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Item #: SCP-2799

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2799-1, SCP-2799-2, SCP-2799-3, and SCP-2799-4 are contained in separate anomalous item storage lockers at four separate Foundation facilities: Site-77, Site-59, Site-██, and Site-██. No personnel under Level 3 clearance may be made aware of the precise location of more than one item. No personnel under Level 4 clearance may be made aware of the location of more than two. Access to the complete record of SCP-2799's location is restricted to Level 5 personnel.

Description: SCP-2799 is a set of antique Portuguese nautical navigational equipment, including a brass sextant (SCP-2799-1), compass (SCP-2799-2), pocket watch (SCP-2799-3), and spyglass (SCP-2799-4). All components of SCP-2799 were purchased from civilian companies by the Foundation, and displayed no anomalous properties when acquired. The items were first imbued with anomalous properties at the behest of Foundation Thaumaturgists in ██49, for use in the recovery of theretofore unknown anomalous objects for containment and study ("Project Navigator"). During its tenure as a reconnaissance device, SCP-2799 was employed to recover 126 such items, and has activated a recorded 173 times.

When activated, SCP-2799 will divulge the location of one uncontained anomalous object, person, or event until the anomaly has either been neutralized or successfully contained. SCP-2799-1 will always "sight" Polaris at the given location. SCP-2799-2 will give a directional heading from the current location to the location of the anomaly. SCP-2799-3 displays the local time at the anomaly's location. SCP-2799-4 will give a narrow-angle view of the anomaly and its location as a point of reference. Using this information in conjunction with Mercator projection maps has a 100% success rate in determining the location of anomalous phenomena.

In addition, one subject closest to SCP-2799 will experience a hallucination relevant to the object currently targeted by SCP-2799. These hallucinations commonly give some information about the target object's properties, location, or origins, and will persist until the object is contained. If the subject dies or is otherwise terminated, no other personnel will be affected. Testing has shown that the hallucinations have provided relevant data in 55% of SCP-2799 activation events.

Addendum 2799-01: Due to the improved monitoring technologies and greater staffing resources now available, the use of mundane means to detect anomalous objects no longer requires supplementation from Project Navigator. SCP-2799 and all sub-designations has been retired, and are no longer in use by the Foundation. There are currently no plans to revitalize the project.

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