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Item #: SCP-2841

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Fences and a security door are placed at SCP-2841’s entrance. The area is to be monitored for civilians, who are to be escorted out and given Amnestics if applicable. SCP-2841-4 can only be entered with the signed permission of Site Director Xue Qing.

Description: SCP-2841 is an underground tomb dating back to around 1000 BCE1, located in ████, Henan Province, China.2 SCP-2841 is composed of a tunnel and a chamber, occupying an estimated 300m2. While well-preserved, SCP-2841 is mostly empty, containing only SCP-2841-1, -2 and -3 at the center, and lacks any artifact commonly seen in such burials.

SCP-2841-1 is a series of 28 hollow bronze sculptures resembling trees surrounding SCP-2841-2. Seven of these seem to have been deliberately damaged to various degrees, but none suffer corrosion. In an undamaged state, an instance is estimated to be 1m in height, with an opening at the tip of each branch. A piece of cooked meat3 is hung from each tip, and is easily removable by hand. When removed, the opening will quickly produce a liquid4, which will subsequently solidify and turn into another piece of meat through unknown mechanisms in five minutes.

SCP-2841-2 is a 6m x 6m x 6m pool with bronze borders. It is filled with a potable liquid similar to rice wine5, with a 15% alcohol content. When taken from SCP-2841-2, the liquid will automatically refill at a rate of roughly 1 liter per minute. The borders of SCP-2841-2 do not seem to suffer corrosion, despite being in constant contact within the liquid. However, the parts above the water level retain significant burn marks, indicating that the contents of SCP-2841-2 might have been set aflame at some point in the past.

SCP-2841-3A (left) and SCP-2841-3B (right) are a pair of metallic caskets located at the bottom center of SCP-2841-2. SCP-2841-3A’s surface bears decorative engravings, detailing the sun with a three-legged bird inside. When objects enter SCP-2841-3 instances' area of effect (a sphere of roughly 1m in radius surrounding the instances), they will resurface from a similar pool located in an extradimensional location, hereafter referred to as SCP-2841-4. Light interacts normally with SCP-2841-3 instances, and will not cross through into SCP-2841-4. SCP-2841-3 instances will be still visible at the bottom from within SCP-2841-4, and subject can return to SCP-2841 without difficulty through the same method.

SCP-2841-3 instances cannot be properly examined due to the aforementioned anomalous effect, but their material resembles that of SCP-2841-2’s borders in apperance, and similarly suffers no corrosion. Using X-ray, it is determined that SCP-2841-3A contains the corpse of a male human, with arms and legs chained to the inside of the casket; SCP-2841-3B contains the carcass of an Arctic fox (Vulpes lagopus), with its head positioned to face SCP-2841-3A.

SCP-2841-4 is an extradimensional location with no visible borders. The ground inside SCP-2841-4 is unusually rich in calcium and carbon, covered in sands mainly composed of copper, tin, and iron. A sky with stars can be observed, as SCP-2841-4 always appears to be at night when initially entered. No GPS signals or radio and video transmissions can be received within SCP-2841-4. SCP-2841-4 contains artificial objects, and several oddities and anomalies are observed. See Exploration Report-2841 for further information.

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