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Item #: SCP-2884

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As of 01/09/2015, a total of 84 Foundation personnel are embedded in the United Kingdom National Crime Agency, British Security Industry Association, and associated security organisations in the United Kingdom. These personnel are to carry out the following directives:

  • Promotion of mass surveillance in the United Kingdom and legislation supporting an increase in the installation of video surveillance equipment in urban areas
  • Identification of instances of SCP-2884-1 and SCP-2884-2
  • Notification of Mobile Task Force Theta-11 ("Big Brother") in the case of confirmed sighting(s) of instance(s) of SCP-2884-1 or SCP-2884-2
  • Investigation of any and all possible connections to the individual/group/entity known as "The Overseer"

All confirmed instances of SCP-2884-1 are to be removed and subsequently replaced with a suitable form of standard video surveillance equipment. All instances of SCP-2884-2 are to be captured if possible, and held at Secure Facility M84 ("Sylvia's Cardboard and Paper Ltd.") pending transfer to Site 06-3.

Description: SCP-2884 is a phenomenon affecting developed areas within the United Kingdom. SCP-2884 exhibits no identifiable pattern in the location or rate of its manifestation, other than an increased probability of manifestation in areas with relatively high crime rates.

SCP-2884-1 are CCTV cameras which appear in areas affected by SCP-2884. Instances of SCP-2884-1 appear only in locations outside of the view of pre-existing video surveillance equipment, often in excessive number, proximity and in seemingly illogical configurations.

Examination of instances of SCP-2884-1 suggests that they have been installed in a standard manner by persons unknown, despite instances having been observed in locations that would be extremely difficult to reach by conventional means. While it is known that the installation/appearance of instances of SCP-2884-1 generally occurs between the hours of 21:00 and 05:00, the exact moment of this occurrence has yet to be observed by Foundation personnel or standard video surveillance equipment.

Instances of SCP-2884-1 appear to function with no visible power source. Disassembly has revealed that instances are constructed of a combination of standard, commercially-available electronics and a number of components of unknown origin. Some non-standard components are engraved with the image of a human eye.

Instances of SCP-2884-1 cease functioning upon disassembly and have so far remained non-functional thereafter, despite meticulous reassembly.

SCP-2884-2 are a collection of humanoid entities. Instances of SCP-2884-2 are physically and genetically identical, and do not display even slight variation in height, weight, build or skin tone. Instances lack fingerprints, hair, reproductive organs, and eyes. The ocular cavities of instances are hollow, and show signs of surgical removal of the ocular organs. Instances are invariably found wearing identical, dark blue riot gear and helmets. Atop each instance's helmet is a mounted CCTV camera (similar to instances of SCP-2884-1). Specialised cabling connects this camera directly to the brain stem of an SCP-2884-2 instance via the back of the neck, allowing the instance a sense of sight through the device. The means by which this nervous system interface is achieved is not fully understood.


An instance of SCP-2884-2.

Instances of SCP-2884-2 appear in an area when an instance of SCP-2884-1 observes a perceived "criminal" act. Instances will appear in groups of 2 to 10 in the nearest location not under immediate observation by nearby individuals or video equipment (with the exception of SCP-2884-1), and will then proceed to "punish" the offender. Forms of punishment include:

  • partial or complete removal of articles of clothing from the offender(s)'s person;
  • assault with blunt weapons;
  • encircling the offender(s) and shouting loudly for up to 5 minutes;
  • restraint, followed by an instance of SCP-2884-2 facing the offender(s) and reciting a nonsensical version of the Right to Silence1 before offender is physically carried to a location outside of the view of nearby individuals or video equipment.

Incident 2884-01:

Instances of SCP-2884-2 are difficult to capture, mainly due to the brevity of their appearances. However, on 02/11/2010, a Foundation rapid response team was able to apprehend 5 instances of SCP-2884-2 following the reported assault of multiple civilians in the Greenwich area, London, by unidentified individuals in riot gear. Instances offered significant resistance, displaying above-normal levels of physical strength and resistance to aerosolised sedatives before being forcibly restrained. Captive instances designated SCP-2884-2-A through -E.

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