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Aerial photography of Provisional Site-2844, located at the previous location of the Kervier Mining Company Site C.

Item #: SCP-2844

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2844-A is to be contained via a Faraday Cage within a lead-lined modular containment cell at Provisional Site-2844. Electronic equipment, with the exception of approved audio and video recording devices, are prohibited from SCP-2844-A's containment cell. Under no circumstances are any unauthorized personnel to approach or interact with SCP-2844-A.

Three special electromagnetic signal jamming arrays have been positioned outside of SCP-2844-A's containment cell. Foundation containment specialists are to utilize Lurk-Coltharp Pattern Recognition Protocols to assess signal threats and disperse them.

In the event of SCP-2844-A becoming capable of disabling the functionality of the arrays, or human engineers no longer being capable of managing the threat, a quarantined Foundation AIC unit is to oversee continued maintenance of the array until it is unable to continue.

Due to its immobility, SCP-2844-B is to be contained at its point of origin. Individuals attempting to access SCP-2844-B without authorization are to be met with terminal force. Under no circumstances are any unauthorized electronic devices permitted within a 100m range of SCP-2844-B.



Description: SCP-2844 refers to a group of phenomena located within the abandoned Kervier Mining Corporation Site C in northern Alaska.

SCP-2844-A is a mechanical construct assembled from pieces of large-scale mining equipment. Specifically, SCP-2844-A is a machine designed to manufacture individual components for the purposes of repair. SCP-2844-A operates despite the lack of any apparent power source. The operating unit of the device is a laptop manufactured by the Dell Corporation in 2005.

SCP-2844-A exhibits signs of a poorly understood artificial intelligence, all of which originates from the laptop component of the device. SCP-2844-A is able to intelligently respond to questioning, give responses12 in three languages (English, Russian, French), and modify itself to better suit its directive, specifically, the manufacture of metal paperclips.

SCP-2844-A constantly attempts to establish a connection with SCP-2844-B, which is a vast array of underground mining equipment, all of which has been modified in some way to produce metal paperclips. While SCP-2844-B is typically dormant, the individual pieces of machinery will attempt to defend themselves if approached, making observation of the entirety of SCP-2844-B difficult. Whether this response is conscious or not is currently unknown.

Due to SCP-2844-A and -B's continual drive to create additional paperclips, much of the surrounding landscape has been refined in order to create raw materials for the purpose of paperclip production. Much of the Site's unnecessary infrastructure, including living quarters and command structures, have been demolished for this purpose. All produced paperclips are currently deposited within a large, untouched warehouse near SCP-2844-A.

SCP-2844-A displays characteristics similar in nature to early artificial intelligence protocols3. Notably, the version SCP-2844-A most resembles was the first to include the functionality of improvised adaptation, a feature that would eventually be refined to "learning" in later models. For more information on this, see Addendum 2844.1.

SCP-2844-A makes constant and varied attempts to break through its containment, presumably to make contact with SCP-2844-B. In order to manage this, SCP-2844-A has changed the frequency on which it broadcasts, changed its signal from radio to microwave, to gamma sonification (and back), attempted to dismantle its containment cell (leading to its current lack of resources), started no fewer than fifteen fires in an attempt to set off automatic fire control systems, and attempted to transfer the entirety of its codebase to a personal cell phone. To date, all attempts to breach containment have failed.

Addendum 2844.1: Interview

Addendum 2844.2: Research Findings

Addendum 2844.3: Interrogation of SCP-2844-A

Addendum 2844.3: Received Message

Addendum 2844.4: Intercepted Message

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