCP-2916-1 Form: AI Construct
SCP-2916-2 Form: Molly Millions
SCP-2916-3 Form: Corporate Agent
Added Details: Henry Case is effectively excised from the story, instead telling a narrative of Molly Millions and the AI personality she has constructed. They are on the run from both the "Turing heat" who want to destroy the AI, and an agent from the LOOM Corporation, who wants the AI's code for themselves. The AI construct is revealed to be modeled after a young prostitute she worked with and grew attached to before her death at the hands of one of her clients.

Work: Columbinus (2007) Karam, Stephen, and Paparelli, P.J. Stage play.
SCP-2916-1 Form: Student
SCP-2916-2 Form: Teacher
SCP-2916-3 Form: Shooter
Added Details: A student and teacher are hiding during the massacre after being shown having a discussion after class on a topic they both find interesting. The shooter, who has been revealed to be the older brother of the student earlier within the play, aims his gun at the teacher and fires. The play promptly ends.

Multiple similarities have been noted between SCP-2916 and SCP-423; specifically, they are both entities that are able to take on different characters derived from their narrative environment. Interviews with SCP-423 have confirmed that it does not know of SCP-2916-1, SCP-2916-2, or SCP-2916-3.

It is unknown what would occur if any instance of SCP-2916 underwent SCP-1304.

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