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You are about to consult sensitive information. You will not be subject to any memetic or amnestic agents during or after your reading. You will not be subject to any localization, incarceration, armed intervention, or execution.
You have the right to know, but you are not obligated to.

Item #: SCP-281-FR

Threat Level: Green

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-281-FR is currently confined in a reinforced tungsten containment constraint within Local Site-Daoud, an enclosed 50 m² site located within Zone-88, code-name "Jalout": a military and scientific base officially belonging to the United States of America but operated by the Global Occult Coalition.

At least four agents must be positioned at Local Site-Daoud at all times. Regular supplies must be provided by air.

All censorship and disinformation operations have been managed by the Global Occult Coalition since the 1950s. These operations include shifting the official South Pole 4 km from SCP-281-FR's location, and falsifying various kinds of information concerning the history of expeditions to Antarctica since 1911 and the fundamental geological and astronomical nature of the Earth.

Regarding the GOC: Local Site-Daoud is under regular pressure from the Global Occult Coalition, which is seeking to appropriate SCP-281-FR for security, strategical, political and/or religious reasons that are still unclear. These claims have lasted since the object was contained by the Foundation in 1948 and the late arrival of the Coalition's forces on-site. However, given the diplomatic relations between the GOC and the Foundation, these pressures are so far not military in nature. In the event that this situation changes, the Bel Protocol must be initiated.

Regarding ORIA: SCP-281-FR is currently at the heart of the Jihad of the Nine: a medium-scale military-religious conflict with the Office For The Reclamation of Islamic Artifacts of Iran, whose claim of SCP-281-FR was one of the founding objectives. Due to the significant geographical distance between the South Pole and ORIA bases, jihad operations against Local Site-Daoud are rare but significant, performed mainly using thaumaturgical means.1 Site-Daoud's isolated location within Zone-88 means that these Islamic operations are managed mainly by the GOC's armed forces. In the event that this situation changes, the Ea Protocol must be initiated.

Regarding a K-Class Scenario: According to the founding Islamic texts, several of SCP-281-FR's components would be called upon to be recovered and used during Revelation-Type end-of-the-world events by Class-VII or higher Reality Manipulators. SCP-281-FR-5 is assumed to be recovered by the prophet Ali during the Last Judgment, whereas SCP-281-FR-1 is assumed to be recovered by the prophet Jesus to fight the Antichrist. In the event that this situation occurs, the Anu Protocol must be initiated.

In any case, it is assumed that removing one of the components of SCP-281-FR, or damaging its integrity, could cause an XK-Class event.

Description: SCP-281-FR is a set of nine swords of various shapes and sizes similar in style to the Arab weaponry of the late 7th century CE. These swords are comprised of various metals, with iron or bronze blades and handles of gold, silver, or copper including leather, traces of ivory, or precious stones. These swords are classified SCP-281-FR-1 to 9. All are planted approximately 15 cm in the ground at a single point, at the Earth's exact geographic South Pole (latitude: 90° South, longitude: irrelevant).

When SCP-281-FR was discovered on-site and reported to the SCP Foundation in October 1947, SCP-281-FR was accompanied by a sign reading:



Officially, and especially in diplomatic relations with the Global Occult Coalition and its partner States, the Foundation has always respected this sign and has never attempted to take action on SCP-281-FR.

Unofficially, all attempts to remove some or all of SCP-281-FR have ended in failure, whether by human, mechanical, or thaumaturgical means.

All attempts were abandoned upon the discovery of several sensitive documents (see Addenda). It is assumed that SCP-281-FR is an essential element of the globe's geological structure, and that damaging its integrity could potentially cause the discontinuation of the terrestrial globe.

SCP-281-FR's irremovability is due to an attractive force of several hundred million newtons of undetermined origin exerted by each of its components on the other components. This force of attraction does not seem to apply to objects other than SCP-281-FR's components.

The Department of Theology proposed the hypothesis that each component of SCP-281-FR must have its own abnormal capability, which could manifest itself when each component is individually used as a weapon. This hypothesis cannot be proven because of SCP-281-FR's irremovability.

Addendum 1: GoI-096-E46 Epistolary Documents

The following documents were taken from a letter exchange maintained in 1946 between Hervé Malesherbes, former professor of applied mathematics at the Sorbonne University in Paris, and Patrick Silverstein, former consultant [DATA EXPUNGED], never found.

These letters were recovered during the dismantling of the Lodge of Paris in 2003 by Mobile Task Force Omega-5 ("The Jewellers").

Addendum 2: GoI-096-281-01 Archive Document

The following document was recovered during a raid by Mobile Task Force Omega-5 ("The Jewellers") at the home of former Senior Researcher ██████ ███████ on 1998/██/██.

Addendum 3: GOC-281-01 Archive Document

The following document was taken from the archives of the Platform: a cutting-edge top-secret proto-informatics network implemented to enable members of the Council of 108, constituting the High Command of the Global Occult Coalition, to communicate remotely in real-time.4

A copy of these archives was provided to us by an anonymous informant, code-named "Pinhead", in 1999.

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