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SCP-2852 at a Black-Level event.

Item #: SCP-2852

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Containment of SCP-2852 is to focus on tracking and disruption of incidents, where possible, and general monitoring of SCP-2852 compatible population centers. All individuals involved in Blue-Level and White-Level events are to be monitored extensively, and their identities are to be given to local law enforcement as potential terrorist threats. Even when disrupted, individuals involved in Blue-Level and White-Level events are to be cataloged, and their names are to be sent to local law enforcement agencies. Individuals witnessing the disruption of either event are to be given Class-B amnestics.

Black-Level events are to be monitored until conclusion. Afterwards, all participants are to be treated with Class-A amnestics and are otherwise treated identically to those affected by other events. Members of Mobile Task Forces Upsilon-36, Upsilon-52, and Upsilon-99 who witness a Black-Level event are to be treated with Class-A amnestics upon retirement or transfer and are to be monitored for any signs of antisocial or otherwise uncharacteristic behavior. If found to have been infected by the Black-Level event, operatives are to be amnesticized, suspended from all field operations, and redesignated to low-level, low-intensity work, i.e. maintenance and data input.

MTF Y-36 “Party Crashers” are tasked with responding to any SCP-2852 appearance. MTFs Y-52 “Cater Duty” and Y-99 “Altar Boys” are tasked to identify SCP-2852 events and provide backup to MTF Y-36 as needed.

MTFs Y-52 and Y-99 are to establish presence within communities where 60% of the population is Roman Catholic or (as of Revision 2852-7) Anglican. Any SCP-2852 instance found attached to a different religious group must be reported to a researcher with Level 4/2852 clearance immediately.

While currently isolated to the North American subcontinent, all SCP-2852 compatible communities are to be monitored for an uncharacteristic rise in juvenile delinquency, sterility, domestic violence, and divorce rates.

Description: Instances of SCP-2852 have the appearance of a middle-aged white male. Biologically, the cells of SCP-2852 instances are genetically identical and human; however, instances do not have any identifiable organs. Their bodies are made up of fibrous muscular tissue, with the teeth and hair being made out of chitin chemically similar to those of the Cicadidae family. The eyes of SCP-2852 instances, while looking non-anomalous from a distance, are set in the sockets without any nerve connection. While capable of speech despite having no vocal cords or analogous organs, SCP-2852 instances do not show any grasp of language, speaking in a “word salad.” Despite this, all individuals at an SCP-2852 compatible event will perceive the subject as speaking intelligibly and will regard its actions as normal, unless briefed of its anomalous properties beforehand. Individuals describe SCP-2852 as being playful with a crude sense of humor, and all individuals affected in an SCP-2852 event will refer to the subject as “Cousin Johnny.” While sentient, SCP-2852 instances do not appear sapient.

SCP-2852 instances appear at various Catholic and Anglican religious functions and are treated as being an established member of the family. Instances of SCP-2852 are accepted regardless of family resemblance or ethnicity. The entity appears at baptisms, weddings, and funerals, referred to as Blue-Level, White-Level, and Black-Level events, respectively. Currently, no SCP-2852 instance has been found to appear at any other family gathering.

All attempts at tracking SCP-2852 instances before and after an event have met with failure. The entities are able to appear at such events as though they had always been there, alternately appearing between frames when under surveillance or simply evading any attempt by operatives to keep them out of an event. All tracking devices placed on SCP-2852 instances have malfunctioned immediately, with the entity evading any surveillance.

Each family gathering that SCP-2852 attends results in different behavior from the subject and different effects. Generally, the effects of SCP-2852 appearing at a family gathering result in more serious damage done to children, although adults are not free from its effects. It is worth noting that stopping an SCP-2852 instance before it involves itself in the religious ritual will not stop its effects from spreading, although they may be diluted. The appearance of SCP-2852 at an event is enough for its effects to start spreading among the family. When questioned after an event, all affected individuals report a feeling of fondness toward SCP-2852, regardless of its actions during an event.

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