Still frame from recording 2856-E

Item №: SCP-2856

Object Class: Safe

Threat Level: Green

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2856 has been acquired by the Foundation, and is currently operated by "Storage Concepts plc." (a Foundation front company) under the pretence of non-perishable goods storage. At least six personnel must remain within SCP-2856 at all times, with no fewer than three housed there permanently. Due to the proximity of SCP-2856 to Site-54, plans to outfit the location as a rapid-response vehicle hangar and low-value storage unit are currently undergoing approval.

Description: SCP-2856 is a large warehouse located on the outskirts of Leipzig, Germany, formerly owned by █████ Industrial. While generally non-anomalous in structure, the walls of the building contain a semi-random network of cables composed of copper wire, woven hair, solder alloy and congealed blood. DNA testing has remained inconclusive as to the origins of these materials, and the method by which they were implanted in the walls is unclear.

When exactly one living human subject is placed within SCP-2856 for a length of time exceeding 20 minutes, all entrances to the building will seal themselves via an unknown mechanism, and the subject will demanifest. All attempts to enter SCP-2856 during this time have failed. After a period of time ranging from 30 seconds to 52 minutes, SCP-2856 will re-open. In 78% of recorded tests, the subject will no longer be present, and no further contact with the subject will be made. In the remaining 22% of tests, a different human subject will be present within SCP-2856. This new subject (designated SCP-2856-1) will invariably be a human being exhibiting a number of wounds or alterations. While the majority of SCP-2856-1 instances are dead upon manifestation, living instances are occasionally produced. Due to the physical and psychological damage present in recovered instances, information recovered through interviews has been limited at best.

For a complete list of all sanctioned tests with SCP-2856, see Document 2856-D.

No further testing with SCP-2856 is being permitted at this time.

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