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Item #: SCP-2902

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2902-1 and 2 are contained at Site-73 in a humanoid containment unit. SCP-2902-1 can request to perform for personnel three times a month. Interviews should be conducted on a biweekly basis to assess SCP-2902-1's morale, as well as to gain possible information on its origins. SCP-2902-2 has been allowed to stay with SCP-2902-1.

Description: SCP-2902-1 is, as of January 29, 2008, a 32-year old human male of Indian descent named Nandin Chakrabarti. SCP-2902-1 is 172 cm tall, 66 kg and when not performing, speaks with a moderate Indian accent. SCP-2902-1 is skilled in ventriloquism, often using this ability during its performances with SCP-2902-2.

SCP-2902-2 is a male maine coon cat with a grey, mottled fur coloration. It is 90 cm long, and weighs 11 kg. SCP-2902-1 refers to SCP-2902-2 as "Miles"; SCP-2902-2 is affectionate towards SCP-2902-1, and often takes part in its performances.

Both SCP-2902-1 and 2 possess the ability to have their skeletons completely separate from their bodies; the outer skins of both do not suffer any muscle, nerve, or organ damage during, or after the skeleton's exit.1 Both their skins and skeletons retain full mobility, however, due to lack of support, the former becomes limp and moves in an uncoordinated manner.

SCP-2902-1 removes its skeleton by bisecting itself vertically or horizontally, which it achieves through pulling on its face or stomach area, respectively; its body will open in a hinge-like manner accompanied by a sound similar to tearing fabric. During the time its skeleton exits, there are no visible muscles, blood, or organs in SCP-2902-1; instead, only solid black space fills its inner body. After its skeleton exits completely, SCP-2902-1's skin will re-close. SCP-2902-1 can speak through both its skin and skeleton, though only one at a time; SCP-2902-1 often alternates between the two while speaking for dramatic effect.

Instead of opening its skin, SCP-2902-2's skeleton appears to phase and rise through its upper back. Unlike SCP-2902-1, SCP-2902-2 is able to control both bodies simultaneously. Of note is that SCP-2902-2 lacks three vertebrae near the middle of its back; this does not appear to have any detrimental effect on SCP-2902-2's bodily functions.

SCP-2902-1 claims that it and SCP-2902-2 came from the GOI Herman Fuller's Circus of the Disquieting, but were separated from the organization after SCP-2902-2 became ill during a performance. Against its colleagues' suggestions, SCP-2902-1 tried to take SCP-2902-2 to a medical clinic several kilometers away from the circus grounds; the group left the grounds while both were still away. Subjects were discovered in San Francisco, California, USA as street performers, and subsequently taken into Foundation custody. Since its containment, SCP-2902-1 has been generally friendly to personnel, expressing an interest in entertaining them with its abilities until "The Circus comes back to pick me up".

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