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Item #: SCP-2847

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-2847-1, Site-144 has been constructed as a means to secure its perimeter.

SCP-2847-2 is to be contained within a humanoid containment cell constructed around the subject, monitored by at least two personnel at all times. Personnel are not to enter the containment cell unless stated otherwise by site command of both Site-143 and Site-144.

Following transportation to Site-143, SCP-2847-3 is to be kept within a Faraday cage at all times. Interviews with SCP-2847-3 are to be conducted inside of containment.

Currently, all experimentation involving SCP-2847 and related subjects is to be delayed indefinitely.

Description: SCP-2847-1 is an underground lake located in █████ ████, Henan Province, China. It was initially discovered and secured after Site-143 was contacted by SCP-2847-3.

SCP-2847-1 occupies an area of 6,000m2, and has an estimated depth of 2,100m. The content of SCP-2847-1, while retaining the appearance of water, displays physical properties similar to iron, which is consistent with bodies of water affected by SCP-2711.

SCP-2847-2 is a humanoid entity, genetically similar to a male human of Han ethnicity. SCP-2847-2 is alive and responsive, but unable to form any coherent language. The subject's left arm and lower body are embedded within SCP-2847-1. 7 beryllium-bronze alloy nails of 6 cm in length are embedded in subject's spine.

SCP-2847-2 does not require any form of sustenance, and no indication has been given that it requires sleep. While exhibiting symptoms of severe malnutrition, the subject's overall condition does not appear to deteriorate.

Update: An iron needle of 16cm in length has been observed to be held in SCP-2847-2's left hand. It is theorized that this object's properties may be similar to SCP-2711's, and is the cause of SCP-2847-1's existence.

SCP-2847-3 is a computing device containing an artificial intelligence, originally situated in proximity to SCP-2847-2. The object's exterior appears to be a bronze cube measuring 1m x 1m x 1m, with various signs of modification. A touch-screen is embedded in the side (prior to relocation) facing SCP-2847-2. The object's interface bears resemblance to a Windows XP interface.

SCP-2847-3 is capable of using a variety of languages to communicate, including: Chinese (traditional and simplified), English, Russian, Latin, and ancient Greek. SCP-2847-3 requires no outside power source, and is able to access the Internet despite a lack of network coverage.

Update: With the help of SCP-2847-3, 10 instances of organisms have been identified to be embedded within SCP-2847-1 at a depth range of 500m to 1,500m. Only one of the ten organisms shows active life signs.

Executive Order: On 2016/██/██, Dr. Xue is promoted to director of Site-143, in charge of Project Hetu Luoshu.


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