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Item #: SCP-2859

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All confirmed SCP-2859 events are to be immediately reported to appropriate Level 4 research personnel and, at their discretion, O5 Command. Foundation operatives deployed to areas in which SCP-2859 events have occurred are to be equipped with standard issue KU-21 vacuum protection suits, which must remain sealed at all times. Any personnel who experience suit breaches or equipment malfunctions are to be deemed lost should they enter SCP-2859; no rescue attempts are to be conducted under any circumstances.

Due to the nature of SCP-2859, containment protocols dealing with civilian personnel are mostly reactionary. Individuals should be transported out of the affected zone and administered medical assistance, when it is deemed safe to do so. The Foundation is currently conducting more intensive study of SCP-2859 to develop an early warning system, but such a mechanism remains incomplete at this time. Standard operating procedure following site cleanup is to attribute civilian deaths to household and workplace accidents, and all video or photographs of SCP-2859 are to be destroyed immediately.

Description: SCP-2859 designates a space-time anomaly believed to largely mirror Quadrant 4-B of the Solar System, situated just outside the Kuiper Belt. The anomaly manifests in enclosed, unused space (most often between walls) and gradually breaches the object encapsulating it through unknown means. Expeditions conducted into SCP-2859 confirm the existence of celestial objects in the solar system at their precise locations, indicating that SCP-2859 is either a recreation of it or an Einstein-Rosen bridge. Effects of exposure to the vacuum, including microradiation and loss of oxygen, do not occur until one physically enters SCP-2859; it has no apparent effect on anything outside of its threshold. SCP-2859 appears to "pull" anything that makes physical contact with its threshold into space; on several occasions personnel who have made even slight contact with the threshold are rapidly pulled in. SCP-2859 autonomously closes after a certain period of time, ranging from an hour to a week.

SCP-2859-1 designates a large, serpent-like extraterrestrial species measuring approximately 80,000 kilometers in length. Information regarding its appearance and behavior is incomplete due to its infrequent nature, but the entity seems to be directly tied to instances of SCP-2859 and uses it as its primary method of locating food. SCP-2859-1 has been observed waiting just outside the threshhold of SCP-2859 on numerous occasions, feeding upon any organism that is "pulled" into space until SCP-2859 closes. The species does not exhibit any higher sentience or sapience beyond understanding when and where SCP-2859 will appear and are fairly solitary, almost never being spotted with another specimen of SCP-2859-1 (save for mating, which began in one circumstance just as SCP-2859 closed). SCP-2859-1 has not been spotted during Foundation solar system expeditions and is believed to only manifest simultaneously with SCP-2859. The origins of SCP-2859-1 are unknown, but they are believed to be paranormal rather than have evolved naturally.

Addendum I: Incident 2859-01

On 06/24/████, SCP-2859 manifested inside of a wall connecting the containment chambers of SCP-███ and SCP-████. Shortly after SCP-2859 began to cause structural collapse in the affected wall, SCP-2859-1 manifested and consumed SCP-███, causing immediate and profound physiological changes in SCP-2859-1, including increased size, the appearance of tendrils, and [REDACTED]. This particular specimen of SCP-2859-1 was observed mating with another specimen shortly after the incident. Approximately thirteen weeks later, a smaller specimen of SCP-2859-1, believed to be a juvenile, was observed with many of the same traits that the aforementioned adult possessed; it is believed there is now a subspecies of SCP-2859-1 carrying SCP-███'s physiological qualities. Further analysis regarding this has been authorized.

Addendum II: Incident 2859-02

Following the appearance of SCP-2859 in ████████, California (which resulted in approximately 600 fatalities), a specimen of SCP-2859-1 with similar traits to the being observed in Incident 2859-01 was spotted. Data analysis from each SCP-2859 appearance following Incident 2859-01 estimates the size of the SCP-███ subspecies to be 35% of the primary species. Further population analysis has been authorized and is pending execution.

Addendum III: Incident 2859-03

During a routine Foundation moon orbit, the entirety of the crew (consisting of 11 operatives) witnessed an instance of SCP-2859 manifest approximately 10,000km from Earth. SCP-2859-1 manifested shortly thereafter, feeding upon various organisms that came through SCP-2859; the operatives contacted Foundation facilities on Earth in an attempt to triangulate the location of SCP-2859's other entrance, eventually finding it inside of an abandoned storefront, located in northern Kenya. The Mobile Task Force team dispatched to SCP-2859 uncovered a group of men clothed in brown robes collecting wildlife to be sent through the entrance, with various artistic depictions of SCP-2859-1 along the walls, apparently created using fluids from the animals in question. This has since been classified a religious gathering; the Foundation is currently searching for evidence of the group's history based on this incident. Research remains inconclusive.

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