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Item #: SCP-2848

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2848 was to remain in the container in which it was originally discovered. SCP-2848 and its container were to be held in the Safe Wing at Site-19 in a standard, Class-1 Containment Cell.

SCP-2848's containment chamber was outfitted with a basic audio system and radio, television set, and a table and chair for interviewers. Standard recording equipment for all interviews was maintained and logged.

Update: The remains of SCP-2848 have been disposed of in accordance with its wishes following permission being granted by the O5 Council.

Description: SCP-2848 is a taco recovered from Fiesta Mexicana Grande restaurant in ██████████, Tennessee in 1989. SCP-2848 consisted of a deep fried corn taco shell, ground beef, lettuce, tomato, white American cheese, and various spices.

SCP-2848 is fully sentient, and it possesses the ability to communicate and understand spoken English. Investigations show that the shell of SCP-2848 vibrates slightly, producing sounds which are indistinguishable from human speech, though often described as 'slightly tinny.' Through unknown apparatus, SCP-2848 is able to perceive touch and smells. While SCP-2848 cannot describe the people or objects around it, it does claim to be able to 'see' things around it. Whether this is genuine response that is somehow hampered or an imagined response cause by its current state is unknown.

SCP-2848 has no knowledge of how it became SCP-2848, though it recalls many events and circumstances from before this time. While extensive knowledge of current events through the preceding decades, information about its personal life, and a fair amount of data dealing with the stock market is known, SCP-2848 has no recollection of its name or the names of anyone else it knew. While it is aware of actions it took, these actions are sometimes known only out of context.

Shortly after initial containment, SCP-2848 was confirmed to be highly depressed, and the Site-19 Head Psychologist, Dr. Glass, continues to have private interviews with SCP-2848 on a bi-weekly basis. In the interim, Dr. Glass has recommended that all members of the SCP-2848 team who are comfortable doing so should speak regularly with SCP-2848 and 'keep it company.'

Extensive logs are kept in an attempt to narrow down the list of attendees at the restaurant that day, though currently, the information is sparse at best. SCP-2848 was found in a white, styrofoam box, apparently left at a table after being used to house SCP-2848 for transport, though SCP-2848 was left behind. It was recovered when the servers, who heard the voices coming from the trashcan and interpreted it as a demon, contacted a local priest for an exorcism, which in turn alerted the Global Occult Coalition, who in turn put SCP-2848 into the Foundation's care for study.

Interview Logs:

While an exhaustive collection of interviews is available, these discourses cover several daily conversations for over a decade of time. The selections presented here were chosen by the SCP-2848 containment team following its reclassification to Neutralized and are considered to exemplify SCP-2848's attitude, feelings, thoughts, and personality clearly to the reader.

- Project Lead, Dr. James Kapera

Initial Recovery Interview Excerpt (August 14, 1989)

Dr. Kapera: SCP-2848, can you tell me anything about before you entered your current form or how you reached it?

SCP-2848: I remember how things used to be a lot simpler back then. I used to be able to talk to people. I had friends. Neighbors. Now, there's no one left. Just you people, sitting here and asking me this nonsense.

Dr. Kapera: Please, SCP-2848. We're not attempting to upset you. We're just trying to understand.

SCP-2848: To understand? I'll tell you something you can understand. When you're old, when you're alone, there's no one left to talk tell how you feel, because there's no one left. Period.

Dr. Kapera: Please, SCP-2848. Answer the question. When did you first realize you were in your current form?

SCP-2848: I don't remember.

Dr. Kapera: What do you remember? What was the first thing?

SCP-2848: I was surrounded by white. I thought I was dead. The light was all muted, and then, they opened the lid of the box, and I screamed.

Dr. Kapera: Do you remember what you were doing before that?

SCP-2848: No.

Dr. Kapera: 2848?

SCP-2848 remained unresponsive and did not respond to further inquiries.

In 1990, it was determined that SCP-2848 grew less responsive through the month of July. An interview conducted by Dr. Kapera confirmed that this was a 'hard time of the year' for SCP-2848. Interviews during this time were kept brief to maintain SCP-2848's compliance.

Interview 91-288 (July 12, 1991):

Dr. Kapera: Morning, 2848.

SCP-2848: Good morning, Jim.

Dr. Kapera: Have a good evening?

SCP-2848: I did, yes. That new girl you all have is nice. Good listener.

Dr. Kapera: She's trying. How've you been?

SCP-2848: Not so good. It's that time of year, you know.

Dr. Kapera: Yeah, I do. Can I do anything for you? Put on some music or something?

SCP-2848: No, I think I'll be fine. Do you mind if we skip the interview today?

Dr. Kapera: That's no problem at all. I'll talk to you tomorrow, alright?

SCP-2848: Thank you.

Interview 92-221 (July 16, 1992):

Dr. Kapera: Just checking in, 2848. There's a new movie in the lounge, if you're interested. Some romantic thing. I've got clearance to take you.

SCP-2848: Thank you, but that's not necessary. Maybe next week?

Dr. Kapera: Sure. I'll talk to you then.

Interview 93-11 (January 5, 1993):

Dr. Kapera: 2848, why don't you ever talk about your family?

SCP-2848: What's there to talk about? My sons don't talk to me, my wife is dead… Her family never cared about me anyway…

Dr. Kapera: Your sons?

SCP-2848: I… I'm sorry, but I don't really feel comfortable discussing it.

Dr. Kapera: It could help us determine how to get you back to your old self, 2848. Any information you can give us.

SCP-2848: I'm sorry, Jim. I just don't want to talk about it.

Dr. Kapera: Alright. I hope you'll reconsider. We don't know how long you can stay like this.

SCP-2848: Until I die, I guess.

Interview 99-335 (September 10, 1999)

SCP-2848: Jim?

Dr. Kapera: Yeah, 2848?

SCP-2848: What happens when I die?

Dr. Kapera: What?

SCP-2848: I was just thinking… I know I was old before this happened, but… I mean, I'm food now. What happens when I die?

Dr. Kapera: Well. You don't appear to have spoiled at all since you were put into containment. Your lettuce is still green.

SCP-2848: So… I'm going to stay like this forever?

Dr. Kapera: We don't know, 2848. There's not enough information to make those assumptions.

SCP-2848: Am I dead already?

Dr. Kapera: We don't think so. No one who entered the restaurant on the day of the incident has been reported as deceased that we know of, at least.

SCP-2848: So… I'm still out there, walking around? And I'm here too?

Dr. Kapera: Like I said, 2848, we just don't know. If you could tell us anything to help us identify you…

SCP-2848: No, no that won't be necessary. I'm at peace with this, I think. Peace with being this, I guess.

Dr. Kapera: Are you alright, 2848?

SCP-2848: I haven't been alright in a long time, Jim.

Dr. Kapera: 2848?

SCP-2848 grew unresponsive.

Neutralization Log, SCP-2848:

On January 14, 2001, SCP-2848 grew unresponsive. Attempts were made to revive SCP-2848, but within two hours, SCP-2848's appearance, which had been unchanged since recovery, began to drastically alter. Over the next week, the lettuce in SCP-2848 browned, followed by the tomatoes drying out. Observation was maintained while SCP-2848 degraded and rotted, similar to any other food product.

It was later discovered that one of the possible original purchasers of SCP-2848, Manfred Tanish, had died on January 14, 2001. An investigation was suggested to see how much of Mr. Tanish's life coincided with SCP-2848's relation of events, but was concluded that the investigation was an unnecessary expenditure of materials. Dr. Kapera later appealed the decision, and his findings — which were later collected on his own time — have been retained as final SCP-2848: Final Investigation (see attached).

SCP-2848's remains were incinerated in accordance with its final wishes after approval from the O5 Council, and its ashes were spread over the beach at Cape Cod.

SCP-2848: Final Investigation

On the day that SCP-2848 first became cognizant of its current form, Manfred Tanish was eating at the restaurant in question, as confirmed by a personal check written to the restaurant which was recovered from the records on the local bank. Mr. Tanish ate with several people from his work and covered the cost of the entire meal.

After interviews with the other employees provided no information on the day in question; however, many of the people who were interviewed provided significant information on Mr. Tanish which has been collated into this report. Names of subjects still living have been redacted until such a time as their deaths in accordance with low-level investigative procedures in place at the time this research was performed:

Subject Information
Mary Bolton (d. July 7, 2007) Confirmed that M. Tanish was a widower and that his wife had died in a car crash in the early 80's (later confirmed to be July 14, 1981). Additionally confirmed that M. Tanish had at least two children.
Carson Gearin (d. August 30, 2002) Noted that M. Tanish donated several thousand dollars a year to various charities. A copy of the subject's tax records was obtained to verify this information, but it was discovered that the donations — if they existed — were never deducted. The only correlation of this information possible was a framed photo of a child which was discovered to be linked to the United Way Charity.
Leslie Major (d. December 23, 2010) Provided contact information for M. Tanish's next-of-kin as listed on his emergency contact records. Attempts to reach next-of-kin were unsuccessful as the number had been disconnected. Further research provided the name of the person in question, Lawrence Tanish, but no information on where they might be reached.
[DATA REDACTED] Noted that M. Tanish had been estranged from his two sons since the death of his wife. Refused to provide any additional information.
John Whitehead (d. March 4, 2004) Supplied useful information on the subject's worklife, including several high praises of his work ethic, fairness, and stability as an employer. Did not initially remember that M. Tanish had lost loved ones, but upon being reminded, remarked that he had "dealt with all that rather impressively" and had "never let it affect his work."
[DATA REDACTED] Refused to be interviewed three times before finally relenting. Claimed a desire to avoid spreading 'bad feelings' about someone who had died.

Based on the extensive interviews with SCP-2848 which I conducted over its ten years in confinement, it is my conclusion that SCP-2848 was almost certainly connected to Manfred Tanish.

The mechanism by which SCP-2848 was created is currently unknown. These materials are retained here for the purposes of record keeping alone, and it is the request of the SCP-2848 team that the entry neither be retired nor removed from the core list of objects.

-Dr. James Kapera

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