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Item #: SCP-2809

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: MTF Eta-18 “Voyager Voyeurs” has been tasked with use of digital assets to analyse holiday photos posted online for evidence of anachronistic content.

Any identified instances of SCP-2809-1 are to be administered amnestics sufficient to remove any memories associated with SCP-2809.

Online marketing is to be monitored for instances of SCP-2809-2 and targeted cyber-attacks are to be used to remove them.

Several fully-operational internet marketing agencies have been set up in an effort to gain first-hand contact with SCP-2809-3 and facilitate tracking it to its source.

Description: SCP-2809 is a temporal phenomenon affecting otherwise non-anomalous individuals who have suffered a recent loss of one or both of their parents. These individuals are designated SCP-2809-1.

At some point in an approximately one month period immediately after an instance of SCP-2809-1’s parent or parents have died, the SCP-2809-1 instance begins seeing a series of banner and pop-up advertisements while browsing internet content. These advertisements are designated as SCP-2809-2. They offer holidays in an indirect fashion by appealing to the viewer’s need for relaxation and relief from their troubles.

If an instance of SCP-2809-1 clicks on an instance of SCP-2809-2 they are taken to the website of Quondam Holidays which is designated as SCP-2809-3. It has proved impossible to locate this website through any means other than SCP-2809-1 clicking on SCP-2809-2. The routing information contained in SCP-2809-2 is invalid and cannot be used to locate the server on which the website is hosted through any other means.

When a holiday is booked through Quondam Holidays then that instance of SCP-2809-1 is picked up by an airport shuttle bus the following day and is not seen again for a period of time that has been recorded to vary from three days to twenty-two days. SCP-2809-1 instances that have been interviewed describe having been on a holiday during the missing time.

Evidence gathered online and from the homes of SCP-2809-1 instances and their families strongly supports the hypothesis that they spent the missing time on holiday in the recent past, typically 15-30 years in the past. SCP-2809-1 instances uniformly describe this in matter of fact terms and do not seem to find anything unusual about this.

No temporal restructuring events are known to have occurred as a result of SCP-2809 events but this is still believed to be a distinct possibility, should further events occur.

Investigation into SCP-2809-3 is ongoing, with most information about them gathered from interviews with SCP-2809-1 instances and online reviews of SCP-2809-3.

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