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Instances of dormant SCP-2905-2 (back) and a normal rose plant (front) in SCP-2905.

Item #: SCP-2905

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2905 has been under Foundation quarantine since its discovery in 1998. Personnel removing plant/SCP-2905-2 samples within SCP-2905 must wear the protective gear provided at all times while within SCP-2905. Any personnel bitten by SCP-2905-2 should be brought back immediately to the medical clinic to assess the severity of the bite; SCP-2905-2 toxins vary wildly in potency. Collaboration with Site-45 for further information about POI Izaak and POI Nao is ongoing.

Description: SCP-2905 is a circular garden located on an islet approximately forty kilometers southeast from the Kyushu region of Japan that consists of a combination of various rose plants and SCP-2905-2. The islet itself is about half a kilometer at its longest point. The garden consists of fourteen concentric circles, alternating between a plant ring and a gravel path; SCP-2905-1 rests in the center of the garden.

SCP-2905-1 is a statue of a kneeling woman made of tightly interwoven branches and SCP-2905-2 webbing. It stands on a flattened stone that rises 1.2 meters in the center of SCP-2905; the name "Nao" is inscribed into the stone. Scans reveal that SCP-2905-1 contains a humanoid body that appears to be made of SCP-2905-2 webbing as well. Occasional spherical bulging from within the body has been recorded.

SCP-2905-2 is the term designated to the organisms intermixed with the actual rose plants of SCP-2905. While superficially resembling rose plants, they are in fact colonies of multiple organisms that individually resemble large spiders, each with a flower blooming on the topside of the abdomen. SCP-2905-2 are capable of ejecting a web-like substance; said webbing is in fact more akin to plant fibers coated with sap. The legs of SCP-2905-2 are covered in thorns that secrete toxins similar to those of various spiders. Each colony consists of one to four hundred instances of SCP-2905-2. SCP-2905-2 act as caretakers for SCP-2905-1, cleaning away dirt via brushing with legs, polishing it with rose petals, redecorating it with flowers, etc.

At the end of each month, various portions of SCP-2905-1 open to admit one to two dozen SCP-2905-2 inside of it. SCP-2905-2 secrete large amounts of the plant fiber webbing around the body inside SCP-2905-1, along with occasionally removing and replacing older web layers. After finishing, the SCP-2905-2 inside SCP-2905-1 will proceed to cannibalize each other until only one SCP-2905-2 is left. This SCP-2905-2 will then gather the remains of the other SCP-2905-2 into multiple sac-like webs that it deposits into various slits of the body inside SCP-2905-1 that are absorbed by the outer skin. The remaining SCP-2905-2 will then spontaneously dissolve into liquefied organic matter that is absorbed through the mouth of the humanoid body.

Further scanning reveals the inside of the body contains hundreds of the web sacs deposited by SCP-2905-2, along with what appear to be a digestive system made of web tubing, and a skeletal system made of reinforced plant material. A cluster of sacs are centered around the chest region of the body; within this cluster appears to be a large instance (approximately 7 cm from leg to leg) of a mirror spider (Thwaitesia argentiopunctata).

As of April 17, 2004, SCP-2905-2 have been entering SCP-2905-1 in larger numbers; movement from inside SCP-2905-1 has been increasing with each subsequent addition of material. SCP-2905-1 is now under constant monitoring for further signs of activity.

Addendum 2905-1: On November 16, 1999, personnel discovered another two miniature statues made of interlaced rose branches— one resembling a monkey, one resembling a peacock — concealed within separate rose plants in the outermost ring of SCP-2905. Attempts to retrieve them were initially impeded by SCP-2905-2.

Scans revealed both statues had a book stored inside them; the statues were cut open to retrieve them.

The books contain the accounts of a being called "Nao" (Presumed to be the same Nao as SCP-2905-1). Both books contain day-to-day events recorded in a place currently theorized to be SCP-2746; names such as "Suiward", "Sari", "Izaak", and "Frederick" consistent with other records in Site-45 appear within Nao's recordings. Below are transcripts of the recovered journals. The transcripts are arranged in what is hopefully a chronological account.

Transcript of book found within monkey statue. Translated from original documents written in A-12.

This is so exciting! As of today I am now under the apprenticeship of Healer Izaak! It's such an honor to be learning from one of the most esteemed doctors in ████! It's going to be such a different life for me now! Not that my skill as a decorator was boring; I was truly very happy being able to grow gardens and make weavings, and make our home more beautiful. But I've been handpicked to be a healer's apprentice for my strings, which they say can play a very important role in mending injuries. I'm meeting Izaak later this evening for my first lessons! You'll do fine Nao, I know you will! You're going to learn so much more now!

(The next six pages consisted of various herbs/medicines and their applications.)

This is going to be a lot of work. Izaak's healing knowledge is amazing. He tried to start me off small, but I was still barely able to keep up with his pace. Thank the Maker that I'm able to take so many notes with my legs. This book's going to fill up fast.

Oh, right, Izaak told me to take notes on everything he tells me so I have references later. I can see why, since he has so much to say; I'm bound to forget something.

Izaak said we'd go over some of the unique things I can do myself over the next few weeks. Can't wait to see what he comes up with.

(The next ten pages contained various drawings, diagrams, and charts of different bones and limbs, and how to properly heal them.)

I knew my silk was strong. I've used it in countless tapestries. But Izaak keeps showing new ways it can be used. With enough wrapping and proper positioning I can make casts, slings, and braces for injuries. I've been practicing bone-setting on dummies day and night, with Izaak always overseeing how I do. It's a different kind of bone every lesson, a different kind of break, a different kind of set. But I've been learning Izaak's teaching methods so it's becoming less and less strenuous.

I figured we'd get to stitches eventually even before the lessons started. After just a month of practice Izaak said I excelled at my work.

Today was my first chance to apply what I've learned. Gaareth hurt his arm falling while he was working on a new tower. Izaak and I came to his side in an instant; Izaak diagnosed his injuries then told me to set the bone. Everything went well, and Gaareth should fully recover in no time. Izaak said I did good.

This was an… interesting day. Izaak said he had thought of something new. Usually when we treat someone with more severe injuries, we give them the Black Drink mixed with sedatives, but it takes some time to go into effect, and we have to keep giving it to them throughout the procedure.

So Izaak proposed I deliver the medicine by biting my patients.

It honestly conflicted with what he had taught me previously, but after he explained it made more sense. If I can deliver a small amount of more concentrated medicine straight through the skin instead of waiting for it to go past the stomach, we wouldn't have to worry about the amount of Drink we'd have to give patients. Right now it's just a theory.

Well, theory proven right. Priia came in with several broken toes. She was a bit apprehensive about the proposal, but Izaak insisted. The medicine started working almost immediately. What would've have taken an hour took twenty minutes.

(The majority of the rest of the pages consist of new healing procedures Nao is learning, along with occasional aid given to various inhabitants. Nao accounts of how she is improving her abilities' accuracy/speed, along with various medicinal formulas/mixtures she developed.)

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