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SCP-2846-B during an engagement with SCP-2846-A. The pursuant SCPS Pristine visible in the background.

Item #: SCP-2846

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Mobile Task Force Tau-11 "Can Openers" onboard the SCPS Pristine SCPS Nikolai are to maintain a perimeter around active SCP-2846 activation areas. In the event of an SCP-2846-A appearance event, MTF T-11 is to utilize the Kensington-Berryman high-power transmitting device to communicate with SCP-2846-B, and then to maintain contact with SCP-2846-B throughout the engagement.

MTF T-11's primary goal is to minimize civilian contact with SCP-2846-A and SCP-2846-B. Sailing vessels which come in contact with either entity are to be arrested and moved away from the area by SCPS Pristine SCPS Nikolai support vessels. MTF T-11 personnel are required to apply Class-C amnestics to any personnel aboard any affected vessels, regardless of their knowledge of SCP-2846-A and -B.

The acting captain of SCPS Pristine SCPS Nikolai has been supplied full clearance to open fire on SCP-2846-A at the request of SCP-2846-B, and also to prevent SCP-2846-A from approaching any civilian vessels. Additionally, in the event of hostile action by SCP-2846-B on any civilian or Foundation vessel, the tactical nuclear explosive device is to be detonated.

Description: SCP-2846 collectively refers to a set of phenomena occurring within the Gulf-Atlantic region of the Atlantic Ocean.

SCP-2846-A is a massive, aquatic, octopoid entity1, currently estimated to be at least 955-990m in length. This entity is known to appear from deep water during storms within the Gulf-Atlantic region and attack civilian vessels, specifically cruise liners or merchant ships.

SCP-2846-A attacks are sporadic, and often occur quickly and without prior warning. Foundation assets in the Gulf-Atlantic region have utilized United States Navy deep-sea radar wells to more accurately detect the appearance of SCP-2846-A, though this has only provided, on average, an additional 5 minutes of preparation.

SCP-2846-B is a large seafaring vessel that appears during SCP-2846-A appearance events. This vessel, which appears to be a Pennsylvania-Class super-dreadnought battleship2, also appears from deep water before surfacing at the location of an SCP-2846-A appearance event. This vessel is always seen engaging SCP-2846-A, which will then in turn retaliate, and neither entity will disappear until SCP-2846-A is sufficiently crippled or otherwise incapacitated, after which both will submerge again until the next appearance event. The vessel appears hazy in video or photographs, and individuals have described it as "vaporous". Notably, propellant fire emitted by the onboard armaments of SCP-2846-B have a significant green tint.

Individual entities that appear as the crew of SCP-2846-B are designated SCP-2846-B1-915.

Addendum 2846.1: Historical Documentation

SCP-2846-A is believed to be an entity that has existed for potentially many thousands of years, although information confirming this is scarce. The first recorded sighting of a creature matching the description of SCP-2846-A is from the Old Icelandic saga Örvar-Oddr, wherein the author details a depiction of a large sea creature referred to as the hafgufa:

[Translated to English] Now I will tell you that there are two sea-monsters. One is called the hafgufa (sea-mist), another lyngbakr (heather-back). It (the lyngbakr) is the largest whale in the world, but the hafgufa is the hugest monster in the sea. It is the nature of this creature to swallow men and ships, and even whales and everything else within reach.

The first recorded appearance of SCP-2846-A by a Foundation personnel was in 1905, when then Admiral Reginald Von Allen wrote:

I have seen on this day a most magnificent sight; a creature, larger than our own vessel by three times, rising from the depths of the sea with a whale wrapped within its long tentacles… behind it came another vessel, a ship-of-the-line with black flags and billowing smoke in its wake. We signalled the crew, but the vessel had returned to beneath the waves before we could properly communicate.

Addendum 2846.2: Interview with SCP-2846-B1


The USS Montana before being commandeered by Foundation personnel.

Addendum 2846.3: Coordinated Efforts with SCP-2846-B

In the wake of the conversation between Captain Lyle Hanson and SCP-2846-B1, it was agreed that the Foundation would make allowance to commandeer a newly built Pennsylvania-class super-dreadnought battleship and turn the vessel over to SCP-2846-B1 and its crew. To this end, the USS Montana was taken from US Navy control and all records of its production were expunged3. The vessel was sunk 15km from a Foundation naval facility in Cuba, and surfaced thirty hours later. SCP-2846-B is larger and more heavily armed than the Montana, but maintains indicating factors between the two.

As part of the agreement between then Site-23 Director J. Calvin Coolidge and SCP-2846-B1, SCP-2846-B was fitted with a large incendiary device, capable of causing gross damage across the entire hull of SCP-2846-B. This has since been removed, and replaced with a tactical nuclear explosive device located within the engine bay of SCP-2846-B. This device was intended only as a deterrent against possible hostile action against civilian or Foundation vessels on the part of SCP-2846-B, but to date no such action has occurred.

Addendum 2846.4: SCP-2846-C [LEVEL 4/2846 CLEARANCE REQUIRED]

Incident Log 2846.67: 09/17/2014 [LEVEL 4/2846 CLEARANCE REQUIRED]

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