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Notice from the Records And Information Security Administration

As of 12/13/15, the database entry for SCP-2827 has been rewritten 73 times due to massive database corruption. While the possibility of tampering or sabotage has not been ruled out, it is currently believed that information about SCP-2827 is inherently unstable and subject to unpredictable, erratic changes. Although no major cognitohazards have been associated with this entry, it is advised that you proceed with caution.

Item #: SCP-2827 Leviticus 11:12

Object Class: [Pending]

Special Containment Procedures: Provisional Exclusion Zone-2827 has been established in a 3km radius around SCP-2827's current location, using a hazardous waste disposal area as a front.

Further containment procedures cannot be enacted until more information is known about SCP-2827. As such, research is to continue as a Delta-class priority to the Foundation.

Description: SCP-2827 is an entity that currently inhabits a 2m2 plot of grass. It is unpredictably variable in its abilities, size, mass, radioactivity, sentience, sapience, toxicity, mobility, speed, hostility, and other qualities.

43 separate tests have been conducted by the Foundation to determine the properties of SCP-2827, which resulted in 13 fatalities of researchers (as well as [REDACTED] fatalities of D-class personnel). As such, Dr. Jacobs, PEZ-2827 Site Director, has determined only two consistent factors regarding the nature of SCP-2827:

  1. SCP-2827 possesses anomalous destructive capabilities.
  2. The physical appearance of SCP-2827 is that of a member of the Nephropidae family of crustaceans, also known as lobsters. (The exact species of lobster is indeterminable at this time.)

Further information regarding SCP-2827 has yet to be determined, pending research.

Partial Activity Log:

Incident-2827-1: 3/13/07: SCP-2827 materializes instantaneously in the Gulf of Mexico. The entire state of California is destroyed/becomes an independent monarchy/has nothing to do with SCP-2827/retroactively materializes on the west coast of the United States of America, resulting in a PK-class Causal Energy Feedback Crisis that incinerates the entire city of Pacifica Beach, Nevada[The objective results of Incident-2827-1 are still unknown, pending further investigation.]

3/58 23/07: SCP-2827 emits a constant, 127 dB shriek for approximately three hours. Gentlemen, we have failed.

[DATA CORRUPTED]: SCP-2827 begins a three-year period of dormancy.

44/55/66: [DATA CORRUPTED]

Not this shit again. Alright, I'll have Attempt #74 up by the end of the month. I assure you, I'm just as frustrated as you are with this damn lobster. —Head Researcher Naismith

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