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SCP-2869-S attacking human egg cells in a controlled environment.

Item #: SCP-2869

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Instances of SCP-2869 are to be kept in a large cylindrical chamber with a 20-meter diameter and a 3-meter height lined with stone. The door of SCP-2869's chamber is to be attended by 2 armed security personnel. The walls of this containment chamber are to consist of one layer of standard concrete and one visible layer of 2-centimeter thick plate steel. In the event that an instance of SCP-2869 becomes enraged or aggressive, no fewer than 3 additional armed security personnel are to isolate the instance and herd it to a side-chamber. Personnel partaking in this chamber transfer are required to wear fully-sealed hazard suits.

The chamber of SCP-2869 contains 1 inbuilt non-chlorinated filtered pool to promote the generation of SCP-2869-S.

After interacting with instances of SCP-2869 or SCP-2869-S, personnel must enter the two-stage decontamination chamber after removing their hazard suits and all clothing. Once personnel have undergone decontamination and chemical screening, they are approved to exit the chamber.

Personnel impregnated by SCP-2869-S, whether it be through testing or misconduct of safety material, are to be transferred to Site-12's maternity ward and placed under constant monitoring until they birth the new instances of SCP-2869. Medical personnel assigned to monitor affected subjects require level-2 security clearance.

Description: SCP-2869 is an anomalous species of hexapedal animal organisms. Their bodies consist of two segments: A large muscular tail that vaguely resembles the body of a common garden caterpillar, with several bony rib-like protrusions along the sides which appear to provide support for their weight. This part of their body has four claw-like legs, a pair of spinnerets at the tip of the tail, and a pair of elongated gripping limbs at the front of this half.

The second segment of SCP-2869's body consists of a humanoid torso complete with a head and arms, as well as fully-formed female breast tissue and several vent-like orifices along the spinal column from which they breathe. This half of SCP-2869's body has soft, grey skin, with a vaguely-humanoid head. This head consists of four small eyes and a split lower jaw with small, relatively sharp high-density teeth used for consuming solid mineral deposits1.

The tongue of SCP-2869 measures an extendable length of 24 centimeters, and is coated in a thick mucus membrane containing a form of parasitic sperm organism, designated SCP-2869-S. The exterior of SCP-2869 is also coated in a thinner form of this mucus, though the SCP-2869-S parasite is still in significant enough numbers to be a hazard to personnel, especially in moist or wet environments which promote the generation of SCP-2869-S. Primarily preying on humans, SCP-2869 will expose living epidermal tissue to its mucus membrane. From here, SCP-2869-S will make their way into the bladder, large intestine, or uterus of their host organism2. After 2 to 3 weeks of gestation inside of their host organism, 1 to 3 instances of SCP-2869-S will have successfully matured into juvenile instances of SCP-2869 at which point they will then proceed to be birthed from their host organism after inducing a chemical euphoria state to allow painless birthing.

Subjects carrying SCP-2869-S display a strong desire to remain as close to the parent SCP-2869 as possible; subsequently, SCP-2869 will develop strong territorial behavior towards the human subject impregnated by SCP-2869-S.

The average instance of SCP-2869 measures 3.5 meters from head to tail, and stands 2 meters tall. Newborn instances of SCP-2869 will grow to full size over the course of several weeks through cannibalizing smaller instances until they reach a sustainable size, where they will grow their adult teeth and switch their diet from meat to solid mineral deposits.

Addendum 2869-1: Biological Deviance

After several tests, researchers have observed deviations in the biological makeup and behavior of SCP-2869 offspring depending on their host organism. Below is an observational report of various host organisms and resulting SCP-2869 instances' behavioral and biological deviations.

Polish Fowl - Female
Resulting SCP-2869 instance is born with a layer of thick feathers lining its ribs and back, as well as its arms and top of its abdomen. Eyes developed on the sides of the skull instead of the front platelet, disabling SCP-2869's stereo vision. SCP-2869 displays significantly lower intelligence than other deviations. After dissection, SCP-2869 has been found to contain a new secondary stomach that operates in an identical fashion to a gullet found in most birds.
Domestic American Bull - Male
Resulting SCP-2869 instance is born with a set of studded "horns" around the crest of its skull, with a wide bone-like crown and dense skull ridge. Locomotive limbs are bovine-like with clawed hooves. Pectoral breasts on SCP-2869 are fully-developed and capable of milk production3, and arms are elongated and significantly more muscular than other deviations of SCP-2869. This instance displays extreme territorial aggression to humans bar females, as well as aggression towards other instances of SCP-2869.
Purple Shore Crab - Female
Resulting SCP-2869 instance is born with a wide, armored abdomen with hardened locomotive limbs. SCP-2869's neck displays external frilled gills. The forearms of SCP-2869 are thick and coated in chitinous plates, with fingers fused into a set of durable claws. This instance of SCP-2869 displays low intelligence in comparison to other deviations. It is capable of spitting a stream of SCP-2869-S up to a maximum of 10 meters, increasing its infectiousness.
Human - Female
Resulting SCP-2869 instance is born with soft skin and a humanoid face. Hair has grown on the head of SCP-2869 that shows genetic similarities to both typical humans, and the parent D-class. The abdominal structure of SCP-2869 has soft, pale skin reminiscent of human epidermis. Individual features of SCP-2869 are similar to typical East German female facial features, displaying SCP-2869 borrowing some genetic code from its host in a similar manner to traditional human reproduction. This instance displays intelligence very close to that of a typical human though it displays difficulty understanding ethical boundaries. This instance has been labeled SCP-2869-D and has been moved to a separate containment chamber for independent study.
Ball Python - Female
Resulting SCP-2869 instance is born without locomotive limbs and an elongated lower half. The underside of SCP-2869's abdomen is lined with rough scales, as well as a full dark-brown coloration with white specks lining its belly up to its collar. The front teeth are missing, and molars are replaced with small, hook-like teeth with grinding edges. SCP-2869 displays prompted aggression when instigated.
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