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Item #: SCP-2867

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: A single 1kg sample is to be stored in a standard airtight containment locker at Site-76. All cases of SCP-2867 confirmed or presumed out of containment are to be reported to MTF-Rho-87 ("All Chewed Up") for confirmation, extraction and destruction. SCP-2867 cannot be handled without the use of a standard-issue HAZMAT suit. Any individuals who ingest or otherwise consume SCP-2867 are to be considered lost and summarily terminated.

Description: SCP-2867 is a compulsive memetic and physical infection surrounding an unknown amount of gorgonzola cheese produced by POI-17357, 'Jack Terrence', and GOI-49452, 'Terrence Farms', in the Pacific North-West of the United States. SCP-2867 has a compulsive effect on subjects who ingest it, which causes the subject to actively attempt to spread the infection of SCP-2867 to others, eat even more cheese, and eventually [DATA EXPUNGED] (See Infection Timeline). Infected subjects are hereby referred to as SCP-2867-1. SCP-2867 infection can be identified with three main traits: an obsession with cheese, glazed eyes, and an incredibly elevated heart rate and rate of saliva production. An infection timeline and additional symptoms of infection can be seen in Addendum 2867-A.

After initial ingestion, instances of SCP-2867-1 will search only for more SCP-2867 variety gorgonzola, but instances denied SCP-2867 for an extended period of time will extend to eating normal gorgonzola and other cheeses of a similar flavour, texture, and scent. Instances of SCP-2867-1 will ingest copious amounts of cheese with little regard for their own safety; this often leads to death in the subject by intestinal rupture or suffocation. They will also try to make their own SCP-2867 using inadequate tools and ingredients; often leading to injury or poisoning. Instances will also actively encourage the consumption of SCP-2867 by other people around them; even going so far as to feed it to domestic pets, livestock, and pests. Instances of a SCP-2867-1 also attempt to avoid violence and conflict in their methods of transmission; but will resort to extreme methods after multiple days of infection. SCP-2867's effect extends to almost all biological creatures, with notable exceptions seen in Ecdysozoa Tardigrada and most species of reptiles. Research into these exceptions is ongoing.

Knowledge of SCP-2867 was recovered from instances of SCP-2867-1 in Seattle, Washington, after five men, all employees at a local cheese shop, gorged themselves to death on cheese. Three witnesses were recovered; one of which was discovered to be in the early stages of SCP-2867-1 infection.

Addendum 2867-B: In the months following the Seattle Incident, multiple cases of behaviour similar to that of SCP-2867 infection were reported in cities in the Pacific Northwest, including Spokane, Boise, Portland, and Vancouver. In light of this information, and the growing possibility of wide-spread infection through public consumption, MTF-Rho-87 ("All Chewed Up") has been formed to locate SCP-2867's source.

Addendum 2867-C: SCP-2867's source has been tracked to an industrialised dairy farm in Chilliwack, BC.

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