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Item #: SCP-2873

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All recovered SCP-2873 instances should be disassembled and stored in high security storage at Site-79. Recovered Anderson Robotics delivery orders for SCP-2873 instances should be traced and surviving instances recovered. All active SCP-2873 components should be put into standby mode until further notice.

Testing with SCP-2873 is strictly prohibited. Rehabilitation of active components pending approval.

Description: SCP-2873 refers to a missile guidance assembly manufactured by Anderson Robotics, apparently a derivative work of [REDACTED] resulting in a less effective but highly miniaturized artificial intelligence system-on-a-chip. Individual SCP-2873 instances possess, on average, the intelligence level and personal development of adolescents.

Based on recovered Anderson Robotics research materials and operation manuals, SCP-2873 instances exist in a simulation of education and indoctrination into nationalism, militarism, jingoism and self-sacrifice for a generalized, non-existent state. Out of the factory, SCP-2873 instances have simulated this pseudo-reality for fourteen years.

Anderson Robotics testing resulted shows that the usage of these SCP-2873 chips as guidance units increased hit ratios by ███% while only slightly reducing overall reliability. However, operations manuals also discourage the use of SCP-2873 with chemical, biological, or radiological warheads due to this decreased reliability.

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