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Item #: SCP-2824

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2824-1 is to be covered evenly by no less than five centimetres of regolith. Observation is to be maintained via remote security camera. At 2 month intervals, crystals at the perimeter are to be examined for growth. If growth from original observation point exceeds 10cm, affected section is to be pruned back to original length. Removed sections are to be collected and packaged for transfer to Site-76 for analysis. Experimentation on and attempts to curtail SCP-2824-1's growth are currently suspended, pending review.

SCP-2824 -2A, -2B, -2C, -2D, and -2E are held in the Archaeological Mortuary Section of Site-76. Examination is permitted with written approval of Site Manager. Access to contained instances of SCP-2824-2 is currently suspended, pending review.

SCP-2824-2F is currently held in a secure holding cell in Lunar Observation Site Iota pending transfer to Earth. To ensure compliance, any staff interacting with SCP-2824-2F is to maintain that he is experiencing a delusional episode and that he is being detained in a psychiatric treatment facility for his own safety. Upon return to Earth, SCP-2824-2F is to be administered Class C Amnestics and provided with standard Schizoid Crisis Cover Story 1B, then returned to society. SCP-2824-2F is currently uncontained. Further action regarding SCP-2824-2F is suspended pending review.

Description: SCP-2824 is composed of seven objects, designated SCP-2824-1 and SCP-2824-2A through SCP-2824-2F.

SCP-2824-1 is a flat, circular structure approximately 3km in diameter, located in the Mare Serenitatis on Earth's moon. SCP-2824-1 is composed of blue, macroscopic ideal crystals, with a uniform length of 50cm. The component crystals connect at nodes to form a regular grid. A crater 6m in diameter is located 230m from the edge of SCP-2824-1, within which the grid and its constituent crystals have been pulverized. The remaining crystals around the crater are black, fading into brown and then returning to blue as distance from the crater increases. In the outer section of the structure, extending from the damaged area to the edge and circumscribing the entire circle, the component crystals are irregular and take on a ragged, irregular pattern, intersecting at fewer points and a wider range of angles. At present, SCP-2824-1 exhibits outward growth at a rate of 4.7cm per year. Assuming a constant rate of growth throughout its existence, SCP-2824-1 is hypothesized to be approximately 32,000 years old.

Objects in contact with SCP-2824-1 are highly resilient to the detrimental effects of ionizing radiation. Instances of SCP-2824-2 therefore do not exhibit degradation expected of long-term exposure to the lunar surface. Genetic analysis of SCP-2824-2 instances revealed instances B, C, D, E, and F to be direct patrilineal descendants of each preceding instance. Each instance of SCP-2824-2, excluding 2F, was found within 1m of an irregular intersection of crystals in SCP-2824-1. Each irregular intersection exhibited a major void, within which were found fragments crystalline material, all less than 1mm thick. After the events detailed in Event Logs 2824-1 and -2, it is hypothesized that these voids were initially internal, and that unstable growth caused the covering material to shatter, precipitating that translocation of each instance of SCP-2824-2 from Earth to the Moon. The mechanism by which translocation occurs is currently unknown.

Event Log 2824-1: On 12/28/2016, containment procedures were initiated on SCP-2824-1. Upon removal of the first section of growth, SCP-2824-2F appeared at the site of damage. Quick intervention by Containment Specialist ██████ ██████, coupled with the proximity to Enclosed Rover Iota-2, resulted in the retrieval of SCP-2824-2F before irreversible damage occurred. SCP-2824-2F was immediately transferred to Lunar Observation Site Iota, sedated, and treated for decompression sickness and moderate radiation burns. SCP-2824-2F was then transferred to a secure holding cell and detained under observation. See attached interview log.

Event Log 2824-2: On 2/17/2017, containment procedures were again initiated on SCP-2824-1, against recommendations of Dr. Garfield. Upon removal of the first section of growth, SCP-2824-2F again appeared at the site. Containment Specialist ██████ ██████ again retrieved Mr. Rountree and transported him to Lunar Observation Site Iota2. Upon recovery from his injuries, Mr. Rountree was transferred to a secure holding cell. See attached interview log.

On 2/28/2017, SCP-████ underwent containment breach, creating one major and eight minor temporal anomalies within Site-76. After containment of SCP-████ was reestablished, an inventory of anomalous artifacts was unable to account for SCP-2824-2F. Efforts to relocate Mr. Rountree have failed. Request submitted by Dr. Richard Garfield to review containment and research procedures regarding SCP-2824.

Addendum 2824-1: On 3/12/2017, Foundation agents embedded at Cardiff University reported a potentially anomalous finding at an archaeological dig site near ██████████, Wales, UK. During excavation, a large, previously unknown cavern was discovered, on the floor of which was found a circular grid design approximately 2.5m in diameter composed of fine white powder, identical to the regular pattern exhibited by the interior of SCP-2824-1. At the center of the pattern was found a series of three rectangular stone tablets, on which was engraved text in Modern Welsh. For full text, see attached Translation Record TL-2824-1. Analysis of the powder revealed a mineralogical composition identical to the component crystals of SCP-2824-1. The dig site has been quarantined as per Foundation Protocol ████ ████.

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