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SCP-2891-3 instances engaging in combat with Foundation forces on [REDACTED]

Item # SCP-2891

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All containers of SCP-2891 are to be kept on Site-49 in High Priority Containment Wing-C. SCP-2891 may only be removed with the permission of two Level 4 researchers, and only for the purposes of testing. All SCP-2891-1, -2, and -3 instances are to be destroyed following testing, with their remains kept in Wing-B.

Description: SCP-2891 is an anomalous liquid that can cause an environment to undergo significant changes when applied to a currently living organism via direct skin contact. When applied to a living organism, now known as SCP-2891-1, manifestations of structures and objects designed to defend SCP-2891-1 will begin to appear in the local environment. The amount of land affected by SCP-2891 is different depending on the location and specific environment that it is used in, although the average number is 50m3.

SCP-2891-2 is the designation of objects and structures formed by SCP-2891 around the affected area of SCP-2891-1. Often, these structures take the form of security cameras, turrets, and humanoid containment cells. These containment cells are consistent with standard humanoid containment cells designed by the Foundation (See Addendum-2891-A for more information). Over time, SCP-2891-2 instances begin to become more and more complex. Untreated SCP-2891-2 instances following completion of stage 5 are found to be equipped with security cameras, automated turrets, electronic keypads, barbed wire, land mines, steel doors, and tear gas.

Additionally, humanoid entities are found to manifest at varying times in the stages of SCP-2891. These humanoid entities, designated SCP-2891-3, are all genetically identical to each other. SCP-2891-3 instances often have identical uniforms and use similar weaponry as local enforcement officers in order to appear as said officers. It should be noted that while instances of SCP-2891-3 are capable of speech in the language predominate in the affected area, it is not currently known if instances are capable of understanding said speech1.

The following is a list of the stages that an SCP-2891-1 instance undergoes from initial exposure and death.

Currently, there are over thirteen containers filled with SCP-2891 in Foundation control.


SCP-2891 was first discovered following the absorption of the many subsidiaries and divisions of GoI-2312,4 specifically for Prometheus Defense and Biotech, under a project known as "Project Plant Cell". It was also discovered that a Dr. Kirk, a Foundation researcher and former Prometheus Labs employee, had worked on the project.

Interviewed: Dr. Kirk
Interviewer: Dr. Henderson
Date: 06/11/1999

<Begin Log>

Dr. Henderson: Good evening, Dr. Kirk.

Dr. Kirk: Evening.

Dr. Henderson: Would you be willing to answer some questions regarding SCP-2891?

Dr. Kirk: Sure.

Dr. Henderson: Thank you. Now-

[Paper shuffling]

Dr. Henderson: -what was your involvement with the Prometheus Labs project known as "Project Plant cell"?

Dr. Kirk: What do you wanna know?

Dr. Henderson: What was the purpose of the project?

Dr. Kirk: It was meant to be many things, but the primary point of it was meant to be a semi-containment producer. You would slather the object or person you needed to contain and presto! You got your own containment cell in no time flat.

Dr. Henderson: And what were you planning on doing with this object?

Dr. Kirk: Selling it to the Foundation, of course. You see, the Foundation had come to the higher ups, asking for help. They needed something that could temporarily manifest locations that could contain an object or creature that needed to be recovered quickly and at a moment's notice.

Dr. Henderson: When was this?

Dr. Kirk: I'd say… the early '90s? I forget. Just know that it was at around that time that I was sent into the Appalachians to a newly dug-in Site for the production of a new project, and I was one of the lead researchers.

Dr. Henderson: This sounds like it was top secret.

Dr. Kirk: Oh, it was. Higher ups denied any involvement in the project, of course. Needed to keep up appearances, we do have standards.

[Dr. Kirk laughs]

Dr. Kirk: In the beginning, we had a plethora of problems to deal with. Containment cells would grow into full-fledged prisons, guards were inherently violent and trigger happy, and we were still trying to find a way to get them to respond to our trigger words.

Dr. Henderson: Trigger words?

Dr. Kirk: Yeah, trigger words. Phrases that would allow for you to control them when heard. Usually simple and ridiculous phrases such as "What it do?" or "Does the Black Moon Howl?". Stupid phrases like that, you know. Simple little jokes between us researchers. All would be removed in the final product, of course.

Dr. Henderson: Sort of like mind control?

Dr. Kirk: Yeah, well, that sort of implies that they had minds instead of being biological automatons, but simple semantics.

Dr. Henderson: Right. Continue.

Dr. Kirk: So, everything was running smoothly. Sure, a death or two here, but nothing out of the ordinary. But one day, one of the Head researchers, Dr. Taylor, didn't show up to work. Like, nothing. No message, no phone calls, no nothing. A little weird, but probably nothing to worry about. Just took an off day or something. Then he didn't come the next day, and the day after that. For three days, he didn't come back. At this point, the higher ups got nervous, and they decided to send in a small security task force to check up at his house.

Dr. Henderson: What did they find?

Dr. Kirk: His crying mess of a wife. Said he up and left after he had a meltdown or something. You should have seen the place, just Jesus. She said he left in his car, somewhere. From evidence collected from phone calls and emails, he looked like he was going to do something that he would probably regret.

Dr. Henderson: Look, I understand it must have been difficult, but we must focus—

Dr. Kirk: No, not that. Although, it wouldn't have surprised me if he did. The force had found out that he had left the house three days earlier. After extensive research of the local area, we had discovered that he was heading outside of the mountains, near somewhere. And the boys back at the site also found something funny.

Dr. Henderson: What did they find?

Dr. Kirk: One vial of the substance was gone. Apparently, it had been removed during the late night.

Dr. Henderson: By who?

Dr. Kirk: By none other than Taylor himself.

Dr. Henderson: How do you know?

Dr. Kirk: Checking through the security cameras. Found that he snuck a vial out in his suitcase.

Dr. Henderson: Why would he do this?

Dr. Kirk: For his plan.

Dr. Henderson: Which was?

Dr. Kirk: To lock himself away.

<End Log>

An investigation into this supposed Prometheus Labs Inc. Site are ongoing. Evidence collected from Labs servers and local law enforcement records traces the possible location of Dr. Taylor to Clay County, Kentucky.5 It is currently unknown why this location was chosen.

Note: Following an investigation into the records of Clay Country, it was discovered that this was the birthplace of Dr. Henry Taylor, who had been raised there until he was 19, when he was hired by Prometheus Labs in [REDACTED] as a janitor, and eventually became a researcher for the company.


On 12/11/2001, Mobile Task Force Psi-7 ("Home Improvement") had been deployed to [REDACTED], Kentucky6 after reports of individuals going missing in the town that may have had a familial relationship with a Dr. Henry Taylor, along with reports of teenagers having disappeared without a trace.

Following an investigation into the town and its history, it was discovered that a location known as "Ol' Rusty"7 by the locals, had become altered from its original structure to more like that of a prison.8 The rusty exterior had transformed into concrete walls, surrounded by guard towers. Near the entrance of the prison, several wooden pikes and small nests had been formed. On the pikes, several currently unidentified human heads have been placed on them.9

Outside the factory, a 1989 BMW was found, covered in a large amount of foliage, abandoned and severely damaged. Although it is not fully conclusive on the owner of the car,10 it has been hypothesized that the car belonged to Dr. Taylor.

It has been confirmed that this is the location that Dr. Taylor currently resides.

Pending approval from the O5 Council on a possible raid by Foundation forces on SCP-2891-2 instance.

Raid on SCP-2891-2 instance had been approved of by the O5 Council.


The following is an excerpt from the After Action report by Private [REDACTED], a member of MTF-Psi-7.

When we entered the prison, the first thing we saw where the utter emptiness of it all. Just, empty. We had info that the target was on the top floor of the building. We were making our way up the building when we saw some -3 instances attempting to make sandbags from God knows what.

We were up the third floor when we found the corpses. Just, Jesus. The place was covered in animal corpses, of deer, rabbits, foxes, squirrels, dogs, and… and humans. But the worst part was the categorization of them. Each corpse was divided into different rooms. One room for foxes, one for rabbits, one for dogs. We lost at least three men getting halfway through the first couple of rooms from those bastards. Damn good shots, they were.

By the time we were up the third floor, we had lost half the team. The Commander was talking about retreating, but command was insistent on getting all the way up. We had one more floor to go.

The third floor.


I used to work on a farm when I was a boy. My old man used to take me to work on killing the chickens. How we would put it in the killing cone, and cut its head off and let the blood drain out. The cone was constantly filled with blood. Slit the head off one myself when I was eight.

This was like that. But on an entire floor.

We found a guard cutting off the head of a woman, letting the blood drain out in a bucket. Several bodies, both human and non, were hanging by hooks. Some were packing it inside what looked like freezers. It was like they didn't realize what they were doing. I assume it was meant to feed…to feed him.

A third of our team was gone by the time we got to the fourth. It was empty, except for one thing: a man hanging by a hook, surrounded by hundreds of armed men in armor.

The commander thought it wise that we escape while we have the chance. We made our way down the stairs like an Olympic gold medalist. I heard a scream, and a shout for help, but I didn't listen to it. I just kept running and running.

At least it wasn't me, you know?


The following is an excerpt of some of the recovered documents and phone calls recovered from Prometheus Labs regarding Dr. Taylor's current condition.

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