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Crime scene photo relating to the murder of Ms. Mildred Reckart in 1954. Photo recovered clandestinely from the Sacramento Police Department.

Item #: SCP-2888

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The former residence of Marshall Ford Everett, in addition to the 8.3-acre parcel of land on which it is located, is currently held by Rural Heritage LLC, a Foundation-owned land trust company. All structures located on the parcel are to be allowed to deteriorate in a manner consistent with abandoned property. As all personal effects and human remains have been removed from the premises, no interference with civilians or local authorities is deemed necessary.

The remains of all recovered SCP-2888 instances are to be maintained in long-term storage in Minimum Security Morgue 2-A, located at Site-23.

The Site-16 SIGINT Office is to continually monitor California Department of Public Health newborn screening program data for genetic markers consistent with SCP-2888 manifestations. Any resumption of suspected SCP-2888-related phenomena is to be reported immediately to the Research Director.

Description: SCP-2888 is a phenomenon documented to have occurred between 15 December 1957 and 29 July 1973, in which infants genetically identical to an individual known as Mildred Reckart1 were repeatedly born in hospitals in the Central California region of the United States. A total of 38 births occurred in 19 separate facilities during this time, each to a different mother. Complete lack of evidence of invasive surgical procedures in subjects giving birth to SCP-2888 instances, combined with the rudimentary state of human cloning technology at the time, confirms SCP-2888 as an anomalous phenomenon.

An investigation conducted in 1970, subsequent to a Site-16 analytical review of missing persons cases in Northern and Central California concerning a group of individuals sharing very similar physical characteristics, identified a Sacramento-based construction firm owner named Marshall Ford Everett as being closely associated with this phenomenon. Examination of materials recovered after the detainment of Mr. Everett confirmed this relationship. While the mechanism by which SCP-2888 occurs remains unknown, research at the time, combined with witness statements and other collected evidence, indicated that Mr. Everett at least partially influenced the commencement of 38 births of specimens genetically identical to Ms. Reckart.

Further investigation revealed that Mr. Everett was responsible for the original murder of Ms. Reckart in 1954, in addition to the confirmed homicides of 31 out of 38 documented SCP-2888 instances over the next seventeen years.

Agents clandestinely observing Mr. Everett as part of research efforts to ascertain possible methods behind the SCP-2888 phenomenon documented the murder of Ms. Vivian Enfield, an SCP-2888 instance, by Mr. Everett on 17 June 1971. This event led researchers to establish and confirm Mr. Everett's role in the disappearances of other SCP-2888 instances since 1957. Following this event, Foundation assets were mobilized under the guise of a California Highway Patrol task force to raid Mr. Everett's rural residence in Locke, California, and place him in custody in order to prevent further violence.

Three additional SCP-2888 instances were located in the Central California region over the next two years, and placed in containment at Site-16. In each case, SCP-2888 instances in containment manifested numerous chronic and severe health conditions beginning soon after the age of 222, and the last surviving specimen died in 1997 from complications related to a disorder similar to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Mr. Everett proved uncooperative with Foundation researchers while in containment, providing personnel with copious amounts of what was later demonstrated to be unreliable information. Despite enhanced information-gathering protocols being authorized in 1983, Mr. Everett ultimately yielded little in the way of usable data regarding SCP-2888. Mr. Everett was euthanized by medical staff while in Foundation custody in 1985 after displaying sudden debilitating neurological impairments related to the appearance of several malignant brain tumors.

Addendum 2888.1 - Notes on the Everett Residence


Cross-Reference(s): SCP-2888

Location: 38.2506° N, 121.5094° W

Custodial Party: Mobile Task Force Beta-88 Subunit C

Date of Establishment: 24 JUNE 1971

Notes: MTF resources using California Highway Patrol uniforms and equipment secured the residence of PoI 2888-A (Marshall Ford Everett) after that individual's entry into containment. Aside from the remains of eleven SCP-2888 instances, no anomalous items or phenomena were found. Human remains were removed from the premises, and all items within the residence catalogued and turned over to researchers.

The Everett residence is a four-bedroom, two-story ranch-style house constructed in the early 20th century, located on a small parcel of land on the outskirts of Locke, California, United States. While the external appearance of the residence is typical of other structures in the immediate area, the interior has been heavily modified. PoI 2888-A is believed to have designed and built features in the residence himself due to his experience in the construction trade. Modifications include the following:

  • Additional insulation material in all exterior walls, believed to be for soundproofing purposes
  • Eight recessed alcoves in the walls of the upstairs guest bedroom, concealed by paneling resembling walls in the rest of the house, accessible by hidden latches. Seven of these alcoves were found by Foundation personnel to contain the embalmed remains of SCP-2888 instances
  • A finished, windowless basement, accessible by a hidden door in the kitchen, containing four sets of police-issue manacles and an extensive drainage system. Basement was soundproofed using the same material as the exterior walls. No lighting system was present
  • Speakers installed in the basement, connected to a reel-to-reel playback device. Device was modified to play on continuous loop a 3-minute, 48-second recording3. Device appears to have been left powered on at all times
  • A room located in place of a previously existing downstairs bathroom, fitted with metal paneling on all four walls capable of being electrified through a modified fuse box
  • A custom-designed incinerator located behind the residence4
  • A recently-completed room addition to the first floor designed to 1969 California Building Standards Commission specifications for rural nurseries, containing 12 stainless steel hospital-grade infant bassinets
  • A heavily reinforced exterior door built into the north wall of the structure's attic (purpose unknown)

All furnishings, personal items, appliances and fixtures were removed by personnel and routed to appropriate research staff. The premises was inspected and certified in compliance with consensus reality expectations on 23 June 1971.


Reviewer's Comments: Recommendations by MTF Beta-88 to classify premises as minimal security grade area approved. Include into data file that review by SCP-2888 research personnel indicates that all furnishings in the house recovered by MTF Beta-88 were removed from the homes of SCP-2888 instances, presumably by Mr. Everett.

Addendum 2888.2 - Marshall Ford Everett Intake Documentation

Copy to SCP Database File

Results of Initial Psychological Evaluation: PoI 2888-A

Emerging trends regarding so-called "serial killers" in the medical literature have begun to, if not typify, at least lay the groundwork for identifying common traits in these individuals. Caution must always be exercised when dealing with small sample sizes, but there generally appears to be preliminary value in certain behavioral "red flags" in identifying this kind of aberrant behavior.

Mr. Everett, however, displays none of the outward traits that mark a repeated murderer in his case history.

Examination of school and medical records indicate no mental abnormalities. Nor do records kept by the United States Army note any conduct out of the ordinary during Mr. Everett's service in the European Theater during World War II. Mr. Everett possesses no criminal record, and every indication found by our staff is that he was a functioning member of society, to the point that friends (and he apparently had many) recall him as being "boring."

This would appear, then, to make his conduct while in custody the more confusing.

In my initial questioning of Mr. Everett, lasting three hours and 48 minutes, he claimed and then disavowed, at varying intervals, to be an instrument of God meting out punishment to the unclean, a scientist employed by the Nazis for research, innocent of his crimes, and receiving instructions from "little green men." The initial impression, then, is of a man quite clearly insane.

It has become obvious, however, that insanity is merely what Mr. Everett wishes to convey in his interviews with staff. In addition to his ability to operate as a successful member of society for decades, Mr. Everett has displayed a level of intelligence and rational thought belying whatever appearances he is attempting to maintain. Despite carefully crafted questioning protocols, Mr. Everett has indicated in his responses to staff that he is aware that he is not being held at a State of California facility, and that we know that clones of Mildred Reckart are apparently being born for his deviant purposes.

For the purposes of brevity, I will spare the record Mr. Everett's numerous attempts at obfuscation when questioned and his repeated descriptions of his "egghead pal from France" as his nonexistent accomplice. The answers he has given us are clearly meant purely to amuse himself. To date, we have no actionable intelligence on how SCP-2888 works, what his exact relationship is with it, and how he managed to kill so many people without being suspected by authorities.

I will include one description, however, that in my professional opinion is likely to be the closest to whatever it is that Mr. Everett considers truth that we will ever get out of him.

I had asked him previously about motive as part of the intake battery, receiving nonsense for my troubles. As the official session was concluding, however, more out of curiosity than scientific inquiry, I asked him again. Informally, directly, I spoke to him. Why do what he did to all those people, all those years?

He stopped, and for once I believe I saw sincerity in his face, or at least what I thought to be sincerity. "Person," he corrected me. "I only killed one girl. What am I, some kind of monster? I only killed one girl all those times. And I got pretty good at it, too." He chuckled as they led him out, not in the manner of the mentally retarded or the insane that I have heard many times before, but like an ordinary man, sharing a funny story or watching an episode of Laugh-In.

I recommend the continued treatment of Mr. Marshall as a man in full control of all his mental faculties. Containment personnel are hereby advised to exercise maximum caution.


Dr. Maude Fletcher, M.D.
Site-16 Staff Psychiatrist

Addendum 2888.3 - Methodology of PoI 2888-A Activities

Researcher's Note: While Mr. Everett kept possession of numerous artifacts related to SCP-2888 instances, little in the way of documentary evidence was preserved, presumably as a means of evading any eventual prosecution. Agents did, however, recover a diary belonging to Ms. Ramona Jennings. Ms. Jennings was an SCP-2888 instance whose remains were recovered from Mr. Everett's residence. One entry in this diary relates directly to Mr. Everett, and is reproduced here for the purposes of this file.

March 15, 1963

Dear diary,

I was so afraid when I quit my job at Weinstock's. That horrible man who ran the cosmetics department and the things he would say to me, I couldn't take it anymore! But I didn't know what to do. Betsy was so nice to let me stay with her and the baby, but I could tell that Dick wanted his spare room back. And with me and Mother and those problems, I just couldn't go back home. How I wanted, so much, to go back to work and move on with my life, but Mr. Clark must have said something to the other department stores. I was so worried!

Then Mr. Everett showed up. I know he likes me to call him Marshall, but he'll always be "Mr. Everett" to me. I had just been rejected over at the five-and-dime, and I tried to hide it but I know everyone on the street must have known I was crying. He was at the flower stall, buying a bunch of lilies. Most people don't like them so well, but I've always found lilies to be pretty. He turned to me as I was walking by, and said that I looked like someone who could use a bunch of flowers.

At first I was horribly startled by this stranger talking to me, but I was so sad, and his flowers were so beautiful, I couldn't help but stop. Aren't they for your wife, I asked him. No, I'm all alone, he said, my wife died many years ago. I felt so sad for him then, still buying flowers for someone who's gone. Then he handed me the lilies, and offered to buy me lunch. He was so kind, so gentle, I started crying again, there in the middle of the street! He put his coat around me, and walked with me to Original Mac's.

As we sat down, he called a waitress over right away and without even asking ordered me a malt and french fries. And as you know, that happens to be my favorite, even if I still feel like a little girl when I order it! I only just met Mr. Everett, but I felt like he knew me so well, like a kind old uncle, just when I needed someone to talk to. I asked him what he was getting, but he said he already ate. So nice of him to take me to lunch, and he wasn't even hungry!

As I ate, he told me that he worked downtown, and that he'd seen me going back and forth on Capitol the last few days, and if everything was okay with me. I told him no, I was looking for work and that if someone would just let me I would work very hard and be happy to do it. But no one would let me, and I felt like I would cry all over again. He took his clean napkin and wiped my tears, and told me he owned a company, not a big one but it did all right. And how would I like a job in the file room?

How would I like a job? I nearly jumped with excitement! I thanked him, over and over, promising that he wouldn't regret this one bit, and that I was so happy, and that this whole day had turned around for me so suddenly! He just smiled and said happy to do it as he paid the tab.

I told him I would start as soon as I could make arrangements with Betsy to find a new room downtown and get out of her hair. He shook his head, and said please, you must allow me to help you, I want you to start at Everett Construction lickety-split. He offered to let me stay in his spare bedroom in his house for a couple of days, while he had his secretary check in to find an apartment for me. It was all just perfect! I said thank you Mr. Everett, I'll go grab my things right now!

We got into his big Cadillac, and he came by Betsy's to help me pick up my things. She's been so kind these last few weeks! Funny though, she seemed kind of sore at me when I left, as soon as she saw Mr. Everett parked outside. She just kept looking at him through the kitchen window, like he was a burglar or something. She didn't even come outside when I left! I think she might have thought Mr. Everett was sweet on me! I'll have to explain it all to her when we go out on Sunday.

I'm here now in Mr. Everett's house, ready to start my first day back at work tomorrow! I know it's only a couple of days, but it sure feels like home in here. Poor Mrs. Everett must have been a swell decorator, that's for sure. It's so quiet in Mr. Everett's country house here. It's not so far away, just in the Delta a little bit, but none of the cars, or the machines from the factories, or the boats, or any of the big city noise is here. It's nice to have things be quiet at night. I thought I'd least hear the crickets or the frogs though.

Well, I'm getting sleepy, and I've got a big day at work tomorrow! I might grab a quick snack before I go to bed, but I don't know yet. I can't say why, but I don't really like the kitchen. Now that it's night, it gives me the willies to go down there! Isn't that silly?



Researcher's Note: No subsequent entries are present. Diary was recovered from a locked drawer in Mr. Everett's desk at his construction firm during establishment of containment.

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