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SCP-2793 instance


SCP-2793 instance


SCP-2793 instance

Item #: SCP-2793

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation assets are to regularly remind extant space agencies of the risks involving exploration of Saturn's rings to prevent possible discovery of SCP-2793. If a non-Foundation mission attempts to access the rings of Saturn it is to be sabotaged and a cover story issued. Misinformation campaigns are to remain on constant standby to dispute any discovery of SCP-2793. Non-Foundation personnel who become aware of SCP-2793 should be administered Class-C amnestics.

Study of SCP-2793 is to be conducted with samples collected from prior missions to Saturn. Further missions towards the main body of SCP-2793 orbiting Saturn are prohibited without level 4 approval.

Description: SCP-2793 is a collection of nano-machines located in the rings of Saturn. The overall purpose of SCP-2793 is hypothesized to involve the maintenance and repair of Saturn's rings. Individual nano-machines have been observed harvesting trace elements from space. SCP-2793 also deploys several specialized micro-machines into Saturn's atmosphere on a regular basis to harvest materials for maintenance activities.

The rings maintained by SCP-2793 are part of a much larger transmitter capable of releasing a laser in a continuous beam with over 2 x 10^26 watts. By measuring residual background radiation after each activation, Foundation astronomers have determined that over the past century the ring activated 7 times in total (1903, 1933, 1960, 1990, 1994, 2006, 2010). This has corresponded with the appearance of the Great White Spot in Saturn's atmosphere.

Detailed analysis of single instances of SCP-2793 has revealed engineering and materials far in advance of current technologies. Such technology includes quantum processors1 and nano electrokinetic thrusters.2 To date, SCP-2793 instances acquired by the Foundation have been reverse engineered and the new technologies are currently being deployed in experimental models.

Following further studies by Foundation researchers, SCP-2793 is hypothesized to be the creator of the rings around Saturn. Further documentation recovered from SCP-2793, along with observations of instances of SCP-2793 expanding sections of the ring, lend credence to the hypothesis that SCP-2793 constructed the rings around Saturn artificially.



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