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SCP-2813 is officially designated as a "centaur", having a regular solar orbit with an aphelion of 9.933 AU and perihelion of 5.39 AU. Its orbital period is roughly 21.21 years.

Item #: SCP-2813

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Containment of SCP-2813's anomalous nature is predicated on maintaining its current identification as 13 Catherine, a natural small solar system body. Government sanctioned missions to observe 13 Catherine, manned or otherwise must be prevented in order to preserve containment. Due to its distance and small size, 13 Catherine's true nature is currently not known to terrestrial observers.

Should the Russian Space Agency or the GRU-P become aware of the true nature of SCP-2813, Orbital Task Force ढ-3 (The Ides) is to be deployed to secure the object in Foundation custody. ढ-3 is to maintain communication with SCP-2813-1, as well as provide for any maintenance of the object SCP-2813 instances themselves cannot provide. To ensure continued cooperation from SCP-2813 instances, limited amenities may be provided, when feasible, upon request.

Description: SCP-2813 is a formerly Russian interplanetary spacecraft roughly 600 meters long and 250 meters wide. SCP-2813 contains 3 individual non-corporeal operators (referred to as instances SCP-2813-1A, 1B, and 1C.). SCP-2813 appears to be a modified asteroid, currently utilized by its operators to perform a variety of observational tasks.

SCP-2813-1 possess the physical traits of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky1 as he appeared in the 1910s. Interviews with both the SCP-2813-1B and -1C instance have yielded a personality closely modeled on, or directly related to Tsiolkovsky from this same time period. SCP-2813-1 have demonstrated limited knowledge of the course of world history past 1916, and their own records show a cessation of contact with the Earth in late 1917.

SCP-2813-1 instances are capable of physical interaction with objects both in the confines of SCP-2813 and any objects up to 25 meters away from the outer surface of SCP-2813. Instances are capable of selectivity in regards to physical interaction (showing a capacity to pass through solid matter, regardless of density), but appear to be bound to SCP-2813. While SCP-2813-1C has proven willing to leave the confines of SCP-2813, the entity dissipates against its will around the 25 meter mark, reforming on board the craft.

The material makeup of SCP-2813 is consistent with other trans-neptunian and centaur objects. The majority of its mass consists of rocky silicates and metals, while a sizable percentage consists of water, ammonia, and carbon dioxide ice. SCP-2813 is significantly less massive than it would appear, though this is believed to be due to an internal restructuring by SCP-2813-1A.

SCP-2813 possesses no life support system. Due to several open observation ports near the center of the vessel, the entire construct remains unpressurized. Due to the semicorporeal nature of its operators, this design does little to prevent operation of the ship.

Addendum 2: Incident Log, 01/03/2015: At 11:47 UTC, the network of monitoring satellites surrounding SCP-2813 suffered an unexpected and near-total system failure, with only two satellites maintaining secondary backup capacity. Transcript follows.

11:47.00: Satnet fails.
11:47.01: Appearance of a massive, artificially-created object at least 1km in length within 25 meters of SCP-2813's exterior hull. Object appears between frames of video capture and exhibits no evidence of sudden deceleration or movement.5
11:47.02-11:48.06: No activity.
11:48.07: SCP-2813-1A exits SCP-2813's hull and makes contact with unidentified object's hull.
11:48.09: Approx. 135 unidentified semi-corporeal figures pass through the unidentified object's hull and surround SCP-2813-1A. All are similar in appearance to Nikolai Fyodorov6 and wear uniforms with GRU-P markings.
11:49-11:53: Unidentified instances appear to converse with SCP-2813-1A.
11:53.30: SCP-2813-1A returns to SCP-2813.
11:53.31: Unidentified object and instances of SCP-2813-1 vanish between frames.

We haven't been able to locate 1A since, and 1B and C claim to not know anything. Whatever they saw or heard when that thing arrived, it frightened them deeply. ~Cmdr. G. Jericho, OTF ढ-3.

The GRU-P's space program is obviously more advanced than we'd given them credit for. Fyodorov was dead long before SCP-2813 was even created, so the ideas in Tsiolkovsky's notes must've been successful. We're going to have to capture one of those ships or surrender our superiority out here.

The current containment procedures were formulated with the idea that we avoid exactly what happened. I'm countermanding them with approval from O5-7. SCP-2813 is almost certainly going to fall victim to another of these "visits", and when that happens, we'll be ready. ~FORC-15 Director Richardson.

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