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Instance #089 of SCP-2898-A.


Instance #179 of SCP-2898-B, prior to recovery and disposal.

Item #: SCP-2898

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The house containing SCP-2898 has been purchased and placed under Foundation custody. The walls of the house must be inspected daily for new instances of SCP-2898-A. Motion sensors have been placed throughout the house to detect new manifestations of SCP-2898-B. Remains of SCP-2898-B instances are to be removed from the house and disposed of appropriately.

Description: SCP-2898 comprises a series of structural anomalies occurring in a two-storey bungalow located at ██ ██████ Avenue in Georgetown, Penang. SCP-2898-A designates images of human bodies spontaneously appearing on the interior walls of the residence.

SCP-2898-A has so far appeared in all types of surfaces, including bare concrete, plaster, wood, thick coats of paint, and in several cases, a rice paper screen in the master bedroom. Instances are initially vague and bear only a passing resemblance to a human face, but increase in clarity and contrast over the course of the next 5 to 6 days to form a clear image. Following which, instances of SCP-2898-A will gradually resolve into a complete image of a human body within 3 weeks.

The wall section containing a complete image of SCP-2898-A will eventually produce an animate humanoid entity, designated as an instance of SCP-2898-B. All instances of SCP-2898-B appear to be constructed from common building materials (in particular, material similar to that of the wall surface they emerge from) and, on occasion, small amounts of human biological matter. A partial list of such entities has been appended below.

All instances of SCP-2898-A and -B resemble PoI-5775 (Beatrice Cho), the former occupant of ██ ██████ Avenue. Cho was an artist known for her work with GoI-165 ("The Restoration Collective"), and frequently incorporated anomalous properties into her sculptures. She had been diagnosed with dementia in 1999 and was moved into a nursing home by her family 2 years later. While biological materials discovered in certain SCP-2898-B instances appears to have originated from PoI-5775, she remains in good physical health.

57 identical symbols drawn in Krylon-brand pink chalk are located throughout the interior of the building, largely concentrated on the north- and west-facing walls. PoI-5775 claims to be not responsible for creating SCP-2898, but contended in one interview that she could have easily forgotten doing so due to her condition.

A possible link with SCP-474 is currently being investigated.

Addendum-2898-01: Partial list of SCP-2898 manifestations

Addendum-2898-02: Excerpts from handwritten notes collected in ██ ██████ Avenue.

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