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Item #: SCP-2854

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A 2m tall chain-link fence must be maintained along the perimeter of SCP-2854 at all times and the land that SCP-2854 resides on is to be purchased by the Foundation. Following incident 2854-A, SCP-2854 is to be staffed with D-Class and Foundation personnel during business hours to assist in containment of the entities within a 5 km radius of SCP-2854.

Personnel dispatched to SCP-2854 are to be updated on products that SCP-2854 sells as well as the location of the aforementioned products. Any personnel wishing to transfer from SCP-2854 are to be administered Class-A amnestics before completion of transfer process.

Description: SCP-2854 is an abandoned supermarket located about 3 km from Site-118. SCP-2854-1 instances refer to entities that frequent SCP-2854. During normal business hours, SCP-2854's anomalous properties will manifest. Cars will begin to appear outside of SCP-2854 in the parking lot. SCP-2854-1 instances will then vacate their cars and enter SCP-2854. Entities observed during normal business hours include:

  • Incorporeal entities, which include:
    • Entities with eyes that reflect visible light adorned with intangible lengths of chain.
    • Entities whose bodies are the consistency of mist and are observed to be lacking discerning facial features.
  • Entities with several pairs of wings and heads similar to depictions in Christian iconography
  • Varying entities of different sizes, shapes, and anomalous ability with iconography similar to depictions of the Christian underworld.

The name Babylon Whore's Corner Store is prominently displayed over the entrance to the establishment. Inside, several checkout lanes can be observed near the front of the store, with aisles occupying the majority of the remaining space. In the back of the supermarket, a store-room is observed to be storing unused products for placement on the shelves. A few examples of products sold within SCP-2854 are:

  • Gummy ghost-shaped candy contained in pink wrapping paper labeled "Candied Souls"
  • Eggs holding tridents and producing flame from an unknown source in an airtight red container adorned with pentagrams with the label "Deviled Eggs" visible on the top of the carton.
  • Hot dogs with three separate cylindrical shaped heads that each bark independently of each other wrapped in a plastic container labelled "Demon Dogs"
  • Green colored bread in the shape of humanoid entities undergoing an advanced state of decomposition wrapped in a plastic container labelled "Un-Bread"

When items are removed from the shelves, they are observed to restock themselves after an average interval of 5 minutes with the delay increasing or decreasing based on consumer demand for said item. The longest recorded interval is 30 minutes and the shortest recorded interval is 1 second.

When stock depletes in the store-room, new stock is acquired through means of teleportation. Deliveries to homes are handled through this process as well. It is currently unknown where SCP-2854 acquires its stock of anomalous products, or where the products are delivered to.

The SCP-2854-1 instances will pay for the products with a monetary currency not recognized by any known government or organization. The SCP-2854-1 instances will then re-enter their car and disappear. Currency discovered inside of SCP-2854 display a rough depiction of a dwarf on the front, with the denomination printed in a language that currently eludes Foundation researchers. At time of writing, all attempts to translate the language printed on the currency have been unsuccessful.

Incident 2854-A: During business hours on 25/03/19██, SCP-2854-1 instances entering SCP-2854 discovered a lack of staff residing inside of SCP-2854. The instances then proceeded to leave the supermarket, re-enter their cars, and disappear. The SCP-2854-1 instances reappeared at a local Wal-Mart in Wilmington, North Carolina. By Foundation request, the establishment relinquished the audio and video transcripts of the incident:

<Begin Log>

The sound of a sliding door is followed by footsteps as the instances are captured on the establishment's CCTV camera system. A pair of instances appear to be holding a conversation amongst themselves, the dialogue picked up on the camera's built in microphone.

SCP-2854-1: This sucks! Babylon's was closed and now we're forced to go to a different supermarket… I hope that we don't have to do this on a daily basis.

SCP-2854-2: Well, maybe we'll get lucky and Babylon's will be open later. We could always go back to check… we don't have to go here if you don't want to.

SCP-2854-1: Nah, we already walked in the door; we have a commitment to shop here now. Hey, there's an employee! Maybe he can help us.

The SCP-2854-1 instances approach the employee, who gradually enters the camera's field of view as it tracks their movement through the supermarket.

SCP-2854-1: Excuse me, would you happen to know where the organic produce section is? We're from out of town and we've never been in a Wal-Mart before.

Employee: Sure, I can help you find that. It's in aisle… four?

The employee turns around and notices the SCP-2854-1 instances. Before the SCP-2854-1 instances can speak on their behalf, the employee becomes distressed and is observed to be fleeing from the SCP-2854-1 instances, screaming. The SCP-2854 instances give pursuit, not having the answer to their question. The employee passes by a large group of people.

Employee: Monsters! There's monsters in the store! Run for your life!

Murmurs are heard in the crowd. As a SCP-2854-1 instance passes by, they start screaming and fleeing as well.

SCP-2854-2: Hey, come back here!

Employee: Get away from me!

Eventually the employee and the instances reach the main area of the Wal-Mart. Panicked customers stampede the exits.

SCP-2854-1: Well shit, the customer service here is terrible!

SCP-2854-2: Guess whose idea it was to shop here, Gregory?

SCP-2854-1: Oh shut up, Alma! We'll find it on our own.

The instances are observed to split up and head in different directions. At this time, the Night Guard picks up a phone to call the police.

Operator: Hello, 911… what is your emergency?

Night Guard: I'm calling to report a group of… shit, I don't even know what they are to be honest. They look like they dropped out of a fucking film. The fuckers are rampaging all over the Wal-Mart in downtown Wilmington, North Carolina!

Operator: Okay, sir, I have tracked your location. I will transfer you to your local precinct for assistance.

Night Guard: Thank you very much. Things are going to hell in here.

Meanwhile the instances have made it to the front of the Wal-Mart, where only a single cashier remains. Upon sighting the SCP-2854-1 instances, the cashier becomes visually distressed.

SCP-2854-1: Excuse me, can you he—

Cashier: No, please, don't hurt me! Here, take it! Take all the money I have!

The cashier opens the till and raises their hands in the air, backing away from the register.

Cashier: Take my money! Take it all! Just… just don't hurt me!

Police Officers and UIU agents arrive approximately fifteen minutes later and begin to form a perimeter around the establishment. Customers have begun to vacate the store at this time, running past the UIU agents and to their cars, driving off. One of the UIU agents appears to be speaking into his radio, before stepping forward from his vehicle and grabbing a megaphone from the passenger side seat.

UIU Captain: This is the police, we have the area surrounded. Come out with your hands up! If you do not have hands, then raise whatever the equivalent of a hand is for you.

SCP-2854-1: Well, shit. Guess our shopping trip attracted more attention than we thought.

SCP-2854-2: No shit. What was your first clue? The panicking customers? Maybe the cashier that thought we were psychos? Wow, how could you possibly figure that out, Gregory? You must be a genius or something!

SCP-2854-1: Oh, just shut up Alma…that attitude of yours is getting on my last goddamn nerve! Let's just go, okay? They're not going to let us leave peacefully anyway…

The SCP-2854-1 instances vacate the store, at which time the police officers tackle the SCP-2854-1 instances to the ground and subdue them. Fifteen minutes later, the Foundation arrives on the scene. Foundation personnel enter the establishment and begin cordoning the area.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: After the Foundation arrive on the scene, the police officers break perimeter and drive off. After cordoning the area, Foundation personnel coordinate with UIU agents to distribute cover stories about paranormal activity in the affected establishment. UIU agents catalog the entities and Foundation personnel capture them in Type III Spectral Mutagen Allocators.

After the UIU agents break perimeter and drive off, Foundation personnel extract the instances to Site-118 temporarily before transferring the instances to SCP-2854. Following the incident, a staffing procedure was implemented to prevent the instances from endangering local cities. Witnesses were tracked using Foundation assets, interviewed, administered Class-A amnestics, and released.

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