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SCP-2866 before initial containment.

Item #: SCP-2866

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2866 is to be contained on a four-meter square slab of free-standing concrete wall. The floor of the containment chamber is to be composed of (or have a 5-centimeter thick layer of) glass, loose soil, or gravel. Additionally, all walls of the containment chamber should be composed of (or have a 3-centimeter thick layer of) glass, though this is not essential for effective containment and only provides more defense against a breach. If SCP-2866 must be transported elsewhere, it can be contained by surrounding it with gravel.

The site containing SCP-2866 should be located at least 100 kilometers from any major metropolitan area in order limit the distance SCP-2866 is able to travel in the event of a breach.

As of 20██-██-08, all access to and viewing of SCP-2866 has been suspended. Please see Addendum-2866-A for details.

Description: SCP-2866 is an approximately 3 meter tall piece of animate graffiti artwork. The art depicts an Asian male dressed in a hooded sweatshirt and jeans, painted with black spray paint. SCP-2866 is able to transfer itself to common building surfaces1 as long as the surface is flush with or adjacent to the wall that SCP-2866 currently occupies.

SCP-2866 is thought to possess some degree of sapience.2 If not contained, it will seek out a political protest through unknown means and display itself prominently on a nearby wall. SCP-2866 will then attempt to "join" the protest by actively displaying a variety of signs with relevant slogans written on them. SCP-2866 seems to have an inexhaustible supply of signs; to produce one, it bends down and appears to pick a sign off of the ground, at which point it appears in SCP-2866's hands. To date, SCP-2866 has been a confirmed participant in █ protests (See Addendum-2866-A for a partial list).

SCP-2866 only attends protests objecting to socioeconomic inequality and/or in favor of social liberalism. Additional anomalous effects manifest whenever SCP-2866 partakes in such protests. People in the vicinity of SCP-2866 do not take any interest in it, regarding it as a human protester. Protesters who are joined by SCP-2866 will become invigorated, prolonging the protest and occasionally shouting out slogans from SCP-2866's signs. Additionally, anyone viewing a protest attended by SCP-2866 will begin to agree with the point it presents regardless of their prior stance on the issue. This effect lasts between five (5) and fourteen (14) days, at which point the affected person will reclaim their previous opinion. This effect directly ties █ changes in legislation with SCP-2866 protests.

When not active at a protest, SCP-2866 remains stationary, sometimes holding a sign with a generic political slogan written on it. The most commonly-held sign reads "Society gets the kind of vandalism it deserves" in stenciled capital lettering.

Addendum 2866-A: Partial List of SCP-2866 Protests:

Event: Rally by the █████ ██ ██████ group in support of raising the minimum wage.
Date and Location: ██████, New York; 2010-██-██.
SCP-2866 Actions: SCP-2866 produced a sign depicting a twenty-dollar bill. Underneath was written, "YOU TRY EATING WITH THIS, PIGS."
Notable Results: Protest lasted █ hours before it dispersed. Class-A Amnestics were given to involved protesters. SCP-2866 evaded containment. A subsequent poll showed that 80% of people in ██████, NY agreed to raise the minimum wage.

Event: Gay Pride Parade.
Date and Location: ████████, New York; 2011-██-██.
SCP-2866 Actions: SCP-2866 held a rainbow-colored flag in one hand and a sign that read "LEGALIZE LOVE!" in the other.
Notable Results: Rumors were spread by Foundation operatives that SCP-2866 was an elaborate art installation. SCP-2866 contained successfully. Same-sex marriage legislation was voted upon in New York seven days after the incident. ██% of people voted in favor of its legalization, compared to only █% negative votes.

Event: Occupy Wall Street.
Date and Location: New York, New York; 2011-09-17 (SCP-2866 was contained at Site-██ at the time).
SCP-2866 Actions: SCP-2866 observed to "look" in the direction of the Occupy Wall Street protest. It held a sign reading, "WE ARE THE 99%, AND WE WILL NEVER STOP." SCP-2866 displayed atypical behavior, as it barely moved during the protests. SCP-2866 remained in this state for 28 days (the duration of the Occupy Wall Street protest).
Notable Results: Normal behavior resumed afterward. No notable changes recorded in Site-██ personnel.

Event: Attempt by Researcher ██████ to question SCP-2866 to determine its intelligence, origin, and purpose, as well as to obtain any other useful data.
Date and Location: Site-██, 201█-10-20.
SCP-2866 Actions: SCP-2866 remained unresponsive to questioning for 20 minutes, in which Researcher ██████ repeatedly tried to introduce himself. Approximately 22 minutes into interrogation, SCP-2866 produced a sign that read "FUCK THE FOUNDATION." Researcher ██████ ended interrogation; SCP-2866 continued to hold the sign for 48 hours.
Notable Results: SCP-2866's knowledge of the Foundation was treated as a moderate breach of information containment protocol; an investigation was inconclusive. Researchers who witnessed the "protest" reported mild disgruntlement with many Foundation policies to the site administration, but a correlation was not noticed until the following protest.

Event: None.
Date and Location: Site-██, 201█-██-08
SCP-2866 Actions: SCP-2866 produced and displayed two signs; one contained a stylized drawing of SCP-███ breaching containment. The other read, "RELEASE ███ NOW, FOUNDATION SLAVERS!" SCP-2866 continued this activity for five hours.
Notable Results: Researcher ██████ deliberately breached containment of SCP-███ two hours after the "protest" began. SCP-███ was recaptured, resulting in the loss of eight Site-██ personnel (including Researcher ██████). SCP-2866's knowledge of SCP-███ was considered a severe breach in information containment protocol; an investigation was inconclusive. Special Containment Procedures were updated to restrict viewing of and interaction with SCP-2866.

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