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Item #: SCP-2808

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Personnel are neither required nor encouraged to take action regarding SCP-2808. Orders or incentives to interact with or research SCP-2808 are invalid. Any action taken regarding SCP-2808 must be done of the given personnel's volition and on their own time.

Management of Site-47 is under the purview of SCP-2808's assistant.

Description: Descriptions of SCP-2808 itself are incomprehensible in the context of official documentation. A similar effect occurs with visual representations.

Any action taken regarding SCP-2808 in the course of an individual's position in a bureaucratic structure results in the immediate alteration of that position to "Beautifier", which entails the (often violent) subversion of standard operating procedure with the goal of producing aesthetically appealing artworks. The subject's original position and job responsibilities are impossible to fill or carry out, as attempts result in overwhelming visual hallucinations of abstract patterns.

Actions taken regarding SCP-2808 informally, but under bureaucratic pressure or direct influence, are spontaneously added to that individual's official responsibilities. They then become impossible to carry out due to the aforementioned hallucinations.

Compiling information on SCP-2808 has been exceptionally difficult, as personnel are reluctant to interact with or approach SCP-2808.

An early attempt to neutralize SCP-2808's anomalous properties by strategic alterations to the Foundation's charter resulted in SCP-2808 inadvertently becoming the Director of Site-47. Attempts to remove SCP-2808 have been unsuccessful.

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