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Area of SCP-2798 effect, overlaid on Earth's magnetic field

Item #: SCP-2798

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: The site of the Zambezi Superdeep Borehole (designated as Site-2) is owned and operated by Energie Namur NV, a Belgian energy exploration firm and Foundation front organization. All operations at Zambezi are to be disguised as natural gas extraction activities to potential observers and the government of Mozambique.

While measurement and detection of SCP-2798 is not believed to be possible without proprietary Foundation technology, Site-2 staff are to monitor geological and seismological journals and institutions for any signs of possible SCP-2798 detection. Secondary effects of SCP-2798 on the environment and human health are anomalous and thus unlikely to be linked to Foundation activities; therefore, information suppression resources are to be prioritized for containing direct observation of SCP-2798.

Periodic monitoring of SCP-2798 is to be performed at least once every three months, with all data transmitted immediately upon collection to Overwatch Command.

Description: SCP-2798 is an anomalous energy field generated by Earth since 1971. SCP-2798 is the result of a Foundation project, initiated in 1954 and completed in 1971, designed to contain SCP-001. SCP-2798 has been partially successful in ameliorating the effects of SCP-001; however, the intensity of SCP-2798 has been decreasing at a geometric rate since 2005, and is expected to fail entirely in the near future (see Addendum 2798.5).

The primary effect of SCP-2798 has been to disrupt the influence of SCP-001 on Earth and its inhabitants. SCP-2798 has a number of secondary effects, many of which are profoundly harmful to significant numbers of people. These effects, however, have been determined to be less harmful in total than a failure of containment of SCP-001.


Site-2, the Zambezi Superdeep Borehole, 15 km offshore from Mozambique

SCP-2798 is believed to interfere with the effects of SCP-001 by causing it to perceive Earth as a singular, living entity. This perception is theorized to affect the intent of SCP-001 and reduce the focus of its actions. The scientific principles by which this is achieved are unknown at this time.

Addendum 2798.1 - Project Serapis History

After the discovery and classification of SCP-001 in 1953, approval for deployment of several SCP classified anomalous objects was granted by the Overwatch Command Subcommittee for Emergency Containment. These objects were used in the course of Project Serapis, an initiative to contain SCP-001 by means of interfering with the entity's perception of Earth. Researchers determined that this could be best accomplished by generating an energy field encompassing the planet, designed to provide the appearance of a single, sentient being. SCP objects were employed as follows:

SCP-158: Approved for use in generating precursor chemicals for eventual refinement into Compound Z21-Violet. Initial approval given for production of 10,000 cubic meters of precursor; later increased to 250,000 cubic meters.

SCP-1921: Basis of design for equipment used in refinement of Compound Z21-Violet, utilizing principles of chemical reactions involving anomalous substances and alteration of cognitive functions over distance and area.

SCP-447: Amounts of refined SCP-447-2 used as catalyst during Compound Z21-Violet synthesis to exponentially enhance area of effect.

SCP-310: Material generated by anomaly employed as extreme heat retardant additive for Compound Z21-Violet, enabling substance to persist within the upper mantle on an indefinite basis.

SCP-2570: Corpse of recently deceased musician Django Reinhardt1 removed from containment and appropriated for use in a specially modified drilling mechanism, utilizing the corrosive substance constantly generated by the dimensional portal co-located with the corpse. Borehole reaching the Earth's upper mantle successfully completed by November 1953.

SCP-1714: Advanced fluid dynamics models derived from SCP-1714 applied to injection of Compound Z21-Violet into the upper mantle to ensure continuous flow and maximum extent of SCP-2798 energy field.


Compound Z21-Violet in process of refinement

Precursor generated by SCP-158 was initially sourced from cattle stocks. In the course of development of Compound Z21-Violet, however, this source was found to result in insufficient generation of required energy levels during tests. Consequently, an agreement was reached with covert partners within the government of the United Kingdom to provide sources for precursor concurrent with the aftermath of several military engagements in British Kenya. Details of this agreement remain sealed.

Approximately 1,400 cubic kilometers of Compound Z21-Violet was synthesized using anomalous methods. Using the completed Zambezi Superdeep Borehole off the coast of Mozambique (publicly only stated to reach a depth of 9,322 meters), all stocks of Compound Z21-Violet were pumped into Earth's upper mantle. Forces of mantle convection carried a steady stream of the compound throughout the planet, and SCP-2798 was declared operational by early 1954.

Addendum 2798.2 - Major Secondary Effects of SCP-2798

The presence of SCP-2798 surrounding Earth has led to many documented anomalous phenomena affecting human society. These effects are to be ameliorated to the maximum extent possible using Foundation resources; however, priority of resource allocation remains focused on research into possible means of extending the duration of SCP-2798.

The following are the most prominent and observable secondary effects of SCP-2798.

Transcendent identity disorder: This mental disorder was discovered by Foundation researchers in the early 1960s. Indistinguishable from scientifically-understood dissociative identity disorder for medical professionals outside of the Foundation, transcendent identity disorder is a condition in which an individual periodically shares memories, experiences, thoughts, and sensory input generated by another individual, who remains unaware that the sufferer is affected.

Incidence rates of this disorder have been proven to track with fluctuations in the intensity of SCP-2798, which is believed to cause the disorder in sensitive individuals due to its large-scale chemical and anomalous effects on the perception of self across multiple types of intelligent entity.

Patients with transcendent identity disorder are treated by mainstream psychiatry in the same manner as those with non-anomalous dissociative identity disorder. The incidence rate, on average, is believed to be approximately 0.03% of the world population, with the majority of cases observed within 500 km of the Zambezi Superdeep Borehole. No known treatment exists.

Erosion of belief in organized action: Advanced mathematical analysis, ongoing since 1972, suggests that SCP-2798 is responsible for a statistically significant effect on the world population's willingness to participate in large-scale, coordinated action. This effect is, thus far, only observable on the level of the nation-state model.

Using a variety of criteria, such as voter turnout rates, instability indicators, proportional share of representation in reactionary political parties in world legislatures, and occurrences of violence directed at the state, researchers have established a relationship between these factors and the intensity of SCP-2798. Temporary increases in the power of SCP-2798 are believed to have influenced the outcome of several parliamentary elections, resulting most notably in a projected two-seat increase for the Golden Dawn Party in the Greek Parliamentary elections of May 2012, and the success of a vote of no confidence against UK Prime Minister James Callaghan in 1979.

While researchers have projected the reduction of this effect as a possible mitigating factor in the eventual failure of SCP-2798, this particular influence appears to have permanently affected political landscapes worldwide since the early 2010s, and thus no increase in societal stability may be expected from the cessation of this containment measure.

Propagation of anomalous energy fields in other celestial bodies: Instrumentation developed via anomalous means for the detection and measurement of SCP-2798 began to register data for the Moon in 1979. This was followed by detectable fields around Mars in 1981, Saturn in 1992, and Comet 33D/Koroma2 in 2003. The field around the Moon was observed to deteriorate rapidly and disappear entirely within the space of three weeks in 2005. To date, this is the only known occurrence of an observed field undergoing complete decay.

How these fields manifested is unknown. Due to the much lower energy levels measured for these extraterrestrial fields, researchers believe that they do not exhibit the effects of SCP-2798 upon SCP-001.

The relationship between the decay of the lunar field and the sudden deterioration of SCP-2798 cannot be established with current research capabilities, but is strongly suspected to exist.

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