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Item #: SCP-2911

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Public knowledge of SCP-2911 is limited to residents of its village. Due to its remote location, SCP-2911 is regarded merely as regional folklore by residents of northeastern Iwate Prefecture. Low-intensity media suppression protocols are therefore the only necessary containment at this time.

Description: SCP-2911 is a fisherman known only as "Mikio" to the residents of Tanohata village, located in Iwate Prefecture, Japan. SCP-2911 is a male of Japanese ancestry, approximately 62 years of age. SCP-2911 has innate and accurate knowledge of the future time of death for residents of the village, in an approximately 15 km radius from his dwelling. SCP-2911 appears to gain this knowledge spontaneously, however, it is only obtained approximately one week prior to each resident's death.

Research Log 2911.A - Interview Notes by Doctor Kanae Todoroki, 09.10.14

Concerning the Subject:

How long has it been?

Since I was a boy, with my grandfather.

How do you know?

I was born knowing, and then I remember. Each time.

Is it a burden?

Are people a burden? For some, this is so. I am not so.

What do they do?

I come to them, and I offer my company for a day. They always accept.

Are they afraid?

Before, sometimes. After our day, never.

Is it a hard life, for you?

My possessions are few, but I am surrounded by beauty. My friends all die, but they are true. I am at peace.

Why is it you?

I cannot know. Perhaps I am dreaming.

Is life a dream?

I believe it is sometimes. Other times, I believe dreams are real. I think you might too.

Do you know it, for yourself?

We all remember, eventually.

Research Log 2911.B - Documentation

The residence of SCP-2911 is sparse and ascetic in nature, the only ornamentation a series of poems hanging from the walls, written by residents of Tanohata at some point after SCP-2911 informs them of their pending demise. Transcriptions follow:

Masaomi Chisaka

One half, I am now

Briefly, I am whole again

Soon, whole forever, I rest

Otoha Furuya

The waves, they bring salt

Fury, love, tranquility

Waves wash over me, cool, quiet

Arinobu Yanagisawa

I was so strong, ha

We went fishing, as always

The fight done, the boat sways, night

Giuseppe Bevilacqua

They say home is far

The sea is my land, my liege

I have found my place, at last

Hideji Domoto

I can't understand

The sun was radiant, bright

I shall enjoy this tea, now

Captain Eizō Wakamatsu

My duty is gone, free

The cries have now quieted

Brotherhood of all, I join you

Yumiko Kayama

My silly old man

You knew you always had me

My dearest old man

Make love with me in the wind

The birds sing the song

Of friends, and lovers, old hearts

Echoes, in the sky

Dreams of where water meets earth

Past death, past time, we shall sleep

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