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Item #: SCP-2787

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A monitoring station is to be established in the vicinity of SCP-2787-2 (Station 2787-05) to allow constant surveillance of SCP-2787-2 at all times by both electronic and visual means. A compatible file corresponding to the original design, designated SCP-2787-2’, is to be open within a computer running an SCP-2787-1 instance at all times; if any change in SCP-2787-2 is observed this file is to be saved immediately and Head Researcher SCP-2787 notified. The Foundation is to monitor internet traffic for SCP-2787-1, and any instances discovered are to be replaced with non-anomalous versions.

When Protocol 371-Shepherd is in effect, any part of this containment protocol may be superseded at any time under orders of Head Researcher SCP-2787 or higher authority. Further orders will be issued as appropriate by O5 Command; however, personnel are to be reminded that, owing to the anomalous nature of SCP-2787, the Protocol must be regarded as a temporary measure only and is no substitute for true containment. Protocol 371-Shepherd suspended until further notice.

Description: SCP-2787-1 (branded as ‘Civil Engineering Design Toolbox’) is a computer-aided design (CAD) software package created by █████████ Software Limited. SCP-2787-1 was not officially released, but was distributed illicitly via file-sharing websites prior to attracting Foundation attention. Copies of 'Civil Engineering Design Toolbox' released by the manufacturer do not possess anomalous properties; at this time the origin of SCP-2787-1 is unknown. SCP-2787-1 functions similarly to the █████ software created by the same company, allowing users to design and create 3D models, specify materials and dimensions, and other such functions common to such software. SCP-2787-1’s anomalous effects occur whenever a file is saved. Any model saved by the software in the default .cedt format will replace the current iteration of SCP-2787-2.

SCP-2787-2 is a location in ████████ where models saved by SCP-2787-1 manifest. SCP-2787 was first brought to the attention of the Foundation when reports emerged of the steel bridge originally on the site disappearing, being replaced with a crude high-rise building rising from the valley below. The location was immediately closed to the public, and amnestics were administered to witnesses. Suppression of SCP-2787-1 has greatly reduced the number of incidents, with 3 non-authorised incidents occuring in 20██, as opposed to over 10 daily incidences immediately following discovery. Combined with the creation of SCP-2787-2’ from the original blueprints, this has allowed the Foundation to maintain the cover of the bridge being closed owing to ongoing safety issues. Testing surrounding SCP-2787’s ability to manifest complex materials and structures is currently ongoing, and authorised personnel may access the log below.

Protocol 371-Shepherd

Full access to Protocol 371-Shepherd is restricted to personnel of Level 5 clearance.

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