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Item#: SCP-2792
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2792 is to be contained in Secure Holding Cell 368 (SHC 368) on Site-45-C. SHC 368 has been modified to tolerate a minimum internal temperature of -225° C. Equipment and luxuries expected to interact with SCP-2792 must also be equipped to survive these conditions. SHC 368 must be equipped with high-capacity heating vents to counteract extreme cold in the case of an emergency or emotional instability.

All personnel entering SHC 368 are to wear at least Class-A insulated environment suits. If for any reason SCP-2792 leaves its cell, all Site-45-C personnel must vacate to either Site-45-A or Site-45-B. In accordance with Hayward Protocol, SCP-2792 is allowed counseling every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Description: SCP-2792 is the collective term for SCP-2792-1 and SCP-2792-2.

SCP-2792-1 is a white rabbit doll with red hands and legs, black button eyes, and gauze cloth wrapped around its head, neck, and wrists. It is composed primarily of polyester cotton, and has a core temperature of approximately −210° C. With SCP-2792-2 inhabiting it, SCP-2792-1 is capable of movement at speeds averaging 4 km/h.

The temperature surrounding SCP-2792 is lowered to an extreme degree, reaching -45 °C on average, but this does not come from SCP-2792-1 directly. If left uncontained, the weather within a 72km radius will be similarly altered, often causing blizzard or extreme snowfall conditions. SCP-2792 is capable of consciously lowering the surrounding temperature further1, but is unable to raise it past -21°C. If not focusing on managing its effects, the temperature will return to -45°C.



SCP-2792-2 is former agent Sarah Crowely. SCP-2792-2 is 197 cm tall, suffering from stage 1 SCP-1903 infection, and has become a semi-corporeal2 entity. Despite this, SCP-2792-2 exhibits greater strength than that formerly observed in Agent Crowely. Before designation, Agent Sarah Crowely died while exploring SCP-1619.

SCP-2792-2 is capable of inhabiting SCP-2792-1 and controlling it as if it were a body. SCP-2792 instances can not be further than 5 meters away from each other. If moved away from SCP-2792-1, SCP-2792-2 will disappear, and will reappear inhabiting SCP-2792-1.

SCP-2792 has a known connection to a Brutus-Class Demiurge entity known as "Sari", who originated and died in SCP-2746. Agent Sarah Crowely, SCP-2792, and Sari are expected to have been the same person at different points in time. SCP-2792's effect on the surrounding temperature is suspected to be related to Sari, who was often associated with harsh blizzards in SCP-2746.

Addendum-2792-1: SCP-2792 was found on 12/20/20██ in the Mojave Desert unintentionally causing a large-scale ground blizzard. Information on this event could not be concealed due to the resulting blizzard reaching Las Vegas, but ties to SCP-2792 or any Foundation involvement were successfully contained. Currently, the blizzard has been publicly labeled as a "freak weather event."

SCP-2792 was found near a previously airtight case produced by Prometheus Labs, which SCP-2792 broke while trying to free itself.


SCP-2792 Documents


The following is a collection of logs and interviews pertaining to SCP-2792's time spent with Prometheus Labs, as well as recovered documentation from Prometheus Labs. Due to SCP-2792's history with the Foundation, other SCP Files may be referenced.

These Documents are provided under jurisdiction of Hayward Protocol, and may only be viewed by Site-45 psychiatric staff, staff with specialized 2792 clearance, the current Site-45 Administrator, and those with O5 designations.

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