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Item #: SCP-2907

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2907 is to be contained in a circular plot of land in the vicinity of Site-135, 300m in radius, with SCP-2907-1 in the centre. This land is to be cordoned off as private property. At 09:00 local time daily, five two earthworms are to be placed in the area of effect.

Description: SCP-2907-1 is the carcass of an unidentified species of priapulid worm. It is similar in appearance to Ottoia prolifica, a species that has been extinct since the Middle Cambrian period, approximately 505 million years ago. SCP-2907-1 does not undergo decomposition, and its state has remained unchanged since containment began in 1978.

Most of the time, SCP-2907-1 exerts a compulsive effect on several phyla of worm, within a 143m radius. When a susceptible organism enters this range, it will be compelled to seek out SCP-2907-1 and touch it. Upon contact, they will become instances of either SCP-2907-2A or -2B.

Instances will not leave the area of effect voluntarily, and those physically removed no longer show any signs of unusual behaviour, although they will display extreme aversion to returning. If less than five susceptible organisms enter the area of effect in the span of twenty-seven hours, instances of SCP-2907-2 will manifest until that number of instances has been reached. It is currently unknown where the mass for these worms originates.

Instances of SCP-2907-2A form a far more cohesive unit than is natural, regardless of species, working together to create complex tunnel systems, with individual areas for water storage and for young to develop. Instances of SCP-2907-2B patrol the surface above the colony, and attempt to impede the progress of any foreign object or organism into the colony. Instances will protect worms under SCP-2907-1's initial effect, escorting them to it and ensuring physical contact. The exception to this is species of ragworms, which will be met with extreme hostility; instances of SCP-2907-2B will wrap themselves around any ragworm within the area of effect and pull them apart, before burying their remains within the colony.

Periodically, SCP-2907 will undergo what is referred to as a Ziying Event. During this, all instances of SCP-2907-2 will attack SCP-2907-1 and pull it apart, before scattering its pieces around the area of effect. After this, no instances will display any evidence of being under SCP-2907's influence. SCP-2907-1 will reconstitute itself over a period of approximately forty days, after which its compulsive effect returns. During SCP-2907's containment, thirty two Ziying Events have occured. The duration between each event varies, but there has been a general positive trend. The significance of this is unknown.

Addendum 7: On 12/09/80, during routine inspection, Researcher Black reported hearing an unintelligible voice inside SCP-2907's containment that increased slightly in volume the closer she was to SCP-2907-1, which was supported by several assistants. Researcher Black suggested that audio equipment and tape recorders be introduced to the containment area to amplify the voice, in order to ascertain whether there was actual speech. Her request was granted, and the equipment introduced after the next Ziying Event. As a result, a voice of indeterminate sex became audible, speaking in Modern French. From then on, at the same time every week, a different speech in the same voice would be transmitted for approximately one hour.

Addendum 12: Excerpt from speech, 07/11/83:

Now, I know some of you may have misgivings about our work here. And, of course, that's perfectly understandable. But where would any of us be without taking leaps? I can assure you, we are moving towards a glorious era, and my hearts go out to those unable to see it. I may not know whether you can understand this, and even if you can, I may not know how much stock you put in my words. But I hope that you know that what we are working for will come to pass, and that you are as eager to see that great day as I am.

Incident 2907-1: On 09/06/86, 926 days after the end of the previous Ziying Event (the longest timespan yet recorded), SCP-2907-1 was observed to shudder, before expanding and bursting. Immediately after, all SCP-2907-2 instances (approximately 4892) also exploded. Approximately five minutes later, the speakers emitted a message from a previously unheard voice, also of indeterminate sex, in an unknown language. This was followed by presumably a second message in Modern French. SCP-2907-1 reconstituted over the next forty days with no apparent effects on its anomalous nature, although it was later discovered that since this event it will only manifest two worms every twenty seven hours.

Addendum 18: Transcript of second message:

We must admit, we aren't sure if you can understand this, but from what we can see of over there, it talks this language, and we are hoping that it is correct in doing so. Given that we've not had to intervene as much recently, we are assuming that someone over there is cutting off its access to troops, for which we thank you. It fully deserves everything it is getting. Don't believe its lies. We cannot afford to expend so much energy on something of this scale constantly, so we need you and your efforts, so we can simply free you or whoever it has enslaved. Please don't let us down.

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