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Item #: SCP-2788

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2788 is to be confined within Provisional Humanoid Containment Site-888 at all times. All essential members of staff at Site-888 must be citizens of the People's Republic of China who hold valid hukou1 that identify themselves as residents of Huaxi Village. As an incentive for continued cooperation with the Foundation, requests made by SCP-2788 to purchase luxury items using its own financial assets may be approved by the Site Director on a case-by-case basis. The current worldview of the inhabitants of Huaxi Village is to be maintained through the deployment of propaganda in favor of the status quo and economic manipulation by Foundation front companies.

Description: SCP-2788 is a male human of approximately sixty-seven years of age, who self-identifies as ██ █████, Inner Secretary of the Huaxi Village Communist Party Committee2. SCP-2788 can only be perceived or interacted with by individuals who hold valid hukou that identify themselves as residents of Huaxi Village. Interviews with SCP-2788 suggest that its appearance, personality, and knowledge reflect the current worldview of the inhabitants of Huaxi Village. Furthermore, SCP-2788 has claimed that it has assumed different forms throughout the past; those claims have largely been corroborated by local eyewitnesses and historical databases.

In 1988, SCP-2788 first came to the attention of the Foundation through automated econometric anomaly-prediction systems, which noted unexpectedly rapid growth of earnings and investment in Huaxi Village compared to the baseline in the People's Republic of China following Deng Xiaoping's economic reforms. An on-site sociological analysis of Huaxi Village noted unusual levels of social cohesion, economic equality, and conformity, as well as a local cult of personality centered on SCP-2788, of whom no records could be found by agents embedded within the Chinese central government. Remote observation of Huaxi Village through CCTV cameras began in the following year, yielding footage of Huaxi Village residents spontaneously talking to themselves and congregating for assemblies convened by SCP-2788 at which there was no visible speaker. Discovery of SCP-2788 took place after Agent Cheng was provided a residence in Huaxi Village and had his hukou modified to identify him as a resident of Huaxi Village.

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