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Item #: SCP-2832

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Prototype Testing Facility 145 has been evacuated, with only a skeleton crew remaining to monitor SCP-2832. Site-22 will no longer be used to contain anomalous objects1, instead serving as a staging area for the SCP-2832 containment team.

A circumference and Hume reading is to be recorded once every 24 hours at 13:45, five minutes prior to SCP-2832's regular activation event. Testing equipment should be relocated away from the perimeter at a rate of 1 meter every 250 days, to a point 5 meters away from SCP-2832, and a new perimeter chalked at 1 meter from the threshold. At least two redundant Kant counters are to be kept on-site at all times, along with at least one set of backups for all other monitoring equipment. All personnel will be briefed on Foundation survivor benefits packages prior to taking assignment with SCP-2832.

Mobile Task Force Kappa-7 ("Faux Bull, Masked Horse") is stationed on-site and is to be mobilized prior to any activation events or testing. MTF Kappa-7 must remain in the testing chamber while SCP-2832 is in its active phase. When not engaged in active defense, MTF Kappa-7 is to focus efforts on maintaining the structural integrity of the testing chamber.

Research is to focus on the link between Hume levels and activation effects, as well as ways to reduce, halt or counteract the expansion of SCP-2832. SCP-2832 will make contact with SCP-████ in approximately 120 years. The consequences of this event cannot be foreseen.

Description: SCP-2832 is an unstable cylindrical spatial anomaly with a radius of 11.45 meters2, centered around SERS Prototype Unit Xi-2 in Prototype Testing Facility 1453.

Once every 24 hours, SCP-2832's radius expands 1-4mm while the anomaly simultaneously enters its active phase. The particular effect present during any given active phase varies per event, and no pattern in or repetition of the effects of SCP-2832 has been determined. In 65% of activations thus recorded, the effect has lasted the entire 24 hour period. In the other 35% of events, SCP-2832 enters a passive state upon expiration of the effect. During its passive state, the anomaly becomes impermeable, with the exterior taking on an appearance similar to frosted glass, and the SERS unit visible at its center.

Scranton Reality Anchors have no measurable effect on SCP-2832, and no method of reducing its expansion has thus far been devised.

History: Prototype Testing Facility 145 was an autonomous wing of Site-22 built for research and development in 1997. SERS Prototype Unit Xi-2 had been commissioned on 08/01/2009 for modifications meant to counter non-Euclidean intra- and extradimensional incursions. A routine test on 28/02/2009 resulted in the appearance of a transparent shell around the unit once it was powered on, causing damage to floor and ceiling tiles in the testing chamber. After ascertaining that the unit could no longer be accessed or controlled, either remotely or directly, the chamber was cleared and preliminary containment procedures enacted.

The first activation event, and subsequent expansion of the anomaly, was recorded at 13:50 on 01/03/2009, five minutes after a baseline Hume reading was taken inside the chamber. SCP-2832 was classified Keter on 02/03/2009, by unanimous vote of the O5 Council.

Addendum 2832-01: Recorded Activations of SCP-2832

A partial list of activation events is found below; for a full list, see the researcher in charge of containment.4

Date Humes Effects Notes

Interior of anomaly appears inverted top-to-bottom. First activation of SCP-2832. Hume reading not taken prior to establishment of containment protocols.


SCP-2832 shows a static scene of an abandoned farmhouse surrounded by fields of wheat. First time SCP-2832 obscures view of SERS prototype unit. Probe test reveals perimeter is penetrable. Probe ceases motion upon entering SCP-2832 and is irretrievable.


SCP-2832 is transparent, with no visible effects. First attempt to enter SCP-2832 with D-Class while active. Testing reveals gravity within anomaly is approximately 0.6 that of Earth standard. D-3257 recovered safely.


SCP-2832 takes on red hue. Piscine entities are seen swimming around SERS unit. Personnel report containment chamber smells "fruity". Scuba gear requisitioned for exploration. "Water" displays foreshortening effect: D-3257 seen gradually decreasing in size while progressing toward SERS unit. SCP-2832 enters its passive state for the first time, becoming opaque after 3 hours, 31 minutes. D-3257 not recovered.


Containment chamber is flooded with magma, resulting in loss of all testing personnel and equipment. First instance of SCP-2832 activating with adverse effect. Containment chamber evacuation protocols updated. Containment reestablished 17/05/2011, at which point it was observed that SCP-2832's circumference had receded to size recorded 22/04/2010. Further tests with solid objects inside the perimeter, including volcanic rock and lava, have been unable to replicate this effect. SCP-2832 does not activate during cleanup of hardened magma.


Appears to be the final battle scene of the Avengers movie. Containment is breached when one of the alien characters is flung through the perimeter of SCP-2832, damaging equipment and causing two casualties. Dr. Kaas is able to subdue entity with a fire extinguisher. Preliminary examination reveals no biological systems. Entity is prepped for full autopsy in Site-22. SCP-2832 enters its passive state after one hour, five minutes, and entity discorporates. Mobile Task Force Kappa-7 assigned to containment chamber in case of future emergence of hostile entities. Morale of containment team noted to be at all-time low levels.


View of Tompkins Square Park in Manhattan, New York City. Scene is in shadow. D-9883 sent with recording equipment to investigate. For further detail, see Exploration Log 2832-04.


View of deep space. SCP-2832 becomes perfect vacuum, causing loss of personnel and equipment. Effects last approximately 7 minutes before SCP-2832 returns to passive state. Researcher Ettinger given commendation for implementation of protocols to anchor personnel to equipment in testing chamber, preventing greater losses during incident. Despite this, all power cables in testing chamber disconnect and are sucked into space; Junior Researcher Ballash lost while attempting to recover cables. Lack of cabling causes 48 hour delay until Kant counter can be recalibrated and Hume readings reestablished. SCP-2832 does not activate during this time.


SCP-2832 is transparent with no visible effect. D-Class test reveals no observable effect whatsoever. D-9787 instructed in operation of SERS unit. Multiple attempts made to power down unit, reboot, and change settings, with no effect on anomaly. SCP-2832 reestablishes normal activation patterns after 24 hours.


Farmhouse from event dated 18/03/2009 visible. Wheat fields replaced by open land covered in what is estimated to be 1 meter of clear water. In middle of scene is the corpse of an approximately 6-year-old human male, identity unknown, completely covered by water. Eyes are closed and mouth is open; whirlpool located above mouth. Sound of numerous unseen individuals weeping is audible during entire event. Drone test indicated scene was permeable and non-static. D-19864 enters anomaly and is immediately lost to view. Five minutes later, D-19864 is seen in distance, attempting to swim against current as whirlpool pulls him into mouth. Weeping intensifies until event ends, two hours and eighteen minutes after.

Addendum 2832-02

Addendum 2832-03

Staff Notes

Update: A portion of Prototype Testing Facility 145 has been reopened for its original purpose of research and development. Preliminary tests suggest the new prototype may have functionality in containing SCP-2832 and other temporospatial anomalies. The O5 Council has tentatively provided funding for the full implementation of the new Scranton-Ettinger Reality Filter as of 13/01/2017.

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