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Item #: SCP-2807

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Containment is focused on controlling access to SCP-2807. Due to its useful effects, Site-04 has been converted to a medical site. Site-04 is to be cordoned off for a 3 km radius and have limited access as a sacred area and archaeological dig. Site-04 encompasses SCP-2807.
Access to SCP-2807 is limited to D-class personnel. D-class personnel with medical training should permanently staff the facility. If Foundation personnel lacking these qualifiers enter SCP-2807, they should be immediately stripped of their clearance and reclassified as D-class.
Description: SCP-2807 is located in Eastern Turkey, near the ancient ruined city of Ani.
SCP-2807 refers to Site-04 in its entirety except for the control center, which exists separately from the rest of site. SCP-2807 refers to a previously abandoned Foundation storage facility, estimated to be more than 200 years old, and most likely abandoned after the [REDACTED] event. Despite several breach attempts, the storage facilities inside remained intact. SCP-1215 and several archives were recovered.
SCP-2807's effects were initially noted in the D-Class recovery wing - analysis of medical statistics across Foundation sites indicated that grievously injured (4 - 6 on the Abbreviated Injury Scale) D-class recovered ███% more often than projected, even when controlling other factors. Several D-class were also recovered from injuries previously thought to be lethal. However, such medical anomalies only occur in D-class on site - treatment for other Foundation personnel remains within standard boundaries.
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