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Item #: SCP-2882

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2882 is housed in a regular humanoid containment unit. Containment of SCP-2882 is watched over by at least one guard at its entrance. SCP-2882 may speak with the guard and hold conversation. It is to be periodically checked for signs of self harm. SCP-2882 is to attend bi-weekly therapy sessions with the on-site therapist, currently Dr. Larsen.

Dr. Larsen has tasked the subject with a daily diary, for which it has been granted a notebook and pen. SCP-2882 is also to have at least 15 minutes of discussion with any Foundation personnel at least once every 48 hours. All personnel interacting with SCP-2882 are to provide accounts of their own lives when requested to and are recommended to share accounts of exclusively mundane daily activities such as meals or leisure time. If SCP-2882 becomes distressed or demands accounts of greater significance, the on-site therapist is to be contacted immediately.

SCP-2882 is allowed access to a 3 hour session with a member of D-class personnel once every 7 days. The D-class personnel is to recount their life experiences before their arrival to the Foundation for SCP-2882. Due to SCP-2882's deteriorating mental state, Dr. Larsen has recommended no further sessions. To help with stabilization, SCP-2882 has the privilege to request objects instead, though the total worth of requests may not exceed 85 US Dollars within a 30 day period. This limit may be raised or lowered depending on behavior.

Description: SCP-2882 is a humanoid male of indiscriminable ethnicity and age with no name1, of approximately 1.8 meters in height and 62 kilograms in weight. SCP-2882 is physically normal, with the exception of an abnormally thick dermis. This is likely a consequence of its anomalous properties and currently does not harm SCP-2882. It is generally cooperative with the Foundation. It will often request to hear recounts of personal experiences, even though it appears fully aware of the detrimental effect it has on its mental health.

SCP-2882 is capable of speaking in any language fluently, so long as it is first spoken to in the language. It is also competent at reading in any language but can only write in a language when instructed to.

When a person recounts any personal experience to SCP-2882, SCP-2882 will claim to be capable of remembering the experience as if it was its own. This has been confirmed with SCP-2882 being capable of recounting certain details of the surroundings and context of the experience that weren't previously mentioned in the recounting. Each individual experience coincides with the appearance of a tattoo on SCP-2882's skin. There is likely no upper limit on the amount of experiences SCP-2882 may remember and it doesn't forget any shared experiences, although it is capable of forgetting memories of its own life.

SCP-2882's skin is approximately 97% covered in tattoos2, with several layers of tattoos in certain places. These tattoos are apparently capable of shifting locations and between layers outside of SCP-2882's control. When SCP-2882 recounts an experience spoken to it, the corresponding tattoo will glow faintly.

SCP-2882's mental state has degenerated significantly since coming into Foundation acquisition, partially due to its anomalous properties and partially due to SCP-2882's strong desire to be returned to an unknown entity that created it. Dr. Larsen has been assigned to SCP-2882 as its psychologist and has been authorized to refer to it colloquially during interviews, counseling sessions, and in SCP-2882's general presence.

Excerpts Document 2882-01: The following are excerpts of Document 2882-01, SCP-2882's diary.

August 18, 2002

Doctor Larsen told me to make a journal today. I He said they I needed to work on my pronoun use. He says if I recover enough we can have our D-class sessions again. They I really want that. It's the best chance I have to go home. I hope he I'm picked up soon.

I really want to do good for my mum. I'm going to call it my mum; that's quite human. I think my mum would be proud.

April 4, 2005

The decision today has been that she I will write memories here in hopes I they will be less hard on me them me.

A little while ago, I remember being at the mall being told about being at the mall. There was a girl I the person really liked. I felt so strongly about loving her, but I was they were so afraid of her rejection that I never told my true feelings to her.

I still regret it to this day It never happened to me. It's just a story. I have to remember what Doctor Larsen said to do my thinking exercises so I can get better and… and… I had to check my other diary but it's having something called D-class sessions. I don't remember them but, I remember they we they? were really important.

I remember. I remember my mom. Keep her in mind. She'll bring me home and then be so proud of me. Maybe we can celebrate an Easter together. I think mum would like hearing all I learned about families and family holidays.

The following page is a rough sketch of an unknown nebula. It is labeled 'home'.

October 31, 2005

Halloween always brings a lot of memories. We'll try to keep some down.

When I this person was very young, this one Halloween, my parents couldn't come follow me because they worked so long and were so tired. It was ok, because mom bought me a costume right before the big night. I got a grocery bag to collect candy with, because I knew this would be the only time of year I could get sweets, because dad and mom only made enough to keep us housed and fed.

The night was really cold and my mask was too big. I remember it was so, so cold. My fingers were numb and each stair to the houses were so big compared to my tiny body. Some people were asking where my parents were, so I- Damn. Damn! It's too difficult for him me.

My stomach hurts from all the candy I never ate. The cavities were worth it, though. At least I I? We all thought they were.

My favorite was the chips! My favorite was the lollipops! My favorite was the chocolate! My favorite was the bubblegum! My favorite was jawbreakers! Cotton Candy! Licorice! He doesn't like- I

It's really hard to sleep with a stomachache.

Dr. Larsen's Note: October 31, 2005 was the first documented incident in which SCP-2882 displayed self-harming behavior. The next morning, SCP-2882 was found to have deep, self-inflicted bite marks in its forearms, several of which broke skin. It could not explain itself upon interview.

August 19, 2010

I had The agent had my coffee black today. I don't like it black much, it tastes bitter. Why did I have it black when I

Illegible text, presumably random scribbling as suggested by Dr. Larsen when SCP-2882 is frustrated.

There is a feeling that there should be a voice that should be there. Is it mine? Is it me? It is someone important, I am waiting for the important person. Make them proud. Someone all embracing, but I don't remember their face.

The previous journals, but these are his memories, why aren't I remembering her own? Giving up on pronouns now, their head hurts, it's too hard. Shouldn't stay up so late.

August 20, 2010

I remember who I was listening for. I haven't heard from them in over ten years.

The following page is presumably an extremely rough copy of the unknown nebula sketch in the journal dated April 4, 2005. The copy is covered in question marks. The paper shows signs of water damage.

December 24, 2010

Christmas is coming up.

He they I wanted to show his her ? mMother, far away, what family was like.

And maybe see it through her my its one's own eyes.

Dr. Larsen's note: This entry is the last time SCP-2882 produced an entry in words and sentences. Every following entry has been a series of highly detailed pictures, presumably memories that have been shared with it. SCP-2882's mental health rapidly deteriorated after Christmas.

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