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An instance of SCP-2794

Item #: SCP-2794

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2794 is to be kept in a standard containment chamber at all times. This enclosure is to be cleaned on a monthly basis. The waste produced by SCP-2794 instances is to be stored within a secure landfill area (Site-898).

Description: SCP-2794 is a colony of 87 Coccinellidae, all of an unknown species. Instances highly resemble Coccinella septempunctata, with the exception of their anomalous properties, and a white inscription on their undersides reading "Parum Christum" (Small Christ)1. SCP-2794 instances require no food or other energy sources to survive. Instances are not capable of reproduction, as they are all sterile males. The lifespan of SCP-2794 instances is currently unknown, but no signs of aging have been recorded. Instances of SCP-2794 are impossible to neutralize by any known means.

SCP-2794 instances constantly excrete an unknown material via the anus. This material is mildly translucent, and bears a green hue. Waste produced by SCP-2794's is a moderate carcinogen and immuno-suppressant which takes effect after prolonged exposure. For an unknown reason, this effect instead extends the lifespan of all arthropods. This varies upon the species affected, although instances are capable of living for indefinite amounts of time without any energy sources when constantly exposed. This waste is indestructible by any known means and does not decay. As of yet roughly 86,000kg of excretion has been produced, at a rate of around 1kg per 30 minutes.

Addendum 2794-A: In order to prevent an NK End of the World scenario, multiple attempts were made to circumvent the threat posed by SCP-2794. The following is a log of all attempts as of the time of writing.

Addendum 2794-B: SCP-2794 was discovered in Waterford, Ireland. Upon discovery, instances were seen to have constructed a "globe" 5m in diameter, with a similar appearance to earth. There were multiple marks believed to resemble land masses, large mountains, and spires which do not exist on the present world. There was a Latin inscription at its base, reading "De Locutus Terra" (The Promised Land).

Instances were nesting within the interior of the globe, along with multiple different species of Coleoptera. These Coleoptera exhibited aggressive behavior to the agents retrieving SCP-2794, and upon study, were discovered to have lived for more than triple their normal lifespans. Multiple small tunnels were also discovered within the globe (see Addendum 2794-C).

Addendum 2794-C: An exploration of the interior of the globe discovered was carried out by use of a miniature drone, under the command of Dr. ███. The following is a log of this exploration.

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