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The following file describes a hostile, Keter-class ursine anomaly,
and is Level 2/2875 classified.
Unauthorized access is forbidden.
Item #: SCP-2875
Object Class: Keter
Site Responsible: USMTDE Site-38
Director: J.R. Erickson
Research Head: Anthony Delucia
Assigned Task Force: Lambda-2
Level 2/2875


SCP-2875-A in ███████, WI as a result of SCP-2875.

Special Containment Procedures: A perimeter is to be established 2km from the center of ███████, WI, and no non-Foundation personnel are to pass this limit. Mobile Task Force Lambda-2 "Chain Gang" is to oversee containment of SCP-2875.

Updated Containment Procedures: Due to recent findings, only MTF Λ-2 approved equipment is considered acceptable to dispatch SCP-2875-A instances. Under no circumstances are any personnel to attempt to dispatch an instance of SCP-2875-A with a firearm, incendiary device, or other unauthorized implement.


███████, WI, US.

Description: SCP-2875 is a phenomenon occurring only in the town of ███████, Wisconsin. At noon every three days, between 50-100 fully grown adult Ursus arctos horribilis (mainland grizzly bear) will appear throughout the town. These instances are not anomalously strong or fast, or anomalously hostile, and will generally act like any other member of their species given the situation.

The phenomenon appears to be cumulative; the instances (SCP-2875-A) will linger around the town center for a short time before dispersing, and more instances will appear three days later. Due to the potential scaling issues of the bear population growth, it has become imperative to dispatch the new instances as quickly as possible.

Currently the only feasible means to dispatch SCP-2875-A instances is by using a highly concentrated aerosol tranquilizer spray, and then a blunt instrument with which to cause trauma to the cranial region, as killing any of the instances using a firearm or incendiary device results in two new instances appearing next to the corpse of the deceased instance. As such, only Foundation standard motorized blunt force devices have been permitted for use against the instances, with other blunt or bladed weapons being permitted per MTF leader instruction.

Discovery: SCP-2875 was discovered by Foundation containment teams sent to investigate reports about the sudden disappearance of an entire town of people. Upon arriving at ███████, the situation quickly became apparent when the town was observed as being flooded with SCP-2875-A instances. Initially the containment teams had prepared to move all of the instances to other habitats outside of ███████, but when the recurring nature of SCP-2875 was discovered, the current containment procedures were established.

MTF Lead Note: I know plenty of you think that this is some kind of joke, but a town of constantly appearing bears is serious. Can you imagine what would happen to the local ecosystem if we let this thing go? It was like a goddamn bear arena when we first rolled in, and that was only after a few days.

Addendum 2875.1: Collected Voicemails

The following voicemails were recovered from a mobile device found in a cave outside of ███████. The owner of the device has not yet been verified.

2875.1.1 - [00:00:25]

2875.1.2 - [00:00:32]

2875.1.3 - [00:00:36]

2875.1.4 - [00:00:31]

2875.1.5 - [00:00:30]

2875.1.6 - [00:00:43]

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