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Item #: SCP-2804

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: UPDATED 2021-05-05

SCP-2804 is expected to have a profound effect on normalcy over the following 55 years; SCP-2804's containment strategy is thus oriented towards preventing the public recognition of its anomalous properties and the minimization of SCP-2804's disruptive effects. The exact containment strategy will thus vary with the frequency of affected structures and the number of potential witnesses.

The Foundation must coordinate with local and state governments to ensure that no buildings are constructed in SCP-2804-B's path, either by acquiring the land in question or arranging for alternative uses. In the case of pre-existing buildings, the optimal strategy will be determined by SCP-2804's containment team.

Buildings in SCP-2804-B's path should not be demolished sooner than necessary, and should be reconstructed or replaced after it has passed. This requirement may be waived if it would require excessive budgetary expenditures.

SCP-2804-A1 through -A3 are contained at their original locations and surrounded by false buildings and barbed wire fences. Access is restricted to specially authorized personnel.

PoI-2804-1 is under Level 2 observation at all times. It will be taken into Foundation custody for testing should it become associated with any further anomalous activity.

Description: SCP-2804 is a phenomenon in which a wooden deck will instantaneously appear attached to a building. This is preceded by the appearance of red chalk graffiti reading "Where's the deck? — Fly" on the building. Eleven hours and thirteen minutes pass between the appearance of this graffiti and the materialization of the deck. Removal of the graffiti has no effect on SCP-2804.

Decks created by SCP-2804 typically match modern architectural and construction sensibilities and will not cross property lines. These decks will not exhibit anomalous properties unless the property on which a building resides is too small or irregularly shaped to contain a conventional deck. Anomalous products of SCP-2804 are designated SCP-2804-A.

SCP-2804-B is a theoretical point that moves 3.4m per day, or 1.25km per year, with a bearing roughly 34° North of East. Any building that SCP-2804-B passes through will be affected by SCP-2804. Assuming that SCP-2804-B has maintained its current speed and heading since creation, its origin can be placed at ████ Dyson Avenue in ████████, South Carolina. ████ Dyson Avenue is the home of PoI-2804-1, Floyd "Fly" Whitacre, the owner of █████████ Construction Company.

Addendum 2804-1: Projected timeline of SCP-2804-B.

Date Event Notes
2039-04-██ SCP-2804-B enters ██████, SC and affects up to twenty-four buildings over the next two years. The purchase and destruction of buildings in SCP-2804-B's path has been deemed more cost-effective than amnestic administration for this timeframe.
2041-11-██ SCP-2804-B enters the Charleston metropolitan area, affecting ~100 buildings per year for the next 35 years. Containment will likely entail some combination of mass amnesticization, preemptive destruction of buildings, and partial depopulation of Charleston via manipulation of the local economy1. SCP-2804 upgraded to Keter-class.
2076-01-██ SCP-2804-B moves into the Atlantic Ocean. No additional buildings are affected. Containment is trivial during this timeframe. SCP-2804 downgraded to Euclid-class.
2███-06-04 SCP-2804-B approaches the Geographic North Pole. SCP-2804-B's trajectory and activity past this point, if any, are unknown.



SCP-2804-A3 in an inactive state.

Addendum 2804-2: Catalog of SCP-2804-A.

Two instances of SCP-2804-A were created prior to containment. Once the requirements for their creation were understood, a third was created via experimentation. Restricting a property in the same way multiple times does not appear to create identical anomalies.


SCP-2804-A2 extends 64 meters vertically up the back of a suburban house in ████████, SC. In all respects other than its orientation, it is constructed like a conventional deck. SCP-2804-A2 is classified as "Indestructible" under standard destructibility guidelines. Any solid object that touches SCP-2804-A2 will immediately be rotated 90° with respect to the ground and then crushed against SCP-2804-A2 with a force in excess of one million Newtons. This is invariably lethal to living organisms.

SCP-2804-A3 is, in an inactive state, a number of wooden planks located on █████ Beach, SC. Individuals exiting the back door of an SCP-2804-affected apartment building in ████████, SC are transported to SCP-2804-A3's location. When approached by a live human, the planks of SCP-2804-A3 will float into the air and arrange themselves to form a staircase. When an individual climbs to the top stair of SCP-2804-A3, the planks forming lower stairs will exit formation to create more stairs above the subject. SCP-2804-A3 will return to its inactive state when any individual falls off of it.

Addendum 2804-3: Excerpt from an interview with PoI-2804-1.

Dr. Hamon: Mr. Whitacre —

PoI-2804-1: <Interrupting> You can call me Fly if you want. Don't sweat it.

Dr. Hamon: Right, then. Fly, do you remember what you were doing the evening of December 10, 20162?

PoI-2804-1: Well, that was about four months ago, and I can barely remember what I had for lunch. <Laughs> Give me a refresher, will you?

Dr. Hamon: That was a Saturday. The weather was… sunny. You stopped at a gas station at 3:14 and bought a few six-packs and two bags of tortilla chips.

PoI-2804-1: Oh, I must have had the boys over for cards. That's been a pretty regular thing since my wife died3… yeah, they'd probably show up around six, we shoot the shit for a few hours, Don loses whatever he came with, and a few of us are drunk by the end of the night.

Dr. Hamon: I see. Sorry for your loss. Does anything about that night stand out to you at all?

PoI-2804-1: Whitey and Clarence got into it. Clarence smacked Whitey right across the face. Damn near broke his jaw, too. Clarence isn't invited to poker night any more.

Dr. Hamon: Right. Anything else?

PoI-2804-1: Well… hm. I think on the way home from dropping off Whitey, I passed the Wilkinson place4 and wrote something on their garage door. In chalk, you know. It'd wash away. That's about all I can think of.

Dr. Hamon: Hm. And I can see from this document here that you did some construction work for the Wilkinsons back in 2004, correct?

PoI-2804-1: <Nods> That's how I know them. That was my first project since I took over the business, actually.

Dr. Hamon: Were you aware that they removed the deck you installed back in May?

PoI-2804-1: Pardon?

Dr. Hamon: The Wilkinsons got rid of their deck and built a patio instead.

PoI-2804-1: I'm… not sure I understand… <Frowns>

Dr. Hamon: What don't you understand?

PoI-2804-1: Well it's like — it's — all of those words make sense on their own, you know? Most of them, at least. But put together it's just… <Trails off>

Dr. Hamon: What words don't you understand?

PoI-2804-1: Well, 'deck', for one. I mean, I know what it is as in decking someone <Mimes punching with left hand>, or a deck of cards, but I don't see how either of those would apply.

Dr. Hamon: You're not familiar with the concept of a deck as an outdoor platform, connected to a house, and traditionally made of wood or wood-like materials? You've overseen the construction of many decks. Is there some other word you use for them?

<PoI-2804-1 looks blankly at Dr. Hamon for twenty seconds.>

Dr. Hamon: … interesting. Well, whatever you built for the Wilkinsons, they removed it. Did you know about that?

PoI-2804-1: I'm sorry, Dr. Hamon, I just can't get a grip on what you're saying. Maybe I'm having a stroke?

Dr. Hamon: You're not having a stroke, don't worry. <Writes on notepad for forty-five seconds.> Hypothetically, if someone wanted to build an addition to their house, but one of your projects was in the way, what would they have to do?

PoI-2804-1: Well, that's… just… it's certainly a pickle, isn't it? <Laughs> I imagine they'd have to give up on their changes.

Dr. Hamon: I see… and suppose a natural disaster of some sort were to completely decimate someone's house, like absolutely obliterate it and everything in a five-mile radius. What would happen to the additions you made?

PoI-2804-1: Why would anything happen to them?

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