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Item#: 2853
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One instance of SCP-2853's interior

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-2853, containment is only partially feasible. A perimeter is to be established in a 250-meter radius of SCP-2853 and monitored for activity. All civilian access points should be closed down under the guise of military operations.

Since the events of Incident 2853-1-1A, the containment measures have been updated to adapt to [REDACTED, SEE ADDENDUM 2853-1-A].

Description: SCP-2853 is a dilapidated two-story house located approximately 4 km outside of ███████ █████, Oregon. No known records of the construction or ownership of SCP-2853 exist at this time. Despite the degrading architecture, the house is completely sealed, and all attempts to break or peer through the windows have failed.

For around 10-20 minutes per day, the front and back doors of SCP-2853 unlock and open via an unknown means. The doors will close and reseal themselves after this interval has passed.

If a human enters SCP-2853 during this period, the doors will immediately seal themselves until the next day. It is unknown if this effect applies to willing entry of other animals as fauna explicitly avoid the location. This is presumed to be due in part by infrasonic frequencies recorded throughout the surrounding area, which cause an expected physiological response in test animals as well as D-Class personnel during exploratory efforts.

Multiple attempts have been made to survey the inside layout of SCP-2853 and have yielded additional data about the anomalous effects of the house, as described below.

Record of Exploration Logs 2853-A through C:

Exploration 2853-A

Subject: D-3248

Abstract: On ██-██-████ at ██:██:██, SCP-2853's doors were observed opening. One D-Class personnel equipped with audiovisual monitoring systems and one day's worth of rations was sent to observe the inside of the house.

After successful ingress via the rear entrance, the doors of SCP-2853 swung shut with a loud slam heard only through the audio feed of D-3248's recording equipment.

D-3248: [startled] -Yowch! The hell- [exhaling] Whew. I know y'all said the door would shut on me, but the thing damn near took my foot off! I guess it couldn't wait to have company.

Control: Noted. Please activate your camera and headlamp and begin observations.

Camera flicks on, revealing the interior to match the age and wear of the outside structure. Heavy amounts of dust coat all surfaces and cloud the windows. Despite the current time of day, the headlamp is deemed unnecessary, as the house is illuminated by a dull daytime light coming in through the shrouded windows. D-3248 is seen attempting to clear one to see outside, but the layers of sediment do not seem to give way at all.

D-3248 starts to move around the current room, panning the camera for Control. Several doors are present, as well as a set of stairs leading to the second floor. The interior is mostly unremarkable, containing a worn couch bearing a faded floral pattern aside a small table. Several chairs are skewed about haphazardly. Cobwebs and dust layer everything, including the walls and some various gardening tools kept by the rear door.

D-3248: Pretty drab house. The air in here is fucking stale.

Control: Please observe the rest of the house, 3248.

D-3248: Yeah, yeah.

D-3248 is seen choosing the first door to the left of the entrance. Upon entering, the door opens to a small kitchen and dining area that would comfortably fit a family of four. Dust once again coats all surfaces. D-3248's movements are seen kicking up particles from the floor. Subject takes a minute to brush off his clothes and coughs several times.

D-3248: Now, I'm not one for house cleaning, but this dust seems a bit excessive. Agh, my eye. Hold up.

D-3248 takes the water bottle out of his rations kit and flushes his eye with a small amount off camera.

D-3248: Better, continuing on.

Subject is seen moving around the kitchen, checking cupboards, and inspecting the room. Sets of plates and tarnished silverware are found among the items, but nothing of interest aside from the heavy accumulation of dust, about one centimeter on most surfaces, even in the interior of the cabinets. D-3248 stops several times to cough and flush his eyes.

D-3248: God- This place is the worst. How long until the door opens again?

Control: Another twenty-two hours, probably.

D-3248: Jesus Christ. I gotta save some of this water for drinking, my throat is dry as hell. This sink doesn't work.

Control: Noted, again. Please continue.

D-3248: [laughs] You guys don't give a shit about me, do you? Dumb question, sorry.

D-3248 continues around the perimeter of the kitchen. Camera shows uneaten food on the dining table. Despite the heavy coating of dust, no mold is observed on the food itself. Mild camera and audio interference is seen at control, though GPS location still reads in accordance to D-3248's position.

D-3248: You guys hear that? Or- feel it?

Control: Please be more descriptive of your surroundings-

D-3248: Okay, fuck you too buddy. It was like, uh, like the entire house shook, and my tinnitus suddenly got really bad. Let's finish clearing these rooms, I want to know I'm alone in here.

Control: Thermal readings indicate you are the only person in the house.

D-3248: Do ghosts show up on those things?

Control: Er- No. I guess they don't.

D-3248: [sighs]

After finishing with the kitchen, D-3248 moves back into the main room and takes the next door on his left. A small bathroom fills the camera's view. Subject is seen checking the sink for water but the tap yields nothing. D-3248 moves to the shower and toilet respectively, both having the same result.

D-3248: [coughs] There's so much dust. So much.

Control: Try to avoid breathing it in, conserve your remaining water. You'll be fine.

D-3248 does not respond and leaves the room. Another door exists to its left, but has been nailed shut with boards. After a moment of hesitation, subject opts to take the stairs to the second floor and proceeds upwards with haste.

The second floor landing comes into view and extends in both directions. Four other doors are present, and the accumulation of dust on this floor is at least three centimeters high. Large amounts are kicked up from D-3248's movement as his breathing becomes ragged.

A low groaning sound in the 15-20Hz range is picked up in the background of D-3248's recording equipment. The camera jerks, cutting temporarily, most likely due to D-3248 panicking. Quality of the audio degrades further but remains functioning.

D-3248: [distorted] -is again, that fucking noise- [distorted] -so hot, dry too. Worse than- [coughs] -below, like seriously can't stand this air- [distorted] -last of my water too, fucking fuck. What-

Video contact is reestablished, but the camera is pointed straight down. A considerable amount of dust is seen on the floor, ebbing and flowing like water. View jostles as subject begins to shudder and fall, gasping for air. Camera becomes inoperable again due to worsening static distortion. Audio recording still works to a degree, although D-3248's voice is hoarse and labored.

D-3248: [distorted] -gotta get me outta here, it- [distorted] -in my fucking lungs! I can feel it!- [wracking cough] -fuck, help me- [gasping] -I can't breathe! Too much- [gagging] -dust. Wh-What? Wind? Where's the fucking wind coming from?

A loud drone is heard before the audio is overcome by static and cuts abruptly. Subject's GPS tracking fails and D-3248 is not recovered. SCP-2853's doors open ahead of schedule.

Exploration 2853-B

Subject: D-8113

Abstract: On ██-██-████ at ██:██:██, SCP-2853's doors open once more, and one D-Class personnel is prepared for entry. Given the air quality and nature of the house observed in the previous log, it was deemed appropriate to equip the subject with an air filtration suit and several extra bottles of water.

Upon entry via the front door, the house once again seals with a loud slam heard only through the microphone on D-8113's person. Subject activates camera without instruction and begins observation. Light level confirmed as the same as before, despite the high sun.

D-8113: I can already tell, this place is full of laughs, isn't it? Gonna be a grand ol' time in dusty-musty McMansion. Honestly, this kind of reminds me of my Aunt Cheryl's-

Control: D-8113, please commence your search of the house.

D-8113: Sorry, Doc. I babble when I'm nervous. I've had the willies since we pulled into the driveway.

Control: It's fine.

Subject takes a quick loop of the entry room, which is identical to the previous test, aside from the gardening tools, which appear to have been recently used. Dust is only beginning to form on the dirt-covered trowels. Control notes this but does not tell the subject.

Upon entering the kitchen, more changes are noted, mostly in the form of moved kitchenware and the absence of food on the table. Dust still heavily coats all surfaces.

D-8113: I take back what I said about my aunt, even she couldn't let the dust build this much. This stuff must have been here for, what, two hundred years? This counter has about an inch of dust on it.

Camera feed confirms the increase. Dust has doubled since last exploration attempt, and particulates in the air are heavier. D-8113's filtration system is checked and confirmed as still functioning.

Subject finishes in the kitchen and moves to the next door as well. The bathroom is still present and in its state of disrepair. Dust coats the floor in a thick layer, approximately seven centimeters high. D-8113's steps cause a large cloud of dust to bloom into the air. Subject backs out of the room and closes the door, wiping off her suit.

D-8113: Throat's getting dry, gonna remove the helmet and take a drink.

Control: Keep your eyes closed and breathe as little as possible outside of the air filter.

D-8113: Roger Dodger.

Subject removes helmet, noting the layer of dust forming on the top, and quickly takes a drink before putting the helmet back on.

D-8113: Good enough. I could feel the dust in my eyebrows.

Control is unsure whether this is a joke or not. The infrasonic groan heard in the previous log is picked up through the recording equipment, although D-8113 does not seem to notice this. Subject notes the door to her left, which is still boarded shut. Returning to the entry room, the camera quality begins to degrade. The room contains at least seven centimeters more of accumulation than when last observed.

D-8113: Uh, this is abnormal. And the air is so dry and hot…

Subject takes several drinks of water and dons her helmet again, stifling a small cough. She focuses on the stairs, which have been hidden under a deluge of dust. Video interference dies down a bit as D-8113 ascends the stairs. No sign of the last D-Class is found. The landing has been hidden under almost 20 cm of dust, and every movement stirs up clouds of gray particles.

D-8113: [coughing] -This stuff is harsh. The suit helps though. I'm going to take this room here.

A small bedroom presents itself to D-8113. It appears to have been once owned by a small child. Dust has been swept against the bed and dresser like dunes, almost 60 cm high. D-8113 fords through the accumulation toward the dresser. Setting the camera down, subject is seen checking the drawers, coughing.

D-8113: Ugh. Are you sure this suit can handle this?

Control: It's the best we've got.

D-8113 stops her search for a second and looks around. After a moment, she resumes.

D-8113 Uhm, okay. I found some clothes, think they're for a girl. Yeah- [coughs] -Small one, maybe five. Huh, found some papers underneath. Oh.

Control: What is it?


Control: Noted. Thank you.

D-8113: [nervously] That's enough for this room.

Camera distorts, static returning despite no obvious changes. Subject gathers the documents and picks up the camera, turning to leave. D-8113 stops halfway and aims the camera down for Control. Dust rolls against the floor in waves.

D-8113: What the heck?

Moving to the door, 8113 is now wading against a current of dust, approximately waist high. D-8113 passes through the door frame to find dust pouring in from another room.

D-8113: [coughing] This is bizarre, but I'm okay. I think it-

Camera feed, audio feed and GPS positioning all fail at once. SCP-2853's doors open without warning. After a period of radio silence, D-8113 is considered lost. Due to the information gathered from the documents D-8113 found, this sudden disconnection is likely due to [DATA REDACTED, SEE ADDENDUM 2853-1-B].

Addendum 2853-1-A

Addendum 2853-1-B

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