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Item #: SCP-2871

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The original three prototype instances of SCP-2871 are to be maintained in an archival state for study. Operation of these instances is prohibited, as they possess multiple design flaws.1

When modified to address these issues and operated under controlled conditions, SCP-2871 presents little risk and has applications of interest to multiple Foundation departments. Manufacture and operation of █ modified SCP-2871 instances has been authorized at this time.

No more than 1 kg of matter should be exposed to SCP-2871-1 during a single activation.2 Exposure of elements3 with atomic mass greater than 28 to SCP-2871-1 requires site director authorization.

Instances of SCP-2871 should not be moved during operation.

Personnel should not stand or walk between the device's aperture and SCP-2871-1.

Description: SCP-2871 is a device capable of amplifying the range of gluon-mediated interactions4 between baryons5 within a small targeted region.

When powered and activated, an instance of SCP-2871 generates SCP-2871-1: a spherical region of altered physics up to 0.4 m in diameter, projected to a range up to 500 m from the device. SCP-2871-1 is not itself visible or tangible, but in the presence of an atmosphere a faint scintillation is produced at its boundaries.

Within SCP-2871-1, the range of gluon-mediated interactions are increased by slightly over 5 orders of magnitude. While this results in a number of secondary phenomena, two are of primary relevance:

  • the distance at which atomic nuclei experience mutual attraction expands to ranges comparable to atomic radii.6 As a result, incidental collisions between atoms can cause two nuclei to fuse, a phenomenon normally seen only in high energy collisions such as those achieved in particle accelerators.
  • heavy atomic nuclei and exotic particles are rendered significantly more stable within the confines of SCP-2871-1

Particles exiting SCP-2871-1 are indistinguishable from non-anomalous particles of the same mass and composition. Stable isotopes will remain intact when exiting SCP-2871-1 or when SCP-2871 is deactivated. Nuclei which cannot be maintained by unmodified strong nuclear interaction undergo decay consistent with standard model predictions.

Individual components of SCP-2871 instances are non-anomalous, and largely consist of off-the-shelf consumer and industrial electronics in a layout loosely resembling the klystrons7 found in large telecommunications transmitters, radar arrays, and linear particle accelerators. On a purely functional level, known contributing factors to the devices' anomalous properties include the unusual convoluted shape of the resonating cavity, a complex pattern of knots and braids formed by the internal wiring, and the relative locations of several unpowered, seemingly extraneous internal components.8

Exactly how SCP-2871 instances produce SCP-2871-1 is incompletely understood at this time. While highly cooperative, the individual research staff of Postmodern Alchemy LTD. have each provided internally consistent, but often mutually exclusive, explanations based variously on thaumaturgical paradigms, novel applications of known parascience, and reinterpretations of discredited scientific theories. This situation was apparently cultivated and encouraged by company administration as "methodological diversity". Foundation research pursuant of -EX status for SCP-2871 is ongoing.

Addendum 2871-1: Recovery Log:
The following events took place on ██/██/201█.
Events in italics indicate reconstructions of events prior to the arrival of MTF Gamma-103. These times are approximate, and certain events with possible but unconfirmed relevance are included.
9:00: Postmodern Alchemy staff initiate testing of SCP-2871 prototype.
9:15: SCP-2871 prototype fails to respond to commands for several seconds.
9:30: SCP-2871 prototype experiences ground impact during hardware adjustment. Damage deemed superficial.
10:10: Postmodern Alchemy IT staff begin maintenance on local wireless network. Influence on subsequent events is unknown.
10:20: SCP-2871 prototype targets inappropriate coordinates during test cycle. Testing is suspended for review of control system code.
10:30: P.A. staff become aware that SCP-2871 instance failed to respond to deactivation command when monitoring equipment located near the intended target detects hazardous levels of radiation. Further attempts to remotely deactivate or retarget SCP-2871 also fail.
10:35: As radiation prevents access to the device's onboard overrides, the decision is made to manually cut power to the SCP-2871 instance, despite risk of damage to the instance's hardware. The hardwired power supply, however, complicates this course of action.
10:40: P.A. staff locate capacitor bank providing power to SCP-2871 instance, and begin manual shutdown and discharge process.
10:45: P.A. staff become aware of radioluminescence in the vicinity of SCP-2871-1. Suggestion to sever the cable via fire ax is rejected due to the extreme voltage and current.
10:57: HEED array9 detects a minor sustained emission of wide-band radiation from a remote area of west Texas. Event is automatically flagged as potential anomaly.
11:00: Signal strength continues to increase.
11:00 Particle SCP-2871-2 is visually detected by P.A. staff. Staff determine that deactivating SCP-2871 instance is no longer advisable, and abort shutdown of capacitor bank.
11:10: Source is triangulated to a complex of buildings, identified in public records as the property of startup company Postmodern Alchemy LTD.
11:13: Emmission strength and duration exceed plausible limits of non-nuclear sources, nuclear sources are ruled out by secondary criteria.
11:34: Anomalous activity deemed probable. MTF Gamma-103 ("Radium Girls") dispatched to the site via helicopter.
12:07: MTF Gamma-103 arrives at location.
12:08: Several individuals exit the compound and approach landing site bearing a white undershirt tied to a broom. Individuals inquire from a distance if MTF is from "GOC or SPC[sic]". Agents authorized to identify themselves as Foundation agents on presumption of "open veil" scenario. Individuals proceed to exuberantly greet MTF agents, identify Postmodern Alchemy LTD as a paratech company, and inquire as to how swiftly containment of company staff can begin.
12:16: Further staff members of Postmodern Alchemy LTD exit the compound bearing a second makeshift white flag, 3 non-functional prototypes of SCP-2871, several tablets and laptops, and boxes of physical documentation regarding SCP-2871. Individuals attempt to surrender these items while providing detailed additional verbal information regarding SCP-2871 and the incident in progress. As with the previous staff, these individuals expressed great enthusiasm for the prospect of containment, one attempting to embrace several members of MTF Gamma-103 before being dissuaded.
12:21: Members of MTF Gamma-103 sufficiently calm staff of Postmodern Alchemy to extract a coherent explanation of the situation.
12:24: Team Leader Agent B████████ informs command they are invoking emergency discretion, and proceeding under the assumption that the claims were genuine. Agent cites the hypothetical consequences of inaction and the increasingly vehement requests by Postmodern Alchemy staff to be transported to a containment site "as far away as possible".
12:31: MTF specialists are escorted to a testing range containing a fourth, functional, prototype of SCP-2871, maintaining an instance of SCP-2871-1 at the base of a large earthen backstop approximately 2 m behind its intended target.
12:40: Gamma-103's specialists estimate mass of SCP-2871-2 to exceed 4 kg, and concur with Postmodern Alchemy staff's decision not to deactivate the SCP-2871 instance.
13:03: Second helicopter arrives, Postmodern Alchemy staff evacuated to Site ██. Three members of research staff elect to remain and assist MTF Gamma-103.
13:37: External control of SCP-2871 instance reestablished via onboard override controls. Agent Q████ and PA staff member ███ ████████ incur second and third degree burns in the process. Agent Q████ later treated for severe radiation exposure.
14:16: SCP-2871-2 estimated to exceed 5kg in mass.
14:31: Method of dissipating SCP-2871-2 in stages through staggered contractions of SCP-2871-1 is devised.
14:37: Remaining MTF Gamma-103 members and 2 PA Staff are extracted to Site ██
14:50: Active SCP-2871 instance and SCP-2871-2 particle neutralized.

While reprimanded for the destruction of the functional instance of SCP-2871, MTF Gamma-103 was also commended for resolving the situation with minimal casualties, and with relatively minor damage to, and irradiation of, the surrounding region.10

In light of the staff's cooperation during and following the incident, the complete destruction of the company's facilities, and the individuals' marked disinterest in continuing the project, the surviving employees of Postmodern Alchemy LTD have been released on a probationary basis, and are to be monitored for future recruitment or containment.

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