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An instance of SCP-2818, shortly after collection.

Item #: SCP-2818

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All collected instances of SCP-2818-[2-17] are to be kept within a high-security storage locker at Site-71. SCP-2818 instances are only to be removed from storage for testing purposes. Testing may only be carried out at a suitable, modified firing range with specialized lead impact points for collection.

Description: SCP-2818 is the group designation for a collection of sixteen firearms resembling Barrett M82A1 anti-materiel rifles. The primary physical difference between instances of SCP-2818 and standard Barrett M82A1s is the words "H&W Mod #9" in place of the standard Barrett identification.

SCP-2818 instances load like a standard M82A1, but when an individual pulls the trigger and fires the weapon, the individual will disappear entirely and a round will be ejected from the barrel. The round already loaded in the chamber will be untouched. The ejected round is instead the supposed biomass of the individual who pulled the trigger, compressed into the size and shape of a .50 BMG round. These rounds, classified as SCP-2818-A, maintain a weight and density appropriate of a human being compressed into a space 18.97cm3 in volume. SCP-2818-A instances typically leave the barrel at roughly 900m/s, typical of most .50 BMG rounds, though with significantly more destructive capabilities due to their increased mass.

The exact nature of SCP-2818-A instances is inconclusive, although analysis of the rounds after being fired have revealed unusually erratic electrical impulses1.


Document 2818.2C

Discovery: The original five instances of SCP-2818 were collected from within an insurgent weapons cache near Jalalabad, Afghanistan. Accompanying these weapons were three instances of SCP-2818-A2, with two others found roughly 20m from the discovery3. Investigation of another nearby insurgent compound found twelve more instances of SCP-2818, all in wooden boxes bearing the H&W logo branded on the side. Document 2818.2C was discovered within one of the boxes.

Addendum 2818.1: Testing Log

The following tests were performed on a sanctioned firing range at Site-71. Attempts to contact the supposed manufacturer of SCP-2818, the Helsing and Wulf Rifle Company, were unsuccessful.4 With no previous knowledge of SCP-2818's capabilities, the extent of SCP-2818's nature was not known until the initial testing.

Test # Test Description Results Notes
001 SCP-2818-1 loaded like a typical M82A1, and fired by a D-Class. D-Class disappears. SCP-2818-A instance exits barrel at speeds close to 900m/s. Round is embedded roughly 23cm deep in a steel plate. Standard behaviour of SCP-2818-1. This test was repeated three times to ensure accuracy of results.
005 SCP-2818-1 loaded like a typical M82A1, and fired by a mechanical rig controlled by a human operator. Operator does not disappear. Upon further inspection, SCP-2818-1 jammed during testing, apparently of natural cause. Additional tests confirm that this occurs whenever a non-human finger or other implement pulls SCP-2818's trigger.
014 SCP-2818-1 fit with a remote controlled firing pin, removing the need of a trigger pull. SCP-2818-1 combusts at the chamber, destroying it. Investigation reveals the round never moved in the chamber, even after combustion.
020 Instance of SCP-2818-A chambered within SCP-2818-2. Notably, SCP-2818-A does not feel significantly heavier when the round is within the magazine or chamber. D-Class fires SCP-2818-2. [REDACTED] Please provide authorization credentials below.

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