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SCP-2829 upon recovery.

Item #: SCP-2829

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-2829 are to be contained in a standard biological containment cell at Area-12. All personnel entering the containment cell must wear a level A hazardous materials suit at all times. All personnel coming in contact with SCP-2829 must also be on a strict regimen of depressant drugs to suppress endorphin production and must be rotated every month after a thorough psychological evaluation. Each instance of SCP-2829 is to be tagged with a Teflon-coated chip for identification, with new instances being tagged as early as possible.

Description: SCP-2829 is a set (51 individuals at the time of writing) of amorphous organisms superficially resembling banana slugs (Ariolimax californicus). The cells of SCP-2829 instances are structurally similar to human adipocytes1, with the exception of an organelle of unknown function fused to the nucleus and a smaller, more folded smooth endoplasmic reticulum. DNA analysis of the cell nucleus shows a 89±6 percent similarity to baseline human DNA.

SCP-2829 reproduces sporadically through budding; the circumstances causing this process are not fully understood at present but are currently thought to be linked to feeding events. Newly-formed daughter organisms instinctively approach humans more eagerly.

SCP-2829 instances are physically active and docile in temperament, and often play by racing each other or competing to form towers by stacking themselves. Around humans, SCP-2829 will become excited and bounce in place. If a nearby person approaches SCP-2829, SCP-2829 will move towards that person and climb onto any exposed skin. After nuzzling the skin, SCP-2829 will secrete a mixture of neurotransmitters that numb the pain response and trigger endorphin production in the person's body, then slowly fuse with the skin. Once SCP-2829 is fully fused and the person reaches a heightened euphoric state, SCP-2829 will absorb the person's excess fat then enter a dormant state for several minutes. SCP-2829 will then gradually leave the body. The entire process typically lasts approximately 20 minutes. SCP-2829 does not seem to gain any mass during this process, but tests have shown a possible correlation between the amount of fat absorbed from the subject and the endorphin concentrations just before SCP-2829 exits the body.

Addendum: 47 instances of SCP-2829 were recovered from the basement of an abandoned home in ███████, TX, along with the corpse of the house's owner, Dr. Javier Pineda, a former Prometheus Labs employee. An assortment of scientific equipment and various reference books and notebooks were found in the home; the books were damaged beyond recognition, but a series of video logs was partially recovered.

The recovery team noted the presence of fresh slime trails leaving the house after the specimens had been secured for transport.

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