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Item #: SCP-2872

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SUPERCEDED: see Addendum 2872-1. SCP-2872 is kept at a private stable, where the resident staff care for it. SCP-2872 should receive a full physical examination from Foundation medical personnel once every six months, and should be kept in prime racing condition with the assistance of Foundation-approved jockeys.

SCP-2872 must win the Kentucky Derby at least once every five years.

SUPERCEDED: see Addendum 2872-2. SCP-2872 is to be kept in a zoological containment cell 50 metres beneath Site-12. The dimensions of this cell are calculated to deny SCP-2872 the possibility of acceleration. A medical examination will be carried out once every four weeks to ensure it does not adapt to its new containment procedures.

SCP-2872 is currently uncontained; astronomical departments and satellites are monitoring its path and calculating its final trajectory.

Description: SCP-2872 is a thoroughbred stallion of indeterminate origin and pedigree, with a height of 1.85m and a mass of 485 kilograms. It is an exceptionally skilled racehorse, with its record in the Kentucky Derby standing at 2:01. Under normal circumstances, its sole anomalous property is the fact that it does not noticeably age.

SCP-2872’s other anomalous property manifests five years after the last time it won the Kentucky Derby. Whereas its usual demeanour is compliant, at this time it will become restless, and run in large loops. Within two days of entering this phase, SCP-2872 will start to run continuously, accelerating until it is fast enough to demolish any fence or wall in its way. It is physically unharmed by any impact in this state.

Once SCP-2872 is unimpeded, it will reach a top velocity of approximately 320m/s [NOTE: this is inaccurate as of Addendum 2872-2], and will continue to run in discorectangular tracks across distances measuring hundreds of kilometres. The only known way to cause SCP-2872 to decelerate is for it to hear the words “Whoa, boy!”; this will cause it to come to a stop over a period of 50m, though the sound must be adjusted to take into account the Doppler effect before it will have the desired effect.

SCP-2872 came to the Foundation’s attention in 196█, shortly after that year’s Kentucky Derby, in which it is believed to have placed second. This is the first recorded instance of SCP-2872 manifesting its anomalous acceleration, and was responsible for $30 million in damages, including the destruction of a three-mile tract of I-24. After multiple attempts to restrain the as-yet unidentified anomaly, SCP-2872 was finally calmed by the intervention of a unknown African-American male in his late 50s, hypothesised to be the owner. He agreed to transfer custody of SCP-2872 to the Foundation, outlining the five-year principle for neutralisation of the destructive effects, but left at significant speed before he could be questioned further. Attempts to trace him have been unsuccessful.

Attempts to house SCP-2872 with Foundation assets led to two further manifestations before an arrangement was made with a private stable and trainer, and SCP-2872 has consistently won his derbies since.

Addendum 2872-1: It is felt that the current procedures amount to nothing more than appeasement of SCP-2872, rather than actual protection from its manifestations - see SCP:NOTAHOTEL. As such, SCP-2872 has been relocated to Foundation property, and the containment procedures rewritten to neutralise the anomaly. - Dr J███, 200█

Addendum 2872-2: In 201█, five years after SCP-2872 won the Kentucky Derby, it began to show signs of agitation, as it was unable to run or walk in its cell. Administration of tranquilisers had no effect, nor the previous failsafe of “Whoa, boy!”, and five hours after its distress began, SCP-2872 violently erupted from its cell through to the surface of Site-12, causing ███ injuries and ██ fatalities. After breaching containment, SCP-2872 achieved escape velocity, and entered a trajectory towards the constellation Equuleus.

As of the time of writing, SCP-2872 is 10 light-years away from our solar system, and appears to have lost forward momentum. Current analysis suggests that it is turning.

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