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Item #: SCP-2915

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2915 is owned and operated by Foundation agents as a typical Wendy’s franchise, under supervision of MTF Psi-25 "Trapped in the Drive-Thru". Personnel are to maintain all professional standards set forth by the Wendy’s corporation. Night-shift guards are to be equipped with gas masks and broad-spectrum UV lights.

The freezer is to remain padlocked.

Employees are encouraged to ignore all sounds emanating from within.

Description: SCP-2915 is a Wendy’s franchise restaurant located in ██████, Ohio. The establishment possesses two primary anomalous properties.

  1. The menu at the time of containment did not align with normal Wendy’s products, appropriate health standards, or typical terrestrial biochemistry. All salvageable foodstuffs were removed from the premises for controlled laboratory study.
  2. The freezer does not possess a floor. The depth of the resulting shaft is unknown – probing missions have proven inconclusive. Six winch systems are attached to the ceiling of the freezer, each consisting of a chain and large meathook. These winches are controlled by a series of valves located at the door. One chain remains lowered into the shaft.

Attempts to reach the bottom of the freezer shaft have been unsuccessful – the longest-surviving probe broadcast for over four months before communication was lost. Adjusting the height of chains has not been attempted beyond establishing the use of the valves.

Yellow gas of currently-indeterminate chemical makeup will leak from the freezer during nighttime hours, generally between 0200 and 0445. This gas is heavier than air, mildly toxic (long-term exposure will result in damage to the lungs and kidneys), and will dissipate under concentrated ultraviolet radiation.

Sounds might occasionally be heard emanating from within the freezer, and may include banging within the shaft, the rattling of chains, the scraping of metal on the inside of the door, and distant echoes of “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” by Frank Sinatra.

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