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Item #: SCP-2877

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2877-1 and SCP-2877-2 are contained in Hermetically Sealed Storage Unit-67b1 at Site-██. The storage unit is to be kept evacuated of gas at all times.

SCP-2877-3 is magnetically levitated at the center of a 1m diameter cobalt sphere. The cobalt shell of the sphere is 3mm thick with an interior coating of 0.3mm of iridium. The sphere is filled with pure neon gas pressurized to 1MPa. The temperature of the sphere is to be lowered as the neon is depleted, kept just above the boiling point of the gas. The sphere is mounted in a collapsible 4m x 4m x 2.5m cobalt enclosure, which is itself contained in Hermetically Sealed Storage Unit-67a2 at Site-██. A pure neon atmosphere is to be maintained within the storage unit at all times.

Once monthly, SCP-2877-3 must be moved into a newly prepared sphere by 3 D-Class personnel trained in Procedure 8997-Clever. After successful completion of Procedure 8997-Clever all material exposed to SCP-2877-3 is to be brought to no less than 2500K in temperature in Site-██'s Incinerator-23. This includes the original sphere and its liquid and gaseous contents, the original cobalt enclosure, the atmosphere of the storage unit, the D-Class personnel, their breathing apparatus and protective suits, and all tools used in Procedure 8997-Clever. The material can then be disposed of or reclaimed as non-anomalous.

Direct visual contact with SCP-2877-3 is prohibited, except by D-Class personnel to the extent required by Procedure 8997-Clever.

The materials listed in Document 2877-2 are not to come into contact with SCP-2877 outside of approved testing.

Description: SCP-2877-1 is a transparent rectangular block of dimensions 19.23cm x 12.57cm x 1.257m, weighing approximately 29kg. While slicing, deforming and re-adhering the material is possible, any piece of SCP-2877-1 will over time form a rectangular block of which 2 dimensions are approximately 1.257 metric units multiplied by a power of 10, otherwise keeping a constant density. Its refractive index is 7.00 at all wavelengths of light, lacking the expected variation that would normally split light into its components. All black-body radiation is produced at 12,570nm at room temperature, rather than emitting radiation across the Planck spectrum. The mechanism for either of these anomalies is unknown. SCP-2877-1's atomic mass is 10.67 and all attempts to separate it into isotopes of differing mass have failed. This indicates the substance is composed of particles other than protons, neutrons and electrons.

When SCP-2877-1 comes into direct contact with most materials containing an element with atomic number ending in 8, the element is converted into a similar but slightly lower mass of SCP-2877-1. There is no detectable energy release due to the change in mass. This reaction is prevented if the element is in a compound or alloy containing at least 7% by mass of an element with atomic number ending in 7. The link between these elements and SCP-2877-1 is unclear.

When SCP-2877-1 comes within approximately 12.5cm of the element radium4, equivalent masses of both are eliminated, replaced by a similar mass of alpha particles and, additionally, a small amount of ██████████. This reaction is prevented by the presence of iridium5 within approximately 1,250m; the iridium used in containment of SCP-2877-3 is sufficient to prevent the reaction throughout Site-██.

SCP-2877-2 and SCP-2877-3 were produced during an experiment attempting to discover the melting point of SCP-2877-1. See Incident Log 2877-2. SCP-2877-2 does not display any of the same elemental interactions as SCP-2877-1, while the nature of SCP-2877-3 makes testing impractical.

SCP-2877-2 is approximately 320kg of irregularly shaped solid chunks, matching the shape and density of the various equipment, structures and human tissue from which it was created during Incident 2877-2. It is a perfect mirror, reflecting 100% of all electromagnetic radiation. This makes its edges difficult to discern, which can be disorienting. It does not emit black-body radiation and is perfectly thermally insulating. It is also an electrical superconductor at all tested magnetic field strengths, up to 50T. It is unknown whether there is a temperature at which its properties change as these properties prevent its temperature from being measured or modified.

SCP-2877-3 is an iridescent magnetic solid described by exposed D-Class as a rainbow-colored metal domino. It causes anomalous chemical and/or nuclear reactions in all unshielded materials, making accurate measurements difficult to acquire. A thin solid or liquid layer of any pure element with atomic number ending in 7 provides shielding from the effect, though sufficient quantities of other solid or liquid matter will dissipate the effect. Only elemental iridium has been found to be resistant enough to provide prolonged shielding, with reaction rates slower by 5 orders of magnitude compared to other materials. The slowest reaction discovered is between iridium and gaseous neon, particularly at lower temperatures. These react to create a dense liquid. Bringing this liquid to 373K causes it to split into a variety of lighter elements and energetic neutrons. While the liquid appears to be composed of IrNe7 molecules with distinct atoms, the theoretical impossibility of this chemical compound and the nuclear fission caused by heating indicate an unidentified nuclear interaction.

Limited testing indicates that the presence of anomalous compounds accelerates further SCP-2877-3 induced reactions. Projections show that in the event of a containment breach, recontainment will become impractical after approximately █ months.

Direct human exposure to SCP-2877-3 causes the expected physiological damage. It also causes a variety of psychological symptoms, with visual contact accelerating the onset. These symptoms include but are not limited to mania, depression, persistent euphoria, depersonalization disorder, hallucinations, personification of SCP-2877-3, affinity towards SCP-2877-3, and severe antipathy towards SCP-2877-3. These are believed to be a side effect of the brain trauma caused by SCP-2877-3's physiological effects.

Discovery Log: SCP-2877 was discovered in Test Chamber-██ of Dimensional Research Site-███ during an experiment attempting [DATA EXPUNGED]. The mechanism of appearance appears to have been the spontaneous conversion of the chamber's gaseous oxygen and argon content into a 25kg rectangular block of SCP-2877-1. Junior Researcher Q██████ was successfully evacuated prior to asphyxiation. These results have not been successfully reproduced.

Incident Log 2877-2: A 50g SCP-2877-1 test sample was gradually heated to determine melting point. Upon reaching 823K, the test sample expanded to approximately 8 times its original volume and began to radiate erratically across the electromagnetic spectrum. During this time, all material absorbing the infrared wavelengths of this radiation was converted into SCP-2877-2. This included all test equipment, portions of the test chamber and observation chamber walls, floor and ceiling, the observation window, and approximately 80% of what was at the time Junior Researcher L████. After approximately 11 seconds the radiation ceased and the test sample contracted to 1/7th of its original volume. The test sample, later classified SCP-2877-3, rendered the adjacent test chambers, Dr. B██████, and 5 D-Class personnel anomalous before being contained. Dr. B██████ has been quarantined to prevent the spread of anomalous materials and permanently assigned as lead researcher of SCP-2877. The test chambers were demolished and all anomalous waste was neutralized in Incinerator-2 after thorough study.

Incident Log 2877-28: During a routine enactment of Procedure 8997-Clever, D-2877-52b violated protocol by maintaining prolonged visual contact with SCP-2877-3, leading to failure of the procedure.

Begin transcript at P+0:37, immediately following piercing of the original containment sphere.

D-2877-52B: Huh, I ain't sure why we ain't supposed to look at this stuff. It's just a rainbow-colored hunk of… stuff. Sorta pretty.

Junior Researcher B███: 52B, please follow procedure protocol and look away from the object. If you are not able to complete the procedure your release will be delayed.

D-2877-52B looks away from SCP-2877-3 after 16 seconds of visual contact.

D-2877-52A: I swear [52B] if you mess this shit up I will beat your redneck ass into the ground. I know you're a moron but if we just stick to the training we can get outta here.

Procedure continues as planned. Resume transcript at P+1:28.

D-2877-52A: Alright [52B], your turn. Flip the switch on the pump.

D-2877-52B: I'm… I'm havin' a little trouble here. The buttons don't look like they're seven to. The colors… they ain't right.

D-2877-52A: What are you talking about? They look fine from here. Press the damn pump button.

D-2877-52B: I can't tell… which one is that? I think…

D-2877-52A: Alright Doctor, [52B] is having some sort of aneurysm or something. Fucked up just like I said he would. What do we do now?

Junior Researcher B███: Relieve 52B of his duties. The pictographs on the buttons should be sufficient for you to continue. Complete as much of the procedure as you can. You will be extracted before your exposure reaches dangerous levels.

D-2877-52C: [Laughter] Is that all it takes to get out of doing this? Hey, oh no, my buttons are all purple. Can I go home now?

D-2877-52A: Shut it [52C], you aren't helping. Let's get this done and get out of here. Get out of the way [52B].

Before D-2877-52A can force him out of his seat, D-2877-52B presses a series of 7 buttons, lowering the replacement sphere and releasing the clamps, leaving SCP-2877-3 exposed in midair.

D-2877-52A: What the fuck [52B]? Come on [52C], let's get this thing back on the clamps!

D-2877-52B resumes visual contact with SCP-2877-3. D-2877-52A holds the sphere in place and D-2877-52C attempts to reengage the clamps. After approximately 6 seconds D-2877-52A's faceplate shatters due to accelerated deterioration caused by proximity to SCP-2877-3. D-2877-52A runs out of the cobalt enclosure and physically assaults the storage unit airlock.

D-2877-52A: Let me out of here! [Repeating]

D-2877-52C: Hear that? [52A]'s voice is all high. Screamin' like a little girl. [Laughter] Anyway, I think we could use that extraction now.

Junior Researcher B███: 52C, please close the enclosure door.

D-2877-52C: Oh… that's how this goes huh? Right, sure thing doc.

D-2877-52C complies. D-2877-52A falls unconscious.

D-2877-52B: This seven looks so… pretty. Like it's askin' me to stare at it. Colors I ain't never seven before. Think I should touch it?

D-2877-52C: You're fucked up [52B], it's just a chunk of rock. You know they're not lettin' us outta here? Nice job killin' us asswipe.

D-2877-52B: Whatever. I'm seven touch it.

D-2877-52B quickly approaches SCP-2877-3. At a distance of approximately 12cm, D-2877-52B's hands, arms, torso then head disintegrate into a variety of anomalous gases, aerosols and dusts.

D-2877-52C: Aw shit. Is that what's gonna happen to me doc? I'm startin' to feel a little numb…

Junior Researcher B███: No 52C, that won't happen unless you approach the object. However, it is causing irreversible changes in your brain and body chemistry. [Sighs] At this point you cannot continue with the procedure. Thank you for your cooperation 52C.

D-2877-52C silently observes SCP-2877-3 for the next 12 seconds.

D-2877-52C: I think… I understand? It can feel things are wrong here, it can see outside. It just wants to make it all look right. Something… seven [Unintelligible]. No, you're wrong! That's not how things are here! There was nothin' wrong with me before! [D-2877-52C raises 8 fingers.] How's this you piece of shit? Eight, eighty-eight, eight hundred eighty ei…

D-2877-52C's vital signs cease. At P+2:47, D-2877-52C's protective suit, epidermis and 3 leftmost toes and fingers ionize into an unidentified plasma. At P+3:14, the cobalt enclosure collapses due to structural compromise caused by production of Co5Ne2 crystals.

A backup team was brought in to complete Procedure 8997-Clever, doing so without additional complications. Analysis showed that SCP-2877-3's effect was inactive for the duration, allowing reuse of the backup team for next month's procedure. All anomalous materials and human remains were successfully gathered and neutralized in Incinerator-2. Due to new understanding of the possible psychological effects of exposure to SCP-2877-3, Dr. B██████ has been retired. Additionally, procedure equipment was modified to ignore certain counterproductive button sequences.

Incident Log 2877-37: Routine data analysis discovered a statistically unlikely pattern of suicides within approximately 500km of Site-██. These suicides coincided with enactments of Procedure 8997-Clever, and were limited to chemistry teachers who had just taught a unit on the concept of electron shells. One likely subject was identified and taken into custody while attempting to hang himself. The relevant interview transcript establishing a link to SCP-2877 is below.

Begin transcript at 38:15

Agent F████: I'm sorry for keeping you here so long Mr. W█████. I know we've covered this, but can you please explain again what caused your feelings of worthlessness?

Mr. W█████: I told you. It's all wrong! Everything I learned… always, forever, how can it be so ugly?

Agent F████: Yes, I understand that. But you haven't explained what is wrong and why. If you cooperate, we can help you, Mr. W█████. We can make you feel normal again. Don't you want to be there for your family like you've always been?

Mr. W█████: Yes I… I do. But cooperate or not, it doesn't change anything. Don't you see? Can't you? It's all eight eight eight. It's not eight. Eight is wrong. It's bumpy… slimy. Seven. Seven is so strong, so brave. Planck tells me. Didn't you hear him? His shell, it's wrong! Shells within shells. It's ugly… everything I say. So ugly…

At this point Mr. W█████ became unresponsive, and would not discuss the matter further in subsequent interviews. Amnestics were administered and resolved the issue temporarily. However, the next year Mr. W█████ successfully committed suicide upon reaching the same point in his syllabus.

Through orchestrated reductions in STEM funding in the affected area, the suicide rate has been reduced to an unremarkable level. This also coincided with a small reduction in the rate of the reactions caused by SCP-2877-3.

Addendum 2877-B: In light of the expense6 of containment of SCP-2877-3 and the possibility of triggering an XK-class scenario in the event of a prolonged containment breach, neutralization of SCP-2877-3 has been approved by vote of the O5 Council. Development of Procedure 10605-Iris is in progress to eliminate SCP-2877-3 through exposure to radium while minimizing the damage caused by separation from the iridium used in containment.

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